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  • This website and its content, wisdom is derived from my own Spiritual Journey, and should not be taken as an only way to be. There can be numerous paths as there are people and there can be numerous ways to experience and explain all this. 
  • None of my advice should be treated as a substitute for medicine, medical treatments, or any type of counseling etc.
  • The spiritual journey is about 'Experiencing life' it's multitude and as a Multidimensional Being. Don't stay stuck to your Uni-dimensionality, in other words, Egoist Personality. 
  • Spiritual Journey is not a reason that you can use if you are trying to isolate yourself from friends and family due to any reasons. Do not misuse it, as a lot of people have already got the wrong perception in their mind that anyone who becomes a top notch Corporate Leader gets isolated or leaves his/her family, which is NOT true. 
  • Spiritual Journey is about seeing you in the Mirror, naked! It could be very hard to handle at times when the layers of your Ego are peeled, and you deal with your own Fears. You may not like the face you will see of yourself, and may run away from it and live in denial. It requires a GREAT amount of Courage to walk this path, it's not for scaredy-cats
  • Leadership cannot be given or taken, don't live in any such hopes
  • If a Youth, Teenager or a Child in your house or around you ask Spiritual Questions and is inquisitive about this subject of Life, then make sure you get him/her proper guidance and don't try to force your ideas on them. That's the first step, to help next generation. You can contact me for this. I love to answer/guide children of any age or youth. Yes, "The Mother", "A Friend" in me comes out "instantly" for them. Understand that Children/Youth have less conditioned mind/ego and they are somewhat free from the social barriers/responsibilities/fears, hence stand a very good chance to be a True Human. DON'T shun and tell them "you are too young to ask questions instead ADMIT that you DON'T KNOW yourself and get them someone who knows.
  • My first language is "Hindi" and the second language is "English". You may find mistakes, typos on this website, I appreciate you telling me about it, so I can fix it as I find time for that. I would love to hear from the Editor Genie in you. Alternatively, you can pay more attention to the gist of the content for your own benefit, than to the language/grammar. 

I am a Candle Burning Bright, and you are a candle which needs light, I can give you light, but for that, you have to burn! No Exceptions! 


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