Ananda and Paramananda

Yes, 24 by 7 by 365 by lifetime of Bliss is what eventually happens due to Self-Realization, but it’s not the “aim”, it’s not the “end goal”. Instead bliss is a byproduct of Self Realization, it will happen whether you want it or not, you will become Bliss. 

Bliss is BEYOND happiness & unhappiness. Happiness & Unhappiness have an EXTERNAL REASON attached to it, external Cause attached to it, while Bliss has NO CAUSE.

Bliss when is achieved through Kechari Mudra, or any externally forced reason is called as “Ananda”, while Bliss when achieved through the UNION with Cosmos, through 5th dimensional body, through Self Realization, through being ONE with Cosmos and Supreme Consciousness, through your OPEN HEART CHAKRA is called as – PARAMANANDA.

Ananda is like a One Time Sparkle. 

Ananda is a STATE, it will come and go and when it is gone one will try to get it again, one will keep running after it, it’s a wave in the ocean which will rise and crash.

While Paramananda is BLISS ITSELF, it means “becoming bliss”, it doesn’t come and go and it’s the Ocean itself, not the wave. It's a continuous existence, it's existential. 

Paramananda is NOT an hindrance in Self Realization at all, because it happens due to Open Heart Chakra and it ELEVATES you, Makes your Body Hold more and more LIGHT, it HEALS your BODY, changes your DNA, Nervous System, Cellular Structure, because there is NO BLOCKAGE/VASANA to STOP these changes from happening.

Ananda doesn’t cause Healing, because Chakras are blocked by Vasanas, till the time there is blockage in Chakras, there are Vasanas, Ananda doesn’t not cause healing. If Ananda would have caused Healing of Subtle Body then all Yogi’s practicing Kechari Mudra for the sake of Ananda, would have been Self Realized by now. 

~ Adiguru 


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