Higher Dimensions, Galactic Wars, Infinite Duality

Yes, space program disclosure is really great, and a great service to mankind, specially to the westerners because they have no idea about Eastern Gods flying on Lotus and all kinds of Air Ships, and Asuras/Demons world. Truth in the form of Mysticism and Mythical stories was lost from their culture when Roman Catholics took over.

And yes it is true that there are High Dimension Beings who are good, and who are bad like Asuras/Rakshasa. And yes, that galactic war is always on. Good beings in higher dimensions have super powers, so do rakshasa/Asuras the bad guys too. So just like the war, conflict exists on earth in human-beings, it exists in all dimensions too.

So what difference does it make where you are and what kind of body/powers you have? Those good celestial beings are always struggling to get more power to do more good, eliminate more bad guys, the Asuras/demons. And those Asuras are in constant struggle to establish their evil kingdom and get more powers.

Where is peace? Where is Total Love? Where is the “end” of agony? Is heaven a perfect celestial dimension to be in?

Is there a dimension where ALL beings are perfectly in bliss always?

Yes, that dimension is beyond all dimensions, it's VOID. Is there an Ultimate Power/Shakti that Humans, Celestials, Asuras all pray to, all look forward to? Yes, VOID. Where is everyone going? Where do Asuras, Angles, Celestial Beings going? What does everyone wants? Ultimate Truth, Void.

The kind of problems that exists in our world, our society, exists in Higher Dimensions too. Like humans fear being robbed or killed, the same fear exists there too. If Lower vibrations of Fear, Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Guilt, Shame will NOT exists, then that place will be VOID. Because then opposite vibrations of Love, Courage, Pride also do not need to exist. If one exists, the other will. If Love as an Emotion exists, then Fear will exist too.

So this duality dance is endless, pointless, meaningless. Void is one place, that no-dimension (beyond all dimensions) is one Truth, that Absolute is when/where no duality exists. So what difference does it make in which body form, with whatever powers we face duality? How many different types of dualities we would like to face, experience to realize that ALL DUALITIES ARE PAIN in the ass?

Also, anywhere, wherever duality exists, HOW CAN WE CALL IT HIGHER DIMENSION? What is HIGHER about it?? If it is "truly higher" then it is not a dimension any more. So what is higher in your so called higher dimension?

Bigger Body, Super Natural Powers?

But the bad guys in those dimensions have bigger bodies and super natural powers too, so what is the point? Your opponent will be equally stronger.  They are in fact WORSE than human beings. Despite having super powers are they able to establish total peace and love in their world? No, they can’t.

In human Body we can AIM FOR THE VOID, for the ULTIMATE TRUTH. But neither ants, bugs, dogs, nor celestial beings can aim for that. Too much low density existence, and too much higher density existence, both are USELESS. That’s why sooner or later all celestial beings have to born as humans to finally walk the path towards Void, Ultimate Truth, Self Realization, Liberation/Moksha.

So then when ultimately only Human Body, Mind, Emotions have to take us there, then why waste time? When you go to buy a dress for you, you do not try ALL the dresses of that store, right? You try just few and be done.

So how many different types of Dualities we would need to try to understand that it’s all pointless?

Last, but very very very very very important thing to understand is – NO ONE IS CONTROLLING THIS PLANET OR PEOPLE. Entire Universe works on the basis of KARMA, everyone is bound by the laws of Karma, nothing else is needed, nothing else exists to CONTROL anyone at all.

Those who DO NOT want to take 100% Responsibility of their Actions/Intentions/Volitions only make this statement that “somebody else is controlling people/me to get the bad things done, after all I am good, how can I do bad”. And because they think somebody else is controlling, directing, then they do not need to do anything about it at all, it’s all those witches, evil spirits, demons, draco, reptilians job, so go fix them, don’t fix me.

Such a ridiculous statement this is.

Those who kills people, rapes people, loots the money, does robbery, or anything else really bad, or those who have “intentions to do bad”, do not want to take the responsibility TO CHANGE THEMSELVES. Hence they make such statements.

And those who are "fearful" and "accept suffering" in one way or the other, also do not want to take responsibility to change themselves, instead go on blaming destiny/fate, God/Divine.

This is a Highly IRRESPONSIBLE statement to make and Highly Irresponsible behavior.

It truly means, I have no power to change myself. Power to change me, lies in someone else’s hands. This is total foolishness.

EVIL/DEMON/DARKNESS exists within me, and I need to replace it with GOD/TRUTH/LIGHT, no one wants to ACCEPT and say this statement and BE 100% Responsible for not only their Actions, but also for their Intentions, every thought that comes to their mind.

People want to ESCAPE from being responsible and hence BLAME something else, someone else, even God/Divine.

ONLY those who do not get caught-up into this blame game, are actually able to Change themselves, embody the darkness within them, and hence embody the light, and ultimately BE BEYOND LIGHT & DARK.

~ Adiguru


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