Let me explain you little more about Kriya Yoga through which we awaken and arise our Kundalini Shakti.

First body layer/dimension – Annamaya Kosha – Physical Body
Second Body layer/dimension – Pranamaya Kosha – Shakti/Energy Body
Third Body layer/dimension – Manomaya Kosha – Mental Body
Fourth Body layer/dimension – Vigyanamaya Kosha – Psychic/Intuitive Mind/Emotional Body
Fifth Body layer/dimension – Anandamaya Kosha – Bliss/Soul
Sixth Body layer/dimension – Intermediate State from where one jumps into Unknown, Pure Consciousness, Primordial Shakti, Adishakti, All Gods/Devas
Seventh Body layer/dimension – Cosmic Body
Eight – No body, No Dimension, Unknown, Unmanifest, Shiva, Liberation/Moksha, No “I”, Buddha, Nirvana

Now you see, second body layer, Pranamaya Kosha means Energy Body BINDS all the bodies together and holds our existence, our conscious and unconscious parts together. Unconsciousness/Vasanas/Karma resides in ALL first 4 body layers. Fifth body/dimension becomes Conscious, fully 100% only when there is no Unconscious part (Karma/Sanskara/pattern) is there in our first 4 bodies.

Kriya Yoga increases our energy/Shakti so that whatever is there in First, Third and Fourth can become Conscious and also so we can stay more and more in Dhyana to give power to our Soul/5th Body, so it can become fully conscious. 

Shakti is powerful and can SHOW you your Vasanas, Mental/Emotional Patterns, Desires, Karmic Lessons, but if at Mental/Emotional level, means if at your 4th Dimensional Level you HOLD ONTO those Vasanas, Mental/Emotional Patterns, Desires, FAIL to Learn Karmic Lessons, then SHAKTI WILL LET YOU DO THAT, that’s what we call Free Will. You are divine yourself, and if you are choosing to hold onto something then it will let you.

Because your any TWO body layers will NOT FIGHT with each other. Your left hand will not beat up your right hand. Your left kidney will not attack your right kidney. Shakti in you listens to your Mind/Emotions. That means Mind/Emotions (4th Dimensional Body) is MORE POWERFUL than your Second/Energy Body. Trees/Rocks/Rivers all have First(Physical body) and Second (Shakti/Energy body), but they do not have 3rd and 4th Dimensional body. Animals have 3rd Dimensional Body, but they do not have 4th Dimensional Body which is fully conscious/functional, instead their 4th dimensional body is full of Unconscious Karmic Patterns. Hence they cannot have desire to seek Moksha/Liberation/Nirvana. All that they can seek is safety, food, reproduction. So their 4th dimensional body SERVERS their Lower 3 animalistic chakras, and our 4th dimensional body serves upper 3 chakras, if/when it becomes Conscious enough to do so. Strong/Conscious 4th Dimensional body makes people experience divine through music, art, any creativity, even more conscious 4th dimensional body, seeks Ultimate Truth, Liberation only, because it becomes aware of painful Death/Birth/Rebirth cycle.

So Shakti is YOURS, Your Second Body layer/Pranic Shakti/Kundalini Shakti is YOURS, exactly in the same way the POWER of 3rd and 4th Dimensional Body is YOURS too. You can use second body layer to Transcend Body/Mind/Emotions (1st, 3rd, 4th Dimensional/Body layers), but only if your 3rd/4th body layers are WEAKER (More Conscious/Less Karmic/Unconscious Patterns) than your Second (Shakti/Energy Body layer). Those who are like this, are actually BHAKTAS and follow Bhakti Marg. Those who have STRONG 3rd/4th Dimensional Body (Jnana Path), means those who have learnt a lot, know a lot, have strong Karmic Patterns, Unconscious Patterns, Vasanas, Sanskaras in their Mind/Emotions, for them Shakti can be used to SHOW all Vasanas, but Shakti will NOT go against their Mind/Emotions/4th Dimensional Body layer. Higher the body layer/dimension, stronger is it’s power/role in life/Self-Realization, and stronger the kind of Vasanas/sanskaras/blockages that it can pose.

So mentally and emotionally you cannot hold onto Vasanas/Unconscious Karmic Patterns/Desires, and think that Shakti will INVADE, go AGAINST your Mind/Emotions and create a Conflict Within. When this happens, people actually become MAD, INSANE, Physically, Mentally disabled.

I was a Kriya Yogi in past life, in this life I started with Kriya Yoga, but soon realized that my Sanskaras/Vasanas/Karma are left now only within my Mental/Emotional body, and hence I walked that path which I call “Echoflection” now, and have created a course for others. Because in this time when global shift is happening, people already have awakened Kundalini and Kriya Yoga can help them SHOW/REVEAL their Vasanas/Sanskaras/Unconscious Patterns that reside in their Mental/Emotional body layer, but then they have to Learn to Surrender to what LESSONS those Sanskaras/Vasanas/Karmic patterns are trying to teach you, and you have to let go. Surrender to Shakti means, LET THE SHAKTI FLOW, REMOVE THE MENTAL/EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGE/VASANA/SANSKARA.

You are physically complete, your physical habits of sleeping/snoring/eating/drinking/smoking/sex are NOT the hindrance in your Self-Realization. Your Mental/Emotional patterns/unconscious parts/Vasanas/sanskaras are the hindrance in your self-realization. Your Fight/Effort is towards 4th Dimensional Body. You have to transcend your 4th Dimensional body. You have ALREADY transcended your Physical Body, you are able to do all Kriyas, soon through Kriya Yoga you will INCREASE your Energy/Pranic Shakti a LOT, and because you are doing Kriya Yoga, that in itself means you have transcended your second/energy body layer.

So then what is left????

3rd & 4th Dimensional (Mind/Emotions) body layer is what you have to Transcend now.
Hope this helps you understand that Sanskaras/Vasanas reside in all 4 body layers and hope it gives you insight into your situation, and helps you understand that Shakti listens to our Mind/Emotions.

There are MANY people around the World who are able to take their Kundalini Shakti all the way to 4th, 5th and 6th Chakra. But then they mentally/emotionally HOLD onto that ENERGY/SHAKTI, because going BEYOND that means GIVING UP ALL SENSE of I, giving up all SENSE OF ALIVENESS that comes from EGO. So their Mind/Emotions using Desire as Vehicle, uses that SHAKTI for EGO’s play purpose, and STOPS them from Self-Realization.
If you are doing Kriya Yoga, it is important that you understand that you should NOT hold Shakti, you should NOT stop Shakti like that for Ego’s play purpose and hang in the middle somewhere.

Bless you all, 
~ Adiguru 


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