Dark side of Meditation!

Recently a friend from the USA sent me a news article about a young lady Megan, 25 years old committing suicide after 10 days of a Meditation retreat through which she got the memory back of one of her past life in which she did something bad. Her last note was - That knowing about her own deeds she cannot live with herself anymore and she is very sorry about taking her own life. This news made my friend question if there really is a dark side of Meditation?

There is a dark side of doing meditation, there is a dark side of being a Soldier, there is a dark side of being a doctor, there is a dark side of pretty much "being human". That is why those who do not have the courage, do not meditate or walk spiritual path, do not join Army, Navy or Airforce, do not become a doctor and even if they do; they become victim of their own weaker self and either get into different types of addictions to numb themselves or when they can't deal with the pain within they commit suicide. It's a very sad state of affairs, a bitter truth.

In a nutshell, there is a dark side to being human and one needs a hell lot of courage to deal with one's own humanity, one's own deeds & past.

Meditation and Spiritual practices are a way to bring Unconscious to Light, Learn the lesson from our past deeds/mistakes, Let Go of the emotional knots, grudges, Heal the Pain within and Move On, Evolve! Meditation is a process of Real Evolution, where one not only evolves physically but also Emotionally, Mentally and in Etheric ways. All experiences, knowings during meditation have a tangible impact on us and that's how we are Transformed.

Meditation, Spiritual Practices bring back ALL one ever did and ALL that one ever was. It also Empowers the person to deal with it, handle it, and learn from it, instead of taking a drastic step of committing suicide. It's not the question of How many Spiritual Seekers really commit suicide? And how many of those who are not into any kind of Spiritual practices or meditation commit suicide? The point is whether one is seeking the Ultimate Truth, or Material World/Wealth or Love when it goes beyond one's ability to deal with the life some of them take such a decision while others survive dark, difficult times and be the warrior in life. Those who come out of such darkness actually can help others, teach others, share their wisdom with others.

The serious Spiritual path is not for weak ones, it's for the Courageous ones. And not just Spiritual path, but even becoming a doctor or a soldier requires a lot of courage. It requires a person who can handle their Dark Past, the Dark side of their passion or profession. It's not easy to kill or bomb a bunch a people as a Soldier and still be able to sleep peacefully at night. As a doctor, it's not easy to deal with not being able to save a patient who was the only bread earner of the family. So many army people, young soldiers suffer from post-war-operations depression and psychosomatic issues. So, courage is needed for all that we have ever done and we ever will do.

Spiritual Journey is not about all Peace, Bliss, and Glory, it's about EMBODYING and ACCEPTING ourself UNCONDITIONALLY. At times it feels like walking straight through hell as one has to face oneself. However dark the past may seem, one has to face it, look at it deeply and long enough so one can find the lessons hidden deep beneath that darkness and pain. Life is one and it is continuous and eternal and while your short stint on the earth you might have done bad things, might have made many mistakes, but when you become aware of them, conscious about them, then it's a time to Learn the Lesson, so you do not repeat the same mistakes.

Before one can be The Divinity, one needs to Embody their Humanity. That's how one becomes WHOLE!

Time to time many people contact me as they need help and want me to hold their hand, guide them in walking their Spiritual Journey and this "dark side of their own" is the first thing that I often explain them about. And if a person is not yet ready to face it, not that one ever will be ready to face such a thing, but still there is a degree of courage and strength that is needed, and if it is not there I do explain them up front and that way it is clear for one to see if they are ready to walk their own inner hell or not. The choice is always yours.

Those who are not ready yet they should not bother about Meditation and Spiritual practices, just go to movies, have popcorn and be happy!

For those who are ready to deal with themselves please visit Being Shiva Foundation and email me at BeingShivaFoundation@yahoo.com

~ Guru Maa