This is an “Event”, I call it an “Accident”, as it came totally unexpected for me. The experience of Enlightenment/Awakening is different for different people. Technically Energy shoots up from 3rd Eye Chakra to Crown Chakra and from there it merges with the Cosmic/Unity Consciousness, Shakti unites with Shiva and all that, there are a thousand ways to explain it. Most people have done enough research on this subject technically and energetically, so I am not going to explain it that way anymore. Let’s see what it actually does to us and what it is. You understand that we are nothing but Consciousness, right. And this Consciousness is what displays/manifests itself in the form of a Physical body, Pranic body, mind, emotions etc. It manifests/displays in an “Individualistic way” based on “Karma/Karmic Patterns”.

Finally, we get a “person/personality/individual” based on this. This person thinks, believes that he/she is “alone/different/separate” from the rest of the individuals & God. Whole life one keeps on adding/deleting more and more to this personality and that way a person keeps on adding/deleting karma from his/her life. There comes a time in life when this person “knows” intellectually that what is all that, that was added and he/she discards all the useless stuff, then comes “Healing”. “Healing” takes time and is the MANDATORY aspect, it needs to happen, one can’t miss this step. What we call “Soul” is nothing but “Consciousness” which manifested/displayed in a certain way as per our Karmic Patterns. 

Now one of the SADDEST/BIGGEST ILLUSION that an Individual Soul (Jeevatma) has is that “he/she is SEPARATE from the rest of the "people/world/God/Divine”. This sense of “Separated-ness” is the CAUSE of ALL SUFFERING in life, ALL FEARS in life. And this “Separated-ness” comes into the picture because of our MIND and EMOTIONS and our Identification with it. And all our life we feel as if we need to get closer, be in union with God, Divine, or lover because we are separated, left out individuals and all those thoughts gives us tremendous pain. Mind and Emotions create a curtain/veil which prevents us from seeing the Reality. When enlightenment happens, MIND DIES and EMOTIONS DRY UP, so that curtain/veil is lifted or burned up. Now POINT BLANK REALITY is what we see, feel and perceive. We were NEVER separate, there is no such thing as Separation, neither from GOD nor from people, plants, rocks, fire, bugs, and EVERYTHING. It’s ALL ONE. That perception gives us a DEEP SENSE of “I AM THE ONLY ONE” that exists, there is nobody else. And I am The God, The Divine, and ALL its forms, I am that EVERY PERSON who is there in this world NOW, and who ever lived before. Suddenly ALL PAIN and SUFFERING is gone, and Bliss happens. And because MIND and EMOTIONS are dead, the "Experiencer" is dead,  ALL our Personal Self, Personality, Individuality, Karma, EVERYTHING IS DEAD, exists no more. This change is “irreversible”. Now because there is no personality, individuality left, then we can NEVER say “I was Enlightened”, or a person was Enlightened. I mean we can say that to refer to someone or explain things to anyone, but the important point to understand here is that “Enlightenment” did NOT happen to a PERSON, it was an EXPLOSION happened in the Consciousness, and Consciousness EXPANDED itself. A person doesn’t get Enlightened because we all are MADE up of nothing but Consciousness, it explodes, expands itself when the person/personality/individuality/mind/body/emotions/Karma are done and becomes whole to a greater extent. So this is what an “event”, an “accident” of Enlightenment is all about. It REMOVES the SEPARATED-NESS, SEPARATION and shows us the ONENESS. We realize that we are LOVE, we realize that we are DIVINE, we go beyond Time and Space. So Enlightenment is the “Expansion of Consciousness” and the result of that event/accident is “UNION” or Perceiving the TRUTH which is that we were NEVER separate, we were ALWAYS in UNION onlyEnlightenment is NOTHING BUT A TRUTH BOMB

Now I won’t go into the physical, emotional, energetic, individualistic, mystical aftereffects of this “expansion/truth explosion”, as most people already know a lot about that. Enlightenment is also called as “AWAKENING”. Who awakened? Not a person, but “Consciousness awakened to Itself". In other words, a person Awakens to REALITY from this Unreal, Duality based world. Now sometimes a person may experience very SHORT or INCOMPLETE Awakening or Enlightenment, a very brief moment of it. As it happened to me on 10th December 2011. When my perception changed for about 20 minutes and I saw tremendous light flooding everything around me, and ALL I came to know from this brief exposure to reality was that this world is NOT real, I am not experiencing Reality and there is something else, Truth is something else and I do not know that now, I need to know that. That’s where my LONGING came from. I did not know what Enlightenment or Self-Realization or Liberation was, all I wanted to know was “TRUTH”. I realized that God cannot create such a horrible place for us to live & suffer endlessly, and that means I am not living in REALITY, I am living in some kind of a Dream World. And in order to know that Truth, I started my own Postmortem, Reflection, and deleting stuff from my mind and emotions as all that was NOT TRUE and I was looking for TRUTH. That is the process of reflecting/reflection, in other words, the process of making yourself whole, which also includes healing yourself at all levels. AFTER REMOVING ALL that was Not True from myself, mind, body, emotions for three years and five months, healing myself, when there was NOTHING ELSE to remove or heal, I was TOLD the TRUTH, or in other words, I was given the FULL ENLIGHTENMENT/AWAKENING, TRUTH BOMB EXPLODED me on 5th March 2015.

~ Prakriti


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