Understanding Desirelessness

From time to time many Spiritual Masters/Gurus/Practitioners reach out to me, and they are awakened at some point of time, and now are looking for Self-Realization.

Based on conversations with many of them, a central theme of achieving desirelessness became prominent, as many of them were struggling with it.

This is to explain it little more.

When I talk about Giving up Responsibilities/Activities, I am not asking you to give up, let go of your students. I am talking about that “Guru” in you who is connected to your “I” right now, that Guru has to go away. Either the Ultimate Divine lives as You, or that Current Guru lives as You, the choice is Yours! Now, how you want to let that go, that is up to you.

It is not about those students that you have, or any other human/being that is around you through any other relationship. Its only about YOU and ONLY YOU. You have to release ALL that is Living as You right now, within You right now, because all those roles that you are playing, all that you are right now, belongs to that “I” that you have. All those roles/responsibilities/identities are “attachments” to your “I”. And all that is a blockage on your path to Self-Realization. 

We never surrender humans/relationships around us, we only surrender, let go of our attachments to those Images/False-Self images that lives to fulfill those roles/identities/relationships. We cannot ever surrender anything that never belonged to us. No humans, no souls, no one else’s “I” can ever belong to our own “I”. True relationship between two “I” is NOT possible. Because those two “I” are Illusion/Maya/False-World, hence the relationship between them is also an Illusion/Maya/Ignorance/False-World of happiness, unhappiness, pleasure, pain, pride/vanity, prejudices and so on. Hence the “I” as “Guru” never belonged to the “I” as Students/Disciples. There is no real connection. Then we can let go of our Ideas of sense of responsibility, feeling of responsibility.

I did not give up my son, I could not ever give up my son, because he never belonged to me, he belonged to the same Divine, whom I belonged to, He is NOT my creation. My Creation was that “Mother” whom I created, nurtured, polished since my son was born. I gave up that Mother in me. If that Ultimate Divine Mother has to reside within me, then I have to give up being mother to just one human/soul, my son. I gave up my attachment that I had “with that mother” in me, which appeared as if I have attachment to my son. When I was letting that Mother go away in me, it felt as if I am abandoning my son. But then I could see that it’s that Image that is dying, it’s part of “I”, and that “I” always makes us feel as if we are abandoning others. That ”I” never understands that NOTHING ever belong to it ever. It makes us feel as if we are attached to “other humans”, but in fact we are attached to the IMAGE of “I” in us, which interacts with other humans. That Image we have to let go.

All that you are as of now has to go away, all that you wish to be as of now has to go away! That’s the beginning of Desirelessness. End of Desirelessness is Self-Realization. In between this beginning and end is tough path of maintaining the desirelessness, living in 100% surrender to “what is happening NOW”, Being in that Process, Being in that Dance of Divine Shakti that is going to takeover you. Let it takeover, do not stand in your own way by holding onto anything that you are right now, and anything that you wish to be.

Blessing to all,  

~ Adiguru 


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