Who and what is a Guru? How Guru plays a role? How does Guru help?  

Many books and people recommend that having a living Spiritual Guru in one's life is an absolute must and no one can progress without one. My direct experience of Guru is very different, though. I have/had no living Guru in this life, like many other Self Realized ones. I understand and agree with the fact that living Guru can save us from a lot of downfalls and can uplift us when needed. But first we need to understand that Guru is NOT a Physical Body. Guru is THAT, Guru is the All-Pervading Self. Guru is Everywhere and so Guru is in Everyone. It can't be otherwise. Whenever I needed guidance or direction in life, some book, sometimes even just a sentence from here or there, took my whole attention and showed me what direction I should take. One after the other books that I purchased, if now I look at the sequence in which I read them, it all seems very well planned, it all seems perfectly arranged. Every person that I met was giving me a message, was showing me something within me, and it all worked the way a real living Guru would have. When I was going through my Self Realization and was struggling, my friend Rob Sacks, just appeared from nowhere and pushed me into it, so the process can be completed sooner. My two other friends, Carol Hopkins, and Arathi Kurahatti kept pushing me to write or record what I am going through and kept me in this body. When I went into long Self-Absorption sessions, kids & my family kept on demanding my attention one way or the other to bring back my body consciousness. My friend was driving me around so I do not have to drive for few days. Guru is Self, and Guru is Everywhere and Guru is in Everyone. So Guru played through my friends, my family, kids around me, as and when I needed. The whole Universe became my Guru, and I had so many around me all the time, to make my journey successful. I can never say enough Thanks to all of them, whose presence helped me walk the path of Liberation.  

तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः

~ Adiguru

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