After Experiencing, Knowing and Being there is Absolute!

Absolute is not Consciousness, as Consciousness emerges from it. It's not Nothingness either, it's beyond. Languages, words cannot define it, it's descriptionless description.

Now one may wonder why Consciousness emerges from Absolute? To be Conscious of what? That means there should be something to be Conscious about? If Nothingness is in it, then Somethingness is in it too. Only what is Non-Being can come into Being. Come into Being for Knowing what? Knowing to Experience something. Why? Absolute is Absolute! It never became Conscious as it wasn't Un-Conscious. It never came into Being as there was nothing to be. Knowing never happened as there was no Being to know. Knowing never happened as there was nothing to Experience. Experiencing never happened as there was nobody.

If Being = Ice, Knowing = Water, Experiencing= H2O/Gas/Air then in order for Ice (Being) to exist, there should be Water (Knowing), in order for Water (Knowing) to exist there should be H2O/Air (Experience). But creation did not happen from the bottom up, from elements to Absolute. Then can we say destruction, division happened from Absolute to elements? Then Absolute can't be Absolute, as Absolute is indivisible. Neither Creation happened, nor Division. As for Creation to happen, Division of Absolute should happen. Creation is a Divisible, Destructive process. Which is not possible. Or we can say Destruction is a Creative process. It cannot happen! Creation and Destruction are one and the same. As one hasn't happened, the other will not happen either.

Only because you think, there is mind, mind exists. Only because you think, there is Maya, Maya exists. Now let me reduce these two sentences. Only because you think, Mind exists. Only because you think, Maya exists. Let me reduce it even further. Only because you think! So in order to "think", there should be something to "think", right? So that "something" existed first or "thinking" happened first? If you cannot "think" of anything then that "thing" doesn't exists. Only because you "think", it exists. If you stop "thinking" nothing will exist. The World comes into Being/Existence because you think, else it doesn't exist.

So if we reduce this even further as "Only because you" then between "Only" and "You" there is "because". But there is "No Cause" for "Only" to be "You". If you remove the "Because", then there will not be "you" and we will be left with "Only". This "Only" is Absolute! It's Void. It's Non-Being.

One can play with as many words, or analogies, but one can never describe Absolute. Absolute never and ever has to be Conscious to come into Being to Know through Experiences about itself, SELF. Nothing ever happened!

Absolute is beyond movement and stillness, light or dark. It's beyond the beyond. From relative dimensional perspective for you, it's "8th Dimension". From physical/body perspective for you, it's the death/diffusion of "7th body or Nirvanic body" as becoming 8th one is NOT a body and Nobody. We can't say Absolute Exist because it never did, it just is Absolute! It can't be called Atma/Soul/Parmatma/THAT/SELF, because you attach meaning, characteristics to all such words and here we are talking about something beyond all this. While Absolute is just Absolute. No extra word/adjective, No quality, No characteristic can be attached to it.

When someone (A Being) dies and their physical body is reduced to Ashes and Ashes are diffused into Air from Mountain top, particles of that Being will be in the water, air, earth, fire, ether, everywhere, and that Being nowhere. Those particles will not know who they ever were. Those particles will not know if they ever came into Being, as the Being is Non-Being now. But since those particles are into everything, that Being will never know to "Be". Beingness is lost. There was "no being" to come into "being" in the first place.

Who lives, talks, does through this physical body (my body)? Who knows! Who displays Peace, Bliss, Love through this body? Who knows! Who wants to know? Absolute has no need to know itself. Nothing actually happens!


~ Prakriti


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