Synchronization & Opening Heart Chakra/Center

Synchronization needs to be achieved within. What you feel is what you think, you are not having thoughts that deny or suppress your feelings, instead are true to what you are feeling, when you express those thoughts, your words are not masking your thoughts, your words are not giving another fake face or a different image to your thoughts, and when you are taking an action, it is exactly how your words are expressed. You are a person who stands for what you say. Alignment between emotions/feelings, thoughts, speech/words, and action is what is called as Synchronization within. The presence of Synchronization is an absence of "conflict". The absence of conflict means having a "quiet mind". Because mind will not have anything to process. Mind keeps working because there is a conflict within. In order to achieve the state of witnessing, the mind needs to be quiet. But can you sit in meditation or do pranayama whole day? No! You cannot do this. Then how do we quiet our mind? What is it that is "activating" the mind?

Conflict within! No synchronization between emotions, thoughts, words, and actions. You feel one thing, you think another, and you say completely different thing, and your actions are mere reactions.

Now how can one understand and start working towards Synchronization?


If you are an introvert, then you can skip the practice part of the Silence, though you can read it for knowledge. All ambiverts and extroverts need to read this and practice this. STOP TALKING is what I will say if I need, to put it bluntly. Stop expressing, talking and constantly chatting with one person or the other about "you" and your so called problems. Why? Because you are not in sync within yourself, and you are just putting up different faces in front of different people. All false/fake faces and images that you have built so far are being strengthened. It's not helping you, it's harming you. By talking, chatting you are channeling energy towards your mind and you are making yourself even more restless and anxious, even though temporarily you may feel bit relaxed. That's a false relaxation, which comes from all energy being consumed by your mind/aham/Ego/faces/images. It's not relaxation, it's energy drain through wrong outlets.

So strictly observe Silence for a week or more, so that feelings that you have inside starts bubbling up, and starts gathering like a Volcano that is about to erupt. Yes, take yourself into that state first. You keep chatting, talking and those feelings, that energy just keeps on erupting in bits and pieces instead of collected and funneled to open your heart chakra. If you are in a household setting, yes do talk about stuff that helps running the household or job and take care of kids, spouse etc. But do not talk about "how you feel, what is happening, what could be happening to you and blah blah blah. No talking about your feelings, emotions, thoughts, body, mind, energy at all for a week or more if you are a "slow cooker".


After a week or so, when it feels like you are about to blast and you start looking for something, feeling as if you need a break, or you need to run away to a far away place, you are restless, anxious, stressed beyond your limits, then sit down ALONE with a pen and paper in your hand. Notice "how" you are feeling? "What" emotions you have inside exactly? Pay attention to your feelings/emotions, whatever it is. You are not showing this to anyone else, so no need to be crafty and clever here. No need to deny if you are feeling shitty. It happens to all of us, and it's perfectly normal. Stay with your feelings for 10-15 minutes, just observe, no need to START Analyzing. No need to start thinking "why, how, why me, what is the purpose" kind of silly questions right now. Let it be just what it is. Now come up with ONE word, "pleasant" or "unpleasant" based off of how you felt during those 10-15 minutes and write it down on that paper. No need to write and define that entire bundle of different emotions that are bubbling up in you. Just write pleasant or unpleasant and we are done with the investigation of your emotions.

Now let's investigate your thoughts. What thoughts are you having right now? There may be something like this going on in your mind - Oh I am fine, I just need to take care of this, and that and everything will be OK, if I can do this and that it must be fine and everything will work. Or you may be having thoughts like - I do feel really shitty, and I don't know what it is, why do I feel that way, what do I do about it, I am not sure why I always feel this way inside, maybe there is something that I do not understand.

Now suppose through Emotional Investigation, you came up with one word as "Unpleasant". Then which line of thoughts above is in "sync" with your emotions/feelings? 2nd one! Which says - I do feel really shitty, and I don't know what it is, why do I feel that way, what do I do about it, I am not sure why I always feel this way inside, maybe there is something that I do not understand. We are done here with thoughts investigation.

Phone ringing! Yes, one of your friends is calling you, while you are busy with this Introspection. Well, consider yourself done, and pick up the phone. TALK!

How did you start the conversation? What did you say to your friend? Oh, I am fine, just busy with the mundane and what are the plans for weekend and blah blah, means all talks towards putting up a face in front of the world and talking bullshit again. Or did you start the conversation as - Hey I am not feeling good right now, I am just feeling really shitty inside, could you please give me few hours/days to put myself together and I will call you back. A close friend might say - Oh that's bad, tell me what happened, did something happened, or do you need my help? And you can simply say "No, I think I can handle myself, I will explain you later when I understand it, I don't know what it is right now, I would like to be left alone please". OK I understand, a friend might say, and that friend will leave you alone, else HANG UP. Yes, hang up, because the one who cannot leave you alone and cannot give you time to resolve within and take care of yourself is not a friend at all, instead a nosey person who is simply very interested in your personal business. Stay away from such people. And you need not tell that you are feeling bad within to just anyone and everyone, you can simply choose to not pick up the phone at all, or you can simply say I am busy, please call later. I am not talking about those cases where you do not pick up the phone, or you do not need to say how you feel within. I am talking here about a scenario where you do talk, then in that case, what exactly do you talk. And I do understand that sometimes we do have to put up a happy face, and occasionally doing that is OK, I am not talking about that occasional case here either.


Now let's say you identified your emotions/feelings as unpleasant and you found your thoughts to be aligned with your unpleasant feelings and your words/speech with your friend are also aligned with your thoughts. That means you are "in sync" and you will not waste your energy towards your mind. There is no conflict within. You will simply go for a walk, with or without music in your ears, or will get up and do gardening, or something that will change your emotional state in a healthy way and while doing something, you will get a resolution, an answer within as to "why" were you feeling the way you were feeling, you will suddenly understand all by yourself, while focusing on gardening, or walking or weather or anything that you might be doing. Within an hour or two or maybe four, or maybe in two and half days you will be perfectly fine, and would be happily talking to your friend and might be explaining him/her that now you understand why this happens, or what to learn from this or that.

Let's take an opposite example. Suppose you found that you are feeling unpleasant within, but you are having thoughts like - No this couldn't be true, I am not like this, I cannot be this way, this cannot happen to me, I am not going to let this happen to me, I will wreck this, that or blast here and there, I will fix this or that...nobody should know.. That means you are DENYING and NOT ACCEPTING what you are feeling. You are not at all loving yourself. You are denying the cry of your inner child. You are playing like a very strict, mental self-image bound master. You are being cruel to yourself. Or if you are having thoughts like - oh what if this unpleasantness is causing cancer to me, or what if I do this and it turns out to be that way, means your mind is IMAGINING WILD, it is creating FEARFUL thoughts in you, based off of your unpleasant feelings/emotions. That means you are OVER DECORATING your emotions and creating fears in you. Fears are nothing but mind's wild imagination. You are creating your own horror story. And by doing so, you are again being cruel to your inner child, you are trying to scare that poor inner child because she is feeling unpleasant, so next time she dares not to come up with anything unpleasant. You are not accepting "what is", instead, are putting energy towards "what worst could be". Whom are you scaring? Yourself! Why? Because you don't know how to deal with difficult emotions/feelings. But who doesn't know how to deal with unpleasantness? That fake/false image which your mind is putting up right now in order to deal with that. It's not YOU who doesn't know how to deal with that, it's that fake image that you have created to deal with yourself. If that fake/false image is creating fear, fire it from its job. Stop right there, do not imagine anymore, change your physical state, do something else, or just say a loud shut-up, or just say you understand the drama, and you are not going to buy it so that mind/aham/Ego/fake self-image stops churning more fearful thoughts. Anytime any thought arises which creates fear, or which makes you believe that you lack confidence, or that you are not self-sufficient, please fire this self-image. Recognize it, name it as "Weirdo, or Sicko" or something else, and whenever it starts doing this to you, just say to yourself "Oh Weirdo is up again, shut up now baby, I am not buying into your theories" and then don't pay attention for some time. Slowly you will have the power within, strength within and this "Ms/Mr. Weirdo" will not come back.

Within few weeks, or months, you will start having love towards your inner child, you will not deny or suppress your feelings, instead will acknowledge them for what and as they are. Once this happens that means your emotions/feelings are in Synchronization with your Thoughts.

Now next step is to synchronize Speech/Words with your thoughts. That means you must be speaking your mind at all times. What is it that stops you as of now from achieving this? Your 5-10-15 different Self-Images that you have created to show off to this world. Self-image as a Spouse, as a Parent, as an Employee, as a Son/Daughter, as a Brother/Sister, as a Friend and so on... When you speak your mind to any of these people, your relevant self-image comes up. You may be a chicken inside, but you may have put up a Bravo kind of self-image in front of your spouse/lover, and now no matter how many real fearful thoughts you may be having, your words will always be hiding the truth. You may have put up a very caring/loving face towards your parents/siblings/relatives, but within you, you may be harboring acute bitterness towards those people. So your words will always be full of seductive honey, while feelings and thoughts may be completely different.

You see here the point that I am trying to make. Your Self-Images are THE CONFLICT with your Heart/Emotions/Feelings/Thoughts. Why have such self-images which hide the Truth? What will happen if you speak the truth the way you feel it? What worse can happen? These people will go away, leave you alone. So what? If they truly love you, then they will understand your bitterness and will try to explain you, or change themselves. Otherwise, they are anyways not the people worth having in your life, so why worry? Keeping others in your life by constantly lying to them, hiding the truth from them is a WASTE of LIFE. Because this is exactly what is making you weaker and weaker. You are fearful to speak the truth because you are so much attached to your self-image. As it is said...Half Truth is a Whole Lie. Why live a life full of lies? You are not fooling anyone else, you are only fooling yourself. Change this. Start speaking truth, give up your attachment to your own self-images that you have built, shatter them nicely and be happy about it, because now you are FREE.

A person living in synchronization of feelings, thoughts, and words is a free person. Such a person has more energy left to run the life and such a person doesn't get sick with psychosomatic illnesses and seasonal allergies. The mind of such a person is free of useless thoughts, there is no conflict or turbulence within to shake him/her. This person is not living for and not living as any cleverly crafted self-centric, self-images of himself/herself. He/She is a happy, jovial being. Yes, many people may not like him/her, as this person is not a people pleaser anymore, he/she is brutally honest, but he/she wears the heart on the sleeve and have REAL HONEST friends, people around who truly value friendship or relationship with such a person. Who needs fake people around, based off of your own fakeness and lies?

If you attain Synchronization of feelings, thoughts, and words then no wonder your actions will be aligned accordingly too. Because not doing what you feel, think and say would feel like a very heavy thing. You will not feel right within, so actions will align themselves.

Synchronization is also called as "being true to yourself".

Once a person starts living in synchronization, he/she starts learning the lessons of life/death, lessons of love and Heart Chakra starts opening, flowering as a result.

All that I explained above in terms of Tantra is called as "Bhuta/Bhoota/Elements Shuddhi/Purification" or "Chakra Cleansing". Releasing fears are cleaning/purification of the Root Chakra or Element Earth. Recognizing and deleting false self-images and living your Truth with confidence is cleansing/purification of the Sacral Chakra or Water element. Strengthening the Will Power to release fears, and delete the false self-images to live your truth is the cleansing/purification of the Solar Plexus Chakra or Fire Element. Opening your Heart Chakra by living in Synchronization is part of purification of Air Element. Being truthful in speech/words that you speak not only to others but most importantly to yourself, is the purification of Space/Ether Element or Throat Chakra. In order to cleanse your chakras, or purify elements (Bhuta Shuddhi) a person can chant Bija/Seed Mantra for years and see if something happens. Or he/she can take charge of their life RIGHT AWAY, and start understanding everything. Because no matter how many years you chant Bija Mantras, or try to raise your Kundalini if Heart is closed nothing will work. Heart Chakra is the MOST important chakra and should be opened FIRST, before raising Kundalini or opening any other chakra. Heart Chakra is one chakra, which CANNOT be open by another person through any other means. Shaktipath or Kundalini Masters CANNOT and WILL NOT ever open your Heart Chakra. Shaktipath, Kundalini masters can raise your Kundalini and can give you more energy to increase the activity of your lower chakras, which will be "detrimental" to your progress if your heart chakra is closed.

Why can no one open your heart chakra?

Heart Chakra teaches us Self-Love. Until we truly start loving ourselves and start living a truthful life, we are not even Human, let alone be Divine. Heart Chakra holds ground for Human-ness and is the open sky for Divinity. Heart chakra teaches us Unconditional Love, Unconditional Surrender, and Unconditional Life. The heart chakra is the bridge between human and divine. That bridge is made up of FAITH. Faith in your own humanness and faith in the divine. Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Humanity and Divinity within.  Loving Surrender to humanity and divinity within. Without cleaning this bridge, this runway you are not going to fly anywhere baby.

Heart Chakra is also the one, which REFLECTS the SELF by embodying the Energy/Shakti in the form of Sat-Chit-Ananda when a person is Self-Realized. Heart Chakra is the one from where the INTENSITY of those 1000 petals of Crown Chakra shines through as 1000 people. Heart Chakra is the place which becomes a burial ground for "I-Thought", where I-Thought actually gets purified and shines forth as Pure Consciousness instead of Personal/Individual Consciousness. The Heart chakra is what embodies Bliss, Love, and Peace and lets it flow freely towards the humanity and divinity in all the others around. Its element is "Air", quality/virtue of which is "Freedom". Moksha/Liberation is felt through Heart Chakra only. That freedom is felt and expressed through heart chakra only.

Can anyone ever give you all of this from outside, through Shaktipath or through some other way?

No way! Do not fool yourself. If you are expecting all this to happen by itself, or through some outside force, then you are denying "that you are born as a human being". You are born as a human being to learn the lessons of Heart Chakra ONLY. All the other lower chakras are nothing but the Reflection of Open/Closed Heart Chakra. If you have Fear (Root Chakra), that means you "do not love yourself". If you are putting up self-images (Sacral Chakras), then that means you do not have Faith in your heart, and it means heart chakra is closed and the lesson to learn is "Faith". All the issues/blockages of 4 other elements/chakras are nothing but Reflection of Heart Chakra's State. All other chakras were given to you to see how your heart/heart-face looks like right now from different angels. All other chakras are the mirrors for Heart. If you are cleansing any lower chakras and dealing with issues of lower chakras that in other words mean you are learning the lessons of the heart chakra. After "theory of relativity" from Einstein, this is the "Theory of Reflectivity" from me (Laughter).

Love yourself, live in Synchronization within and rest will happen by itself, may it be an Enlightenment and/or Self Realization. Divinity will take care of itself, you take care of your own humanness and embody it in a healthy and loving way.