Through Self Realization some become the emanation of Peace, some become the emanation of Silence, some become the emanation of Compassion and some become the emanation of TOTAL LOVE and so on.

Regardless of which emanation one becomes, its actually suits that person, in some ways it is according to the person’s abilities/qualities (like abilities/qualities of Prakriti) developed/gathered over lifetimes.

In a way we always know “for what” we want to know the Truth/Self-Realization/Manonasa for. Like I wanted to know the Truth because I wanted Love, I was looking for Total Love. And then I have someone who wants Self-Realization/Absolute because she wants TOTAL PEACE. And I have few others who wants to know Truth/SR just for TRUTH itself, for the Wisdom of it. So we become the emanation of “exactly” what we are looking for Absolute as before Self-Realization.

Truth/Absolute for me was Total Love, for some is Peace, for some is Compassion, for some is Silence, for some something else. So whichever way we look at Absolute we become that emanation. Before Self Realization we have no idea what Absolute is, we don’t know anything. So we become what we want Absolute as.

Now there are 1008 petals in the Lotus/Crown Chakra, that means there are 1008 ways to be after Self-Realization, there are 1008 Pure Emanations of Absolute/Shiva. Many of those emanation are purely Cosmic, because as humans we want Love, Peace, Silence, Bliss, Healing/Healer, Compassion, and few more and that's all. As humans we may not know/want all those Pure 1008 forms/ways/emanations of Absolute, so some are reserve for Cosmic Beings, means those who are not in Human Body, means they have Celestial or some other body “with” Cosmic Consciousness. Many Yogis complete their Sadhana after leaving their body, but they do attain Cosmic Consciousness in Human Body though.

You can look into 1008 Emanations/Names of Shiva/Absolute here –

There is no way to emanate ALL of them in One Yuga/Time-Cycle, so these 1008 happens at different time-cycles in total all 4 time-cycles it takes for Absolute to emanate as 1008 pure ways/forms, at least once, few are repeated too.

In the 1008 names/emanations of Shiva you will see that 45 names are repeated twice, 11 are repeated thrice and three names are repeated four times. That in other words means there can be more than one Self Realized person emanating as Peace or Compassion or Silence or Total Love and so on.

Now, why the emanation as Total Love seems highly mystical? Because Love is the Binding Force for entire manifestation. Peace, Silence, Compassion keeps them safe, helps them in other ways, but cannot bind, string together the entire manifestation. Peace, Silence, Compassion and others are "forms of love", but pure love, total love in itself is the binding force of existence. So those who become the emanation of Total Love, they are the Mystics. Mysticism without total love is occult. Only TOTAL LOVE can BEHOLD THE POWER as entire Cosmos, nothing else can cross this dense manifestation except Total Love.

So universe/Cosmos wanted to express itself through me as TOTAL LOVE and here I am.

~ Adiguru


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