Play (Leela) by Consciousness

Consciousness reflects through in the form of the body, mind, and emotions and its play go on and on. As a result, one may achieve something in life and lose another and it seems like an endless play. No one ever seems happy and satisfied and the impermanence is the only permanence that one experiences. Life seems like a roller coaster ride. Regardless of how many lectures one gets, or knowledge one hoards about getting off of that roller coaster, only a few are able to make it safely, for most, it's a crash landing.

Is it anyone's fault?

At each and every step in life, we are exercising our choice. But the choices are often lead by inherent fears, attachments, and our need for more financial, emotional security which results in more suffering. Though to start with, those choices may be wrapped in a promising package. When life seems quiet the attention comes to Self, but that's what you all want to avoid and you go on planning and doing stuff which may not even be necessary, you make efforts to change the environment, circumstances, anything that's outside of you, and go on avoiding effort and time that is needed to change the inside of you. You want to make life happier by changing outer circumstances only.
Regardless of what choice we make, we are bound to suffer. But is the suffering really happening to the "Real You"? No, it is not. But damn it feels that way. There is no end to figuring out all the factors and be extra careful next time and all those negative, positive schools of thought. You can never save yourself permanently from the suffering, pain, you can only buy some time or actually waste time. The story is never ending. Why?

Because Pure Consciousness out of which this whole creation comes out is "never ending". Sea of Consciousness is Infinite and out of that comes out Infinite possibilities different realms, people, species, directions, dimensions, time, space and everything. Consciousness goes on playing forever through and as rocks, mountains, rivers, trees, animals, humans, angels, spirits and whatever else one can ever think of. There is no end to Experiencing and Knowing. There is no end to make life better by doing, doing, doing and knowing.

One must take a BREAK! For at least couple of years in life say "no" to external changes that unnecessarily involve you, prick your brain and in a long term vision of at least 10 years down the lane, seem sheer foolishness today. Take those couple of years to change the INSIDE of you instead, enhance the Quality of the Being who you are. Consciousness can play outward or inward, both are still the play of it, but through inward play, you stand a chance to achieve Peace, Bliss, and Love, your permanent states, your own immortality.

Once you turn inward, and someday find the "real you" through Self Realization, the play of Consciousness will still not end, but you will not be impacted by it. You will abide in Self, in Peace! After Self-Realization, Mother Pure Consciousness, Adi Shakti may choose to still keep playing through you as a Guru, or as Mr./Ms Unknown, or a Mystic or just a super ordinary person. it is not your choice, but you will not be affected. Earlier even though you were given choices, you still were not peaceful, so what is the point? Stop taking seriously outer circumstances and people in your life. Calm down and start your journey inward.

Later after Self Realization, Pure Consciousness will start the Cosmic Leela/Play through you in many ways!

~ Adiguru


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