Transcendence through Emotions

Yes, you can transcend your human nature, any limitations through your emotions. You have many emotions, Anger, Guilt, Fear, Love and so on, you can pick up any one of the emotion and be absolute "Intense" with it and see what happens. Now you can choose Anger for that matter, but anger may cause physical damage to your body, so you can choose Love instead, and be absolute intense in that state, maintain that state in highest intensity for just a day, and see what changes it brings in you. Having emotions is not a limitation or hurdle that you have to cross, instead, emotions are tools given to us. Just like physical body is a tool to do Sadhana/Tapas and transcend, in a similar way, emotions are tools too, and one can do Sadhana/Tapas on an emotional plane as well. It works.

In many, the emotion of love became highly intense that Bhakti/Devotion arose, which made pathways for Gyan/Jnana/Wisdom/Intellect/Brahmakara Vritti. Bhakti Yoga, and Jnana/Gyan Yoga goes hand in hand and works perfectly. My path was that way, so it was for many others who Realized the Self.

When one pursues the path of Jnana Yoga, without Bhakti/Devotion in place first, then it's nothing but a mental enlightenment, no real transformation takes place in the person/consciousness, instead pride develops over the period of time. Real transformation takes place when "Devotion to Self/Soul/Consciousness/Atma/Divine" has taken roots deeply. Without igniting the fire of Devotion, the fire of Jnana doesn't help anyone.

In order for such a devotion to arise, the logical/rational mind has to loose footing in you, and Faith, Surrender needs to happen. Faith in yourself, and Surrender to life, to something bigger/larger than us, you can call it Divine, Pure Consciousness or Shakti. The Fire of Devotion purifies the Mind/Intellect, so it doesn't work against the life/person, instead, works for it. It kills the mental identities, boundaries, limitations and makes one vulnerable for receiving from Universal Life/Power. This softness, vulnerability is what brings you in the "receiving" position for anything in life, and most of the time mind is scared of this vulnerability, because mind cannot comprehend, it seems foolishness to mind, and it does everything to let it not happen. Mostly people are slave of their mind, not the masters, so they let themselves down in front of their logical/rational mind and pull up their guards against this vulnerability. Important point to understand here is that you cannot invite any experience in life, which is NOT needed for your growth, your evolution, hence trust in Universal Laws is a must, an understanding of Universal Laws is required to successfully end the tussle between logical/rational mind and heart/emotion of love/devotion.

Ignorance is NOT bliss! Ignorance only delays the process for you. Mind's only job is to take you towards your grave, and it will do anything to stop you from going towards bliss, peace, love, Divine, Pure Consciousness, immortality. Mind never wants you to experience that you are not your mind, you are not your body. Now choice is yours! You can surrender to mind, or surrender to life. There are examples of both types of beings, one who surrendered to mind, and ones who surrendered to life, pros and cons of each choice need not be explained much. At times you surrender to mind, but expect an outcome that is tied to the surrender to life, how can it be that way? You want to go to east but all your steps are taken towards west. You are sowing a seed of an Apple tree, how can there be Mangoes tomorrow? Just this much aspect of one's life shows us how much limited mind is, and that its only a tool to help us in a certain fashion, it should never be the Driver of life, it can never be the Driver. You are surrendering to your mind and expecting real evolution, transformation.

If that's what you want, surrender to mind, then that's OK. Be happy with that. There are many lives to live and many bodies to take, if not this life, then in some other one, but one will definitely learn whom should one surrender to. After leaving this body, your Subconscious, Unconscious Mind will be with you, and you will have ample time (probably hundreds/thousands of years) to struggle with the same concept, and arrive at a conclusion and take decision accordingly. It's not something where anyone can push you from outside, it's something that has to happen "internally" within you, based on your choice, your will power. Chosing life is a choice! Chosing to realize one's permanent nature as Pure Consciousness, Shakti, Divine, is a choice! And Emotions are very effective tool to Realize the Self.

~ Adiguru


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