WITH Enlightenment there comes a GREAT WISDOM, TRUTH that we are Soul or Pure Consciousness, and we are IMMORTAL, were never born, will never die. We are NOT our different bodies and mind or emotions. Self-means “Soul/Pure Consciousness”. Self/Soul REALIZES its OWN TRUE IMMORTAL, UNIFIED (Non-Dual) nature. Again, a person, personality, individual (body, mind, emotion) cannot realize himself/herself or divine. Only Pure Consciousness (Divine) that we ARE, REALIZES its own TRUE NATURE. Self-Realized Being knows the Truth, he/she rises up above ALL DUALITY like happiness-unhappiness, good-bad, right-wrong, day-night, dark-light, unity-duality, boon-curse, male-female, God-Devil etc. 

REALITY IS THAT WHICH NEVER CHANGES, THAT is what we are. Everything that is changing is UNREAL or ILLUSION, or IGNORANCE or MAYA. Self-Realized Being starts LIVING from that Unified Consciousness. He/She can NEVER live from duality now; he/she clearly knows the TRUTH. He/She may live blissfully or play different roles in the world or do NOTHING at all, everything is OK. 

Such a person knows there is NO ONE ELSE other than him/her, then doing anything doesn’t matter, and NOT doing anything also doesn’t matter, there are no new attractions/addictions, and there are no aversions either, everything and nothing both are acceptable. Let things be the way they are until such a person hears a knock on the door, he/she has no will/desire to do anything or achieve anything. There is NO PERSONAL SELF-left in him to do anything, to achieve anything. No personal agendas. Self-Realized one is WHOLE! That person takes the life as it comes. If one was a worldly person, one keeps on living that way, if one was a monk one is fine that way. There is NOWHERE to go and there is no-one inside such a person to BECOME ANYTHING. There is no more changes/growth expected or needed. One keeps on living from his/her body, working mind the way it was before, no change seems necessary to him/her, there is no personality, self-image left in him/her to provoke any changes to his/her life. He/She is COMPLETE and DONE. There is nothing MORE to EVOLVE. 

If a person survived the “accident/event” of Enlightenment and is still living in the body, then there is no way to NOT be Self-Realized if Enlightenment has happened, yet it may not be so while in the body for some. Self-Realization is one of the most important aspects of Spiritual Journey. And it happens sometimes in few weeks, or months or may be years, where that person starts recognizing duality/ignorance/play of Maya and starts living from Unity Consciousness. All the gunas/virtues of one's consciousness recede back. Enlightenment came to me like an “unexpected event” or “accident”, then it took me 9 months of hunting, discovering and playing with my own Enlightened self and DISCOVERING the NEW ME and finally I laughed and SURRENDERED my WILL and Died, means “I” or “Divine” or “Soul” or “Pure Consciousness” REALIZED and ACCEPTED its TRUE nature and started living happily in SURRENDER in every moment. No Will, No Control. Now to some people it takes more than 10 years to be Self-Realized, because it’s just so hard to ACCEPT that we are DONE & DEAD, sometimes people still expect changes and growth in one way or the other, body, energy etc may keep changing forever, but there is NO SELF, NO PERSONAL SELF/IMAGE/PERSONALITY/WILL POWER left that can BECOME anything else or change. Sattva Guna needs to be spent, to recede into Void, Shiva, Shoonya, Nothingness. Once a person is Self-realized one is NEVER worried about any IMAGE that may get into other people’s mind about oneself, one is NEVER worried about what others may ask and what one may answer, life becomes TRULY ROBOTIC/AUTOMATIC/SPONTANEOUS. Others around Self Realized ones start getting what they are meant to get, Self Realized ones are just the Delivery person and Divine is the Ultimate and only supplier. Divine starts sending others to a Self-Realized person and although he/she has no idea what to fix for them or how to fix, or how to guide, he/she is never bothered about it, everything happens automatically. Some see a Self-Realized one as a lunatic, others see him/her as Crazy, Gyani, Healer or Divine itself. Self-Realized one is NOT in control of how others perceive him/her, what others see in him/her and what do they receive/not receive from him/her. It’s all “as Divine wishes” to manifest and display them, it is that way only. It’s a Divine’s SHOWTIME now, give up all Remote Controls, no more channel changing and trying to watch anything specific. After Enlightenment and Before Self-realization a person may live a highly deluded, confused and suffering life and NOT everyone REACHES that the State of Self-realization, because it demands 100% Surrender and ACCEPTING your OWN DEATH, Death of ALL your Self Images, Will Power, giving up ANY/ALL CONTROL from our own life/existence, All three virtues/gunas; Tamsik, Rajsik, Satvik needs to be spent and should recede. That’s why it may take few weeks, few months, years or even decades to be Self Realized and yet for some, it happens after leaving the body.

~ Prakriti


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