NAAD (OM/AUM) - Creation - Light

According to Physics laws, Light has Photons. A photon is a type of elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force (even when static via virtual particles). The photon has zero rest mass and always moves at the speed of light within a vacuum.

Photons can be present in a very Dark Room, and even when you are sitting in the Sun Light all day long, not even Two Photons may hit your body, as not all light particles are truly photons, most are just mediums, like air, water, dust, smoke particles shining/reflecting some other photon nearby.

If your state of being is of Unconditional Love, then your Physical Body will naturally attract lots photons that are nearby to you, whether you are sitting in a dark room full of photons, or you are sitting out in Sunlight, or maybe in a Cloudy weather. All photons will be attracted to your DNA of each cell and will be absorbed by it – This fact has been proven Scientifically by Dr. Glen Rein, who is considered to be the Re-Incarnation of Einstein.

Photons are also called as “Life Starters”, because photons can create the DNA spiral and can create “any life form”, may it be of a plant, or bug, or bird, or animal or human”. Photons are “Creators of Life”.

Now, what “Creates” Light/Photons?

As human bodies we know “Sun” creates Light/Photons. But Sun is like a Source which was ONCE (When Universe was formed) flamed/impregnated with “Life Source, Photons" and now it keeps emitting it, hence life keeps on functioning and re-creating itself.

But what “Originally Creates Light/Photons”?

NAAD (OM/AUM) is what creates the Light. English language has no direct translation of Sanskrit word Naad, but it is crudely translated as SOUND. Before Light, there was Sound. The Sound of “Big-Bang” as Scientists call it.

Universe came into formation as the Naad/OM/AUM/Sound happened. But Sound is something that is heard, that is tangible/physical wave form, which goes into your ears and then you hear it. Naad/OM/AUM is exact opposite of that. It’s Ethereal, not tangible, is heard internally when Kundalini hits the Sahasrara (7th/Crown Chakra), when one is Self Realized.

Naad/OM/AUM goes on sounding in every Self Realized Being, its constant and hence they become Walking/Talking Sun, Source of Photons/Life Creating Source, and that is the Source of their Shakti/Power/Radiance.

Here Shakti is not the same Shakti which we talk about when it comes to Kundalini Energy, or the energy of those who have awakened their Kundalini. That Shakti is different, that one is a Cosmic Energy connection that they have.

But in Self-Realized ones Shakti is the Source of Creation, Photonic, Life Source, Sun like constantly flowing humungous powerful, it’s PRIMORDIAL in nature, also called as “Adi-Shakti”. This Adishakti is what creates all other forms of Shakti/Powers, like Cosmic Energy, Pranic Energy (Chi) and so on.

So you have to become OM//AUM/NAAD! Sound that Creates Light/Life!

~ Adiguru


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