Celestial Eye - Cosmic Consciousness

It's not about changing the weather through occult practices, that’s not what we do. The way it happens is that You just become ONE with Cosmos/Earth/Air/water/Fire/Ether from the Energy point of view and then it does what it does, it may rain too much, it may cause forest fire, it may become windy like tornadoes, but there is no such thing as to “stopping rain, wind, fire or earthquakes or anything”. Why? Stopping at one place, area means Upheaval at another place/area, so it doesn’t help.

Suppressing never helps, never heals anything. If you suppress human emotions many times, they become Anger/Rage another time. So it’s the same principle. If we truly want to HEAL something, somewhere, we need to LET IT COME OUT, Let it Express as is. Total Love doesn’t mean suppressing anything at all, instead it means expressing Once and Be done forever. Let it go means acceptance of the existence of an expression.

And that is the basic difference between Siddha/Occult Master and Self Realized Being. Occult Master wants to suppress because they are thinking about rain, problems of people in one place/city only, or an area around them. They are not thinking and not able to see that Suppressing any Natural Force in one city/area actually means causing ton of upheaval in it’s Antipode Country/Place and that in a big way will cause disruptions at many places. If we draw Two Triangles One facing upward and One facing downward inside the Sphere of Earth then we know that every city, every place on earth has an exact opposite place down the sphere. Like Antipode for entire Australia is Pacific Ocean. So one can NEVER think about just one place, one city, one group of people, or one person. If anything needs to be changed/Fixed, then fix it in a way that it is beneficial for ENTIRE HUMANITY, PLANET EARTH and COSMOS. But since before Self Realization, one has an Individual View, View that comes from Separation, it is not possible.

Through Self Realization, Cosmic Consciousness shows you that ONE VIEW, it gives you the CELESTIAL EYE, then you can always create BALANCE in a perfect way as it should be.

However long the Cosmic Consciousness state may last, it teaches one and only one and last remaining lessons – having a VIEW of Entire Cosmos as ONE. It gives you a CELESTIAL EYE, that NEVER sees anything as Separate from others, it NEVER DIVIDES, it never has a DIVISIONAL, INDIVIDUAL VIEW for people, bugs, insects, plants and plants and celestials.

That's what it teaches. Once you learn this lesson, you jump into Unmanifest, merge with Supreme Consciousness and become Absolute!

~ Adiguru


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