Ramana Maharishi & Spiritual Gymnasts

Lots of people in the West, seem very fascinated and mentally delighted reading, discussing Ramana Maharishi's teachings, Papaji, Annamalai Swami, Laxamana Swamy's teaching. They all seem highly enthusiastic about discussing various topics, especially the Descriptions of Self and Role of Guru and what they spoke on matters related to Tapas, Sadhana. These people love to dissect all this endlessly and try to churn out the SELF out of these teachings itself. (Laughs). And they believe this is the "way to know the Self and they know the Self". They mistakenly think they are on the path of Jnana Yoga. The moment such people see, or meet or read about any Jnani/Self-Realised one, immediately they will try to ask questions, only to, later on, compare in their mind with what they understand about Ramana Maharishi or other Jnani's of those times. Finally through all this, their mental fascination with Ramana Maharishi and/or other Jnani's will be re-cemented, reaffirmed. And that's it. They will keep on living for years, decades in this mental fascination and will not leave a chance to discuss, dissect even further.

This is utter "bullshit". This is pure "nonsense". NOTHING is being achieved by doing this. Translating, Spreading, Authoring the teachings of Jnanis is a noble thing to do, but endless discussions, dissections, comparisons, and analysis are of NO USE at all for ANYONE on this planet. This is nothing but Spiritual Fanatism. Through all this analysis, the real teachings of Jnani stay only in the mind, they DO NOT open Heart to make one Open enough, Capable enough to be able to practice those teachings.

What could be helpful out of all this drama? That one learned about the teachings. But those teachings needs to be applied to the life. Where is that "application" part? Ramana Maharishi taught Self Enquiry. Who will do it? Knowing about Self Enquiry is one thing, and actually doing Self Enquiry is totally another feat. 99% of the people, first of all, DO NOT understand Self Enquiry, no matter how much mental gymnast they are about it, No matter how well they can speak about it, no matter how perfectly they have memorized it, no matter how good their mental representation and knowledge about it is. WHY?

One of the MAJOR mistakes that these brainy people often make is, they forget "TO WHOM" these teachings are applied? WHO should follow Self Enquiry? WHO can do it? WHO cannot do it? That part is the MASTER KEY, which of course ONLY a Jnani will have. Many people visiting Ramana Maharishi & his Ashram were not able to do Self Enquiry and they were NOT asked to do so. Till date just by reading those books and everything He said about Self CANNOT be followed by just ANYONE/EVERYONE. People need to understand that teachings are often specific to the person or a group of people ONLY. Not ALL teachings by the Jnani can be followed by MASSES in General. Don't treat them like Vitamins or Health Supplements, they are prescription medsIs everyone fit to do Kriya Yoga? Is everyone READY to Surrender out of LOVE to SELF and follow Bhakti Yoga? Can anyone start right away from Jnana Yoga? No, No, No.

Try attempting Self Enquiry, the way Ramana Maharishi taught. If you are successfully able to ACHIEVE that state from where Self Enquiry happens, and if you are truly able to do Self Enquiry uninterrupted for 24 hours, I will INFUSE you with SHAKTI and will GIVE you ENLIGHTENMENT.

Why are you NOT able to do it? Simple, because YOU HAVE NO IDEA what that is? You think you understand what Ramana Maharishi was teaching, but you don't. You have no idea what he meant? You can verbalize it, you can memorize it. But you cannot do it. You have no practical, direct knowledge of the subject matter. Talking about how to ride a bike when you actually have never climbed any is different than talking about it as a bike rider. If you have ever tried to do it, you very well know what I am talking about here. Self Enquiry can only happen when one has RENOUNCED the World. And where is the World? The World is in your MIND. So in other words when one has Renounced the Mind, only then he can practice Self Enquiry. And this is not the only decision-making factor as to who can do it and who cannot, there are many many other factors as well. So who is able to renounce his/her Mind? The one who is NOT doing ANY mental gymnastic. The one who is NOT indulging in dissection, and discussions of teachings by the Jnani. Anyone who is really sincere about Self Enquiry will not indulge in any such thing. Those who do are not more than the Sports spectators, or TV/News/Media/Social Media addicts. And then it doesn't matter whether you entertain yourself through Spiritual Talks or Political discussions. There is no difference between the two. Spirituality is NOT about mental or bookish knowledge. Knowledge of Self is attained ONLY by trying to do what those Jnani's taught or did themselves. By reading the teachings of Buddha, you will become Buddhist, you will NOT become Buddha. By doing what Buddha himself did, you can be another Buddha. So the choice is yours! You can stay stuck in your mind by mentally learning all ABOUT SELF, or you can actually BE THE SELF.

Ramana Maharishi once said "There is no need for any effort for Self to be Realized, awakened, enlightened. After all, who makes an effort to be awake every morning, it happens itself" (something like this, I am not quoting exact words here). Many people misunderstood this teaching and actually did nothing. (Laughs)

Yes, they thought all will happen by itself after all Ramana Maharishi said that. Poor folks neither they found Self, nor Enlightenment, and lost a life, time too.

Now many of these Spiritual Gymnasts will say that "we are fine, just talking about it, and we don't want to take it further". But this is highly contrary to their desires of staying around Jnani's, their teachings, and spiritual experiences that they had. They could have been News Reporters, or Fiction writers, or anything else, why Spiritual Teachings and Jnanis? Now one can say, it must be their Karma without even understanding what Karma is. All this is not true. What these people do not understand and admit is that it's the pull of SELF in them, that keeps them around such things but they are not making full use of it. When it comes to efforts from their side, they find it difficult to leave attachments of mind. Mind and Mental Gymnastic is nothing but a Safety Net for you. And you are fearful of removing that safety net. But trust me, it is not that difficult, it is not the death of who you are, and that's what ALL Jnani's were, are trying to explain.

This is a really sad state of affairs, that many are just into the pursuit of dissection & discussions about Jnana, rather than in the pursuit of being a Jnani. Spirituality and Spiritual Journey has turned into an Entertainment Industry here in West, due to all these mental gymnasts who keep writing, blogging, talking endlessly to dissect and discuss such topics. This is what is called as "Blind leading a Blind". People need to stop being fascinated by all this, and should actually try to directly experience it, to KNOW it. Knowledge means "direct experience", not mental memorization and analysis. Such blogs, discussion forums are nothing more than "bored housewives club" as per modern times, where few bored housewives gather to discuss the one who is not present there and show each other what designer stuff they own. These Spiritual Gymnasts are doing the same. Ramana Maharishi is the one who is not present and they are talking about him, his teachings, and they are showing each other what extra bookish knowledge they have regarding Spiritually Designer stuff.

All such Spiritual Gymnasts call themselves "Devotees" of Ramana Maharishi or other Jnanis of those times. And the very word "Devotion" is what they do not understand at all, and lack! If Ramana Maharishi would have been living to see all this, he would have been seriously sad and mad about all this. Any Jnani will have a similar response to such things. No Jnani stops anyone to spread his/her teachings, but if you keep doing just that, then he/she might spank you because the end goal of you being around a Jnani is NOT to become his Spokesperson, but to Realize Self. Jnanis/SELF/Divine/God doesn't want you to preach about them, that's called "Religion", instead they want you to BE THE JNANI/SELF/DIVINE/GOD yourself. All of you who are Spiritual Spokesperson of Ramana Maharishi or Jnani's of those times, you have already spent 3 or 4 decades doing just that. That's good enough Service. Now is the time to understand everything in the right perspective, because many of you are in the last decade of your life, so better at least "have a longing & detachment from your mind" before you leave your body. That longing will help you take another human body faster, and Realize the Self sure shot in Next Body/Life.

To all mental gymnasts: The day your Intellect Awakens and you realize your mistake, you can start doing what Jnanis themselves did. Pick anyone of them from this planet, and follow the footprints.
Or May Ramana Maharishi spank you really hard! (Laughs).

~ Adiguru


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