Reflection can best be understood, learnt, by pointing out, showing mirror in exact moments. If you give me a situation, I won’t leave a chance to show you the mirror with brutal honesty. (Laughs). Now when I do that, you start boiling and your mind, ego, emotions, your entire existence goes on fire. Why? See, egotistical anger arises due to fear. What fear you have when I show you the mirror? Fear of losing an Identity of being a sane, noble, caring, responsible, intelligent, clever, important, friend or whatever personality/identity, a fake image you have created for yourself in front of me or the world. Reflection is a process of breaking ALL Identities within you. So your mind, ego starts doing tantrums. When I explain you, you go into denial and start justifying your behavior and rationale behind it. 

What are you achieving by doing so? Nothing, you are wasting your time & energy. For me, for this world, for this Universe, and most importantly for yourself, either you are Enlightened, or you are in the Process. And because you are in the process, you need to understand one thing, how many lifetimes do you need more to finish the process? On one side you say, you want to finish this process, in this lifetime. But on the other side, your ego tantrums prove it otherwise. I have no problem either way. But if you want to spend few more lifetimes learning this very same thing, please go away, stay away, and do not waste my time, do not come back cribbing that your life sucks and you want to walk the path of Liberation. I would rather spend my time with serious people. I did not say even once that walking this path is an easy feat. I always told you it’s like walking straight through the hell. It hurts, it’s painful. By doing tantrums, you are only stopping your own progress, it won’t change anything for me. You have to be concerned about your Liberation, your well-being, you have to be serious about it. I can only help to certain extent, it’s your responsibility, not mine. You should care for it enough, I do not. If you understand this very well, then it won’t be difficult to control your behavior. Another point to understand here is that it's NOT wrong to feel hurt, or be on fire, in such moments. But it will be helpful if instead of throwing that fire outside, you use it to REFLECT more within. You should start realizing in such moments that a CHANGE is needed within you, a TRANSFORMATION is needed within you, then just shut up your mouth. If you are throwing that fire outward, you are wasting it, you are SKIPPING a chance to Transform yourself. Is that what you want? This is very important to understand because it's NOT me through whom you will learn all the lessons of life, you will learn it through other people around you, they will reflect what you have inside. But if you keep on wasting your much-needed fire, energy, and time by throwing egotistical anger tantrums, cribbing, complaining, then ONLY YOU are at LOSS, no one else. I seriously do not have time to deal with Tantrum Masters!

~ Adiguru