LOVE is the core of Mysticism. A mystic is nothing but Love and feels Love and Compassion towards entire Creation of God in many ways and enjoys the Relative Reality for what it is.

Early this year (2016) I started hearing the call of Mount Shasta (California). It felt as if Shasta is calling me through different ways. Vivid dreams and Visions of seeing a cave there and some places, as if I have to exchange something from that Mountain as if I have to do something for the Shasta. It never felt as if I have to go there for myself, instead, the core feeling was as if I have to go there for Shasta.

Knowing that Mt. Shasta is the Root Chakra of Mother Earth and not knowing why Mighty Being is calling me, it took some time to finalize my plans to go there. But the call was very clear and I couldn't avoid it for longer. By the third week of July, I packed my bags for 5 days and was headed to Mt Shasta with two other friends.

The first sight of Mighty Shasta was not only breathtaking but was otherworldly too in many senses. The energy was strong enough to bounce my body or in other words, I found walking was like floating as there was no resistance or much gravity to keep me on the ground.

Mount Shasta & Shastina, California, USA

Mount Shasta, California, USA

Finally, it was the day when I and my two friends decided to climb Shasta as high up as possible. It was very hot and while climbing up we only found 2 places where there were few trees to rest in shade. At about 8500 feet I stopped for a while and saw a man wearing black cargo pants and black shirt and he was very high up on Shasta and was looking down as if looking at me. I said to my friends 'look that man is so high up and standing on the ridge, what is he doing there up alone?' My friends may not have looked or noticed as after coming down they do not remember seeing that man. I looked at him for long and when I started climbing again, I kept looking for him but I lost sight of him and did not see him going either up or down. Did he vanish? I wasn't sure at that moment why his presence at that particular point, the ridge was intriguing for me, nonetheless, I kept climbing. After more than an hour we did reach that place at about 9800 feet where earlier that man was standing and looking at me. It was a little difficult point very narrow path due to frozen glacier which was melting and making the soil loose to stand and falling from there would have been devastating. But with courage and by holding hands I and my friends did cross that point and while I walked few more steps higher up I felt as if my feet were frozen to the ground as if something stopped me forcibly there. I turned around and saw my friends walking far behind, then on the right, my eyes crossed a very shiny object on one of the big rock there. I went close up to that big rock and what I saw was a small gold plated statue of Goddess Durga with "Jai Mata Di" inscribed on it in Hindi and a Large White Diamond shaped Crystal encircled by small pebbles. There was no thought of what, how, why, who and instantly automatically my hands grabbed the Statue and the White Crystal and put it in my pocket. Then it suddenly occurred to me that the man in black cargo and black shirt was the one who kept it there, and he was looking at me as if he wanted me to take it, that's why he was standing up there and looking at me for long enough making sure I notice him long enough for a purpose, for a reason. Suddenly few other visions just happened right then and there which will materialize in future. I showed the crystal and the statue to my friends and it were highly surprising for everyone, finding such a thing that too on Mount Shasta.

Goddess Durga & Crystal

The Missing Note - Pluto Cave

Next experience happened when we went to visit Pluto Cave. This was the cave I was seeing in my visions before even coming to Mount Shasta. When we decided to go to the Pluto Cave, there was a subtle resistance in me for going there and it started growing every minute and grew up to a point where I just did not want to be there not knowing why. This resistance within me caused us to lose our way and we drove to the wrong place and after an hour of scrambling we finally managed to get out of those super bumpy dirt roads maze and reached the front of Pluto Cave. Pluto Cave is 189,900 years old underground Lava Tube full of white ash, large rocks with a very high ceiling. Has two large openings inside from where Sun Light gets in, while the rest of it is pitch black dark, damp, cold. Rocks at most of the places are hard to cross and one has to be very careful and sort of find the ways to climb and jump and keep moving with the help of headlamps. 

Pluto Cave Underground Entrance

Pluto Cave collapsed roof opening

Pluto Cave collapsed roof opening

Pluto Cave darkness inside
After reaching the farthest point inside that we could we sat on the rocks to catch our breath and decided to switch off our headlamps, to feel the darkness there. Eyes open or closed it was same for me, I have never been to such a deep dark place on Earth before but at the same time light and dark are same in my perception or in other words it's beyond light and dark. While jumping and climbing rocks inside the Pluto Cave I forgot about my internal resistance as the terrain inside was not easy and our knees were aching. But I was aware that something is there in this cave that is causing resistance within. When we sat there on the rocks in the dark, I felt a very loud Scream. I can't say I heard it, I felt it. A very painful very loud thunderous Scream coming from the further depths of the Pluto Cave as if it was the roar of Mother Earth when this Volcano blasted long-long ago and Lava came out through this cave. A few minutes later I felt pressure on the top middle of my back. Within few seconds I realized that the Sound Energy of that Scream is trying to enter me, pass through me. The scream was so full of emotional pain that I started crying, shedding tears and I couldn't help it. Then I felt I would Scream and shatter everything around me it was that powerful of a feeling and I started suppressing it. We decided to get out of that Cave, it was enough and I couldn't take it anymore. I started walking towards the entrance as fast as I could but that emotional pain within and that scream were wearing me out and I sat on a large rock cross-legged to meditate and stabilize myself. Within few minutes I just couldn't hold it anymore and I Screamed on top of my lungs, it was sort of a roar, the way I never did before. Immediately following that was a vision of a very beautiful, tall goddess like motherly lady Spirit of Mt Shasta & Shastina giving me a hug and that's what finally calmed me. My friends were shocked but did not say anything. Now I felt an urgency to get out of that Cave as soon as possible as I realized that my Etheric Body is carrying that painful sound energy that needs to be pushed out of this cave and I have to get out of here. So I came outside and by the time we reached to our car I realized my voice is gone, something broke inside perhaps a vocal cord and for few days I couldn't speak normally. Few more days passed and the coarseness of my voice was gone but whenever I tried to sing or hum a song, a Note was missing. My friend Rob calls this "The Missing Note" experience. It's been four months since then but a Note is still missing, I permanently lost a piece of me. 

During my visit to Shasta, there were many things, many experiences that were magical, mystical and have no logical, rational explanation, but the above two were the ones where I was given something from Mount Shasta and then something was taken away permanently. I am not sure how much of help my presence was there, but something did change forever in existence, not to forget that Mount Shasta will be the Crown Chakra for the New Race/Age to come in future. 

~ Prakriti


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful mysterious experiences Prakriti. Much love

  2. It's amazing Di. And I wonder how did you hold such pain/energy inside you.
    Thanks for sharing this :)