How are some people truly Magnetic, Charismatic?

Each one of us has had a moment when we were left speechless by the magnetism and charisma that someone showed and it just amazed us. Transparent, fluid kind of persona that someone exhibited swept the floor beneath the feet. It felt so cozy, comfortable around that person. Just in few moments, there was nothing else except that person when he/she was around. It felt so easy, so cool to talk about almost anything & everything. It was as if such a person absorbed you completely. In an instant, such a person leaves the long lasting impact.

Here I am not talking about a physically beautiful or attractive person, instead of the one who is truly Magnetic and Charismatic. I am also not talking about first sight love or falling in love moments, I am talking about the true magnetic attractiveness, the undefined pull that someone has.

It's hard not to notice that something is significantly different in such magnetic, charismatic person. What is that element which exuberates so much pure life? INTEGRATED ENERGY!

Yes, we all are nothing but energy. Most of you have very disturbing, segregated, and split energy. You "feel" one thing, you "think" another. You "say" one thing, you "do" another. Your energy is split into emotions, thoughts, speech, and action differently for one single thing. For example - You may be feeling "low/sad", but since you are in between people you are trying to "think happy thoughts" and you are saying "happy" sentences, talking lightly exactly opposite of how you are feeling and since you are in between the people, through your "actions" you might be putting up a happy show. Emotions are pulling your energy "down", thoughts are trying to pull your energy "up", your speech, your actions are pulling your energy "left" and "right". Even though you might be saying "you like this event/gathering very much, you are feeling completely otherwise. Oftentimes in life, you feel like saying big "No", but a "Yes" is coming out of your mouth. This is called people-pleasing because you cannot handle how you feel within after you say "no" to someone or something. Some of you stay in confused/indecisive state for a long, as it takes really hard work to find out "what exactly do you want? And you do not want to look within to find out that. Some of you push your feelings or hurt and pain deep within you and instead of facing them, you bury them by doing tons of useless activities and living the mundane way. These are some of the ways to keep your energy disturbed and segregated. Imagine if your feelings/emotions, thoughts, speech/action were all different size wheels and all the time these wheels are rotating in different directions causing friction with each other. This friction is what causes "stress/tension" in you.

When you stay in such a segregated state for months, years then your energy starts showing it, it becomes your VIBE, your "Energy Atmosphere" or "Energysphere" (as I like to call it) that you are transmitting, broadcasting the whole time.

Your vibe/energysphere becomes "negative/very disturbed". Then after that no matter how well dressed you are, how groomed you are, how much pleasing smile or face you have your vibe, your energy says it all. With anyone you meet your vibe reaches them, meets them "before" you physically meet them. Your vibe, your energy communicates "louder" than your dress-up, your makeup, your groomed face, your perfume and that your body language ever can. 75% of the people in this world are sensitive to this vibe/energy of other people, they recognize others by their energy. You do not have to speak a word, or make any gesture or display body language at all and still, they will know exactly how you are feeling or what is your energy/emotional state as of now and if it is positive or negative.

Now the one who is most magnetically attractive doesn't have his/her energy split or segregated. What one feels is what one thinks and speaks and does. When your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions are synchronized with each other, are in alignment with each other then there is no friction within and energy stays "Integrated". This integration of energy brings peace within, brings calmness to the personality, it is what makes one exuberant and one shows up like a "Pure Joyful Life" and spreads Charisma like fragrance all around. Such people are true to themselves and true to the world. They simply transmit a "Clear Broadcast" of who, what and how they are to the "Universe".

Magnetic, Charismatic people's energy broadcast in one single moment is not going out differently in all the directions, they are not transmitting so many confused frequencies to others, to the Universe.

What if a radio channel or TV channel starts transmitting many frequencies at the same time, how will you tune into it then? How and what you will catch as a signal? There will be all kinds of mixed signals. What to make out of it? What to understand from that? How can this world, or any other person take you, understand you or interpret what you are saying or trying to do since you are transmitting confusing frequencies all over the spectrum? You may be saying one thing but your energy speaks a whole different truth, then how can someone believe you? How can others trust you? And you wonder why no one understands you? Because you do not understand yourself, you are not transmitting the signals of "clarity within" and you go on blaming the world.

You are not transmitting the signals of "Peace within", "Flowing Life within", "Joyful within", "True within" and you wonder why your "without/outer world" is so different and in opposition to your inner world. It's like thinking and ordering Pizza but getting a Burger. Your energy signature is screaming out loud burger baby. You wonder as to why constantly you are facing challenging and difficult situations and people? Because you are transmitting the signals of "challenged within", "cloudy/muddy within". You wonder why you always meet broken, loveless people? Because your energy is shouting out loud to the Universe as "broken & loveless within".

People and the Universe knows you by your Energy Signature! Universe delivers not what you keep on thinking or asking or praying for, it delivers exactly what and how your energy signature is.

Live your TRUTH. Synchronize yourself within.

Simply transmit a clear broadcast of who you are to the Universe!

~ Adiguru


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