We often talk about different polarities that exist in the world, in the Universe. Like Masculine & Feminine, Dark and Light, Pain and Pleasure, Low and High etc. But do you know what is the highest degree of polarity? 

It's Love (as in emotional love) Vs Awareness (As in Pure Consciousness).

Love vs Awareness is the highest degree of polarity that exists. They are exact opposites. Love needs something outside of you and Awareness is the absence of that outside object. Love is outgoing energy, Awareness is simply inward. Love needs two, Awareness stands Alone. Love is a relationship, Awareness is the absence of all relationships. Love means Happening, Becoming, while Awareness means simply Being. 

Now the most paradoxical thing is that without going towards Love one cannot return towards Awareness. You have to be deep, madly in love with the other person. Love demands possession, however subtle it may be. But the other cannot be possessed. So by loving one learns to dissolve the tendencies to possess one way or the other, frustration goes all-time high, one disappointment after the other have to be faced. Slowly this teaches you "freedom" as you have to "let go" every day one thing or the other, all desires have to fly out of the window as they are not being met and will not be realized. The more you free your beloved, the more freedom you yourself experience. One boundary after the other has to be broken. Love starts burning you with its high intensity. The face of the lover starts reflecting you. If they are happy, you feel happy, if they are sad you feel doomed if they cry your world comes to an end and seeing them smile time stops for you, your heart skips a beat every time your eyes meet your beloved. It's like looking at the reflection of the moon in a lake and trying to catch it, immersing into the river fully, digging into the bottom of the river only to find that moon is not there. Reflection of the Moon is not the real moon. Love is that Lake, it's simply reflecting the Moon. Lover becomes the medium of that reflection. Love forces you to die every day in bits and pieces, lose your ego, your mind, yourself bit by bit until NO MORE of YOU is left. 

After such a terrific journey of Love one realizes that Moon is not in the lake and looks UP! There! Up there he/she sees the moon in the sky, the real one. So all the disappointments, discontentment that happens in love OPENS up the door to the Awareness. And then one dies fully. One arrives home!

Those who have NOT loved anyone deeply, madly have not even found the reflection of the Moon, forget about finding the Real Moon. Those who have not loved have not known what Devotion is. Devotion is the highest state of love, it is that unconditional surrender where one accepts to keep dying in bits and pieces until one is no more. So Love is necessary to attain perfect Awareness, perfect Stillness. It hurts, it's painful, but then what is the use of this life and body if it has to be saved, caged from the pains of Love, from the hurts of life. 

Most people love the other just little bit, very safely, so as to not lose themselves fully. Such people do not put everything on the stake to lose. Those who are scared to love and are saving themselves from the pain and hurt will not find Divine. They do not want to let their ego, their mind die and till the time ego/mind are alive there is no place for Divine. Then the death of body will impact them real bad and they will be fearful of it. If the death of ego/mind happens before the death of body then one becomes immortal, realizes the true nature of Soul, embodies Divine/Pure Consciousness/Christ Consciousness and we call them Enlightened/Self-Realized. 

Fortunate are those who have someone to die for, someone who cannot be possessed, someone who they can never get, someone through whom their Love will reach the state of Devotion, someone to learn the last lesson of life. These are the one's sitting with their one foot in Divine Door and are on the path of Bhakti Yog (Devotional Union). Unfortunately, in most of such fortunate people the fire of love within dies before it can be converted to Devotion. So there may be Millions in Love but not everyone will know devotion. Not everyone has the courage to put everything at stake, not everyone is willing to Do or Die, Truth or Dare, play in black & white, many will compromise with the hundred shades of gray in between. Some of such Lovers will agree to play the game of building a boundary through marriage, rules of society. Once possessed Love dies, slowly after few years again the same loneliness fills the heart. Only one in a Million gets a love that cannot be possessed, the fire of which never goes down, time cannot defy the intensity and there is no such thing as compromise or boundary or rules of society. Hence only one in a Million is Enlightened.

So Love vs Awareness is the highest degree of polarity but one has to go through the fires of one to attain another. It's the same with Dark and Light too. One has to see the extreme of Darkness and burn in it in order to be Light. It is the same with every polarity. One never moves from one extreme to the other, instead one has to MERGE both! Love means possession and Awareness mean freedom, that's from where all the other polarities are born. 

This is the reason Love is regarded as the highest of emotions, highest frequency, the highest vibration that can cross all dimensions in this Universe BECAUSE it's in POLARITY WITH AWARENESS. It's the DOOR to DIVINE. 

Not a very pleasant one though, but he who has not walked through the hell will never reach the heaven either. One has to die (death of ego/mind/Jeeva) in order to be reborn, resurrected.  

~ Adiguru