Quality of Pure Consciousness: Awareness

One quality of Pure Consciousness is Awareness. And every moment (or whatever smallest moment of time one can refer to) it is Aware of what needs to be done perfectly, but the next moment doesn't have the awareness, memory, record of the very previous moment. This is totally opposite of how mind executes life. Mind executes life from the memory of previous moments only, Mind cannot function without the storehouse of memory/experiences. There is no PRESENT moment for Mind at all, it's a UN-ACHIEVABLE STATE for the mind. Only Awareness have access to PRESENT moment because Present Moment Doesn't exist in the Time Dimension, it's beyond time and space. Time is always fleeting, every nanosecond is fleeting, and Mind keeps track of all that went by, passed, over. That is how the mind works. But in order for life to function, one needs only Awareness, which keeps one rooted in NOW, rooted in Present Moment, which is a STILL STATE, NO MOVEMENT of time, No Fleeting moments at all. The State of NOW, which is a state maintained by Awareness and Not by the mind. What is meant by Living in Now? The mind needs to dissolve, merge, in order to experience Now, in order to let Awareness take control. And it's not that people do not experience this state when Awareness takes the control of life and Mind is dissolved, or immersed and loses its existence, many experiences this state often, intense love, intense sexual orgasm is one such state. But yea all those are momentary and one looses them before one could understand anything about it. On the other hand, if the absorption of mind, happens as a result of intense meditation, or due to any of the Chaitanya Samadhi, then it's prolonged experience. Since my Enlightenment, a countless number of times, I have stayed absorbed in Absolute Consciousness (Nirgun Brahm) or Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and I have got accustomed to living life simply through AWARENESS. The Longest one was right after Enlightenment for 72-75 days and then NOW only NOW is there for me, nothing else. What do I lose by living with Awareness and not the Mind? Memories! It's not that I have forgotten everything about my life, my choices, my habits, and about my past, but No New Memories are being created because life is being lived in EVERY MOMENT. When I live in every moment, what is the need to record them, recall later and enjoy or sulk over them later? Express accordingly and Live in that very moment itself, and be done. Awareness is the Quality, Tangible Manifestation of Pure Consciousness. Sometimes I like to call it "Personal Consciousness" as it is operating my life, my body.

Nirvikalpa State is a highly AWARE state, means Awareness of everything around me is there, while I am in this state, I face questions like, how come you not know that you ate breakfast today or what did you eat for breakfast today? Because Awareness means living beyond time, living in NOW/PRESENT. When I had breakfast I was 100% aware of it, and later information, experience about it is not needed, Mind is not there, so no impression was made. When you are asking me about breakfast which I had 6 hours ago, that is PAST and Awareness can only have access to Present. But still if TIME needs to be looked at, means if Time/Past/Future needs to be accessed for a Real Purpose, Awareness can easily do that, it may take few minutes to tune into the Time Channel. Awareness can get you answers about your past life, which was hundreds of years ago if it is genuinely needed, but you are only asking me something really silly like what did I eat for lunch? Mundane need not to be confused with Eternity like Life. Awareness is not meant the for mundane. Will you use Jet Plane to go to the office or you will go by car? This gives people a wrong notion that when one is in Samadhi or Absolute Consciousness State, they become forgetful. No, they do not, only to the mind it appears that way. And that too it happens when there is a SHIFT.

While I am in this Absolute Consciousness (or while it "IS"), I cannot describe the World, the Creation, neither can I describe my own body symptoms, or the Absolute itself. But yet there is Awareness, an all encompassing which is the seen, sight and the seer and I cannot call it "me/he/she/God/Divine" anything, something that operates body and life with Divine Love!

By the Love of Divine, I am here. 
For the Love of Divine, I am here.

~ Adiguru