You are asking this question because you do not understand Cosmic Laws, you do not have direct experience of Unified Whole. When everything is ONE, then who can do what for others? To whom do I need to feel responsible for? And if I am responsible enough for this piece of life (me), then am I not being responsible for others as well? If I can conduct this life (me) very well, then am I not conducting it for the sake of entire Universe, this whole Cosmos? Is my life, me, SEPARATE from this Universe, World, Cosmos? No. Entire Universe is within me, and I am this whole Cosmos. Moral Obligations are for those, who think that they are separate from this world, from others. The Sense of responsibility comes when you think you are different, separate than others. When you will understand that it's ALL ONE, we are NOT separate beings, then you will keep yourself BLISSFUL and PEACEFUL at all costs, and that way this World, this Universe will be taken care of automatically. Regardless of where your physical body is, your Energy body will be boundless to uplift the energy all around. You will be LOVE, that's all that is needed. 

When everyone around is in low energy, unhappy, suffering, then the BEST way to help them is that I within myself stay peaceful, in the high energy, and blissful, then only I can do something about anyone else. As they say during flights, put your Oxygen mask first then help the fellow passenger. So the first obligation that you have is for yourself. No wise one (Gyani/Jnani/Self Realized) forgets about the obligation towards ENTIRE UNIVERSE and goes around the world, people beating the drums of Social, Moral responsibilities, and obligations. Because if one piece of life can be kept at ABSOLUTE, many around can be benefited without doing anything else, whether they realize it or not, recognize, understand it or not. It's like because only a handful of Soldiers are standing and protecting a passage into our Country from mischievous ones, the entire population can sleep peacefully. Whether people realize it or not, pay attention to that fact or not, pay gratitude to those Soldiers or not, that's a different thing. A Soldier doesn't become a Soldier because he/she wanted an entire country to recognize their presence, or work. He/She becomes a Soldier because their Sense of Responsibility has grown that large, large enough to include entire Country. In the same way, Gyani/Jnani/Self Realized one's sense of responsibility has grown to the level of entire Universe. Divinity is ALL INCLUSIVE. Then where is the question of this, that, his, her, or others? Everyone is ME, and I am Everyone else. It is very hard for some people to understand all this because their sense of responsibility and care for others is tied to their own expectations, their own feel good factor, their own distorted CARING, and RESPONSIBLE personality that they have created within. It's very hard for them to understand how can you be responsible for others, without expecting anything in return, without expecting any recognition from them, without expecting any feel good factor within. It's a journey from DOER-SHIP to NO DOER-SHIP as the DOER is DEAD. We often find such people cribbing, complaining that I did this for her and that for him, but they never cared, they did exactly opposite, they did not give me credit, I wasn't recognized here and there, by him or her, this way or that way and because of all these uncaring people, and my expectations not being met, now I am miserable. Such people have WRONG sense of moral obligations and responsibility and care. 

~ Adiguru