Bodhisattva - The Real Meaning

Since I read about Bodhisattva, I was wondering if there is some wrong/polluted understanding that may be there, and yes it seems like most of the new age books, new age Gurus have distorted the True Meaning of Bodhisattva. I wondered how come in a Spiritual Community where people are heading towards Liberation from death/birth cycle, they are being taught to come back, take another human birth for the benefit of others. That just did not seem right to me. Walk the whole spiritual path, and then not be Self-Realized.

So I thought about it for sometime and here is what came to me.

Bodhisattva is the person who is on the path of Self-Realization, he/she has attained Bodhicitta, compassion for all sentient beings, and he/she is ready to die, reborn out of compassion for the Realization of others/all humanity.

Now here it seems “death & reborn/re-birth” are mistaken by most people. Self-Realization is DEATH OF ALL THAT YOU ARE NOT, so yes Bodhisattva is on the path of death, he/she is ready to die. “Reborn/Rebirth” as a divine being happens once one is Self-Realized. In Hindu/India Scriptures/Texts also we call it – Dwija, means born twice, once out of your human mother and once out of your own Soul when one is Self-Realized.

Technically also in order to be Self-Realized one is born again from his/her own Soul (5th Dimensional Body) and cross 6th and 7th dimensional bodies, merges with Supreme Consciousness and finally be 8th Dimensional (No Body).

But yes, I can see how all new texts/books/people’s understanding here is mistaken as they believe/think that Bodhisattvas are those who keep taking physical human births again and again, and do not wish to Self Realize. Because those who have not experienced Self-Realization they do not know Death in any other way, they only know the Human Body Death, hence they do not know the Rebirth as being born out of the True Self (Atman/Soul/Supreme Consciousness Union).

In original texts Bodhisattvas are people on the path of Self-Realization, it may happen to them in this life, or next or may be next, depending upon their Sadhana and Remaining Karma, but they are on that path.

Self-realization doesn’t happen to us for our own personal benefit, there is no individual/person alive/living after Self-Realization. Self-Realization is a death one accepts for all sentient beings, and as a result of that, a Divine Beings is born for the benefit of all sentient beings. That is the true meaning of Bodhisattva.

~ Adiguru


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