I lived last decade in America and now I am living in Australia. The Enlightenment and then Self Realization happened while I was living in America. I get this question often from Westerners that what is the difference between the teachings of people like Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, David Wilcock and so many others like them and the teachings of Osho, Ramana Maharishi, Sadhguru, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle or me? Many Westerners feel confused, although there are some who clearly understand the difference. I am writing this article for those confused ones as understanding this difference is necessary in order to decide the path that you take.

If I have to answer this question in one short sentence then I would say "The difference is about "Yours" and "You".

Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, David Wilcock and so many others like them are working towards improving what is "Yours". Your "Life", Your "Mind", Your "Body", Your "Reality", Your "Experiences", Your "Emotions", Your "Health", Your "Wealth", Your "Society", Your "World", Your "Knowledge", Your "Destiny", Your "Karma", Your "Deeds", Your "Path" and so on, with the idea that once what is "Yours" is improved then "You" will be better and perhaps happier.

While Enlightened/Self-Realized Beings like Sadhguru and myself who have gone beyond 8th Dimension permanently are working towards improving "YOU". They are constantly working towards destroying your perceptions related to the false you, so the real you can rise up. It's not a Re-arrangement process, it's a reconstruction process which includes the destruction of all that is not you. Because "You" are the Life itself, You as Atma, as Consciousness manifests an entire reality for yourself as body, mind, emotions and everything else around you. Without dealing with You if we deal with all that is Yours, then everything has to be handled separately (body, mind, emotions, biology, society, life...) in a piecemeal way, but if we work on You, then all that is Yours can be managed/handled in the most Integrated and Synchronistic manner. So if we bring out the REAL YOU then automatically what is "Yours" will be changed forever. The centre is "You". We are here for "YOU" not for what is "YOURS". Because what is "yours" can be changed by Real You and will be left behind here when "death" happens to you, you cannot take the knowledge of science, geometry, psychology, healing or anything with you at all no matter how many books you read or how much research you do, you cannot take wealth, awards, titles, bestseller badges, society, people, relationships, emotions, body, mind or anything with you. Nothing will cross this denser dimensional reality except the "real you". That "Real You" has to be found underneath all the layers of body, mind, emotions, experiences, perceptions, identities, boundaries etc that you have created. No matter how much knowledge or wealth you accumulate, you will end up having similar life experiences over and over again, because you are not changing the "You", you are just changing what is outside of you, what is "yours". If I change my house or my car or my body am I really changing myself? Is my house, my car, my body the real me? No! Life doesn't function like this.

Now, it's not that they are taking care of your "life" and we are taking care of your "death". It's not about "death" in the way you understand, because birth is NOT the beginning of your life and death is NOT the end. Life is one and it is eternal and that is what we are here to show you by bringing the Real You out. Until the real being comes out you are not going to realize and live from existential reality, instead, will live and function only as a physical & psychological reality. Oneness, Universal Love, Eternal Life these are not the concepts of the mind, reading books and listening to lectures will not help you "know" all this.

So are these people like Anthony, Deepak or David cheating or fooling you all? NO, Absolutely NOT. They have a very important role to play here in this Unified Whole. Not everyone is READY YET to be helped by Enlightened/Self-Realized ones. Most of the population on this planet is suffering one way or the other, most are still enjoying the ignorance and their Consciousness is not yet at that level where they can Ascend. Not everyone is ready for the Spiritual surgery right away, many needs a lot of preparation and First Aid to heal their body, mind, emotions, relationships and what not. They are not yet done playing around. They still want to stay on their Hamster Wheel. So the teachings/lectures/sessions by these Masters of First Aid are educating people at different physical levels and keeping them "SAFE" on their Hamster Wheel. It's better to stay safe on that wheel than crashing altogether. If you stay "safe" on that wheel then only you stand a chance of jumping out of that hamster wheel without a crash landing with the help of an Enlightened Master. Such people's teachings help improve the quality of life, society, relationships, knowledge, And most importantly it is because of them that Self Realized ones "do not" have to play the role of a psychologist or therapist. It is because of them that Self Realized ones do not have to tone down their teachings/divine powers to expand the Consciousness of beings around the Universe. It is because of them that Self Realized ones can play around in the whole universe because the playground here is being managed to an extent by these people. So these people are setting up the ground. Just like primary school education is needed in order to enter the University one day. Few have completed that primary education in past lives but millions are going through that in this life.

In a society where people feel offended if they have to go to a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, at least these people are offering group sessions where you can openly talk about your depression and issues and all that is "Yours" and it feels less scary in the group and you are saved from the society putting a label on you. So their role is very critical, important and very much necessary. Their work is towards Your "Experiences" and "Your Knowlege about that which is yours".

Till the time "Your Focus" is on what/how/where/when is "Yours" and not on just "You" until then you do not need an Enlightened/Self-Realized Master. Because such a Master's powers and teachings will expand the Consciousness that YOU are, it will bring out the REAL YOU, the BEING. The work of Ascended Masters is towards that "Experiencer and Knower" behind whom the Real You is hiding. By speeding up your karmic cycle, they help you get rid of that Experiencer who wants to experience all dimensions and this endless infinity, except oneself, that Knower who wants to know all about everything that exists or does not exist, except oneself. Enlightened Masters help you Experience the Experiencer, Know the Knower and finally just "Be".

Long time back I read their (Anthony, David, Sigmund, Carl Jung and more) books and materials too and lot more literature on Psychology, Geology, Science and anything else you can imagine only to realize that there is no end to "knowing" and "experiencing" and I am not the Experiencer and Knower. Who I am, that needs to be found and it cannot be found through these ways of indulging in knowledge gathering and experiencing.

Now before you decide whom to reach out to, ask yourself - Is it still about your life, your love, your relationships, your wealth, your powers, your wounds, your emotions, your world, your path or is it now about YOU?

If the question still is of what is yours, how (in what condition) is yours, where is yours or when is yours, then better read/listen or have sessions with Anthony, Deepak or people like them because you do need them. There is no harm or shame in realizing that you are NOT yet at that level and you can be helped by them.

If it is about "YOU" then an Enlightened/Self-Realized/Awakened Master (with the body or without body) will FIND YOU! You do not need to search hard or look for. You will be guided in magical, mystical ways to reach them, meet them and you will find a way.

Bless You!
~ Adiguru


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