Million Fingers - Pointing to the same Moon!

Many people read lots of Spiritual Scriptures, Texts, Upanishads, Vedas, Tantra Scriptures and Spiritual Journey of Enlightened, Self-Realized Masters and try to understand them really hard. They try to find the "Ultimate Truth", "Christ Consciousness", "Brahm/Shiva/Shoonya/THAT" in those scriptures. After years of struggle, their efforts go in vain and ultimately they become disappointed by all the Scriptures and starts to "not believe" in any of them. Initially they "believed" in them thinking they will find the Ultimate Truth/Brahm/Shiva/Shoonya/Anatta/No-Self in them. They also feel really surprised by the fact that they all contradict each other, it feels to them as if All Enlightened Masters were against each other and all teachings are opposite of one another. This makes them wonder how come they all achieved to the ONE TRUTH when they can't describe it in a similar way? How come there must be some "Ultimate Truth" when all Scriptures talks about it differently? How can Enlightenment be similar for all these Masters? They think definitely Enlightenment, Self-Realization for one Master may be different from another. Is it really so?

The first point to understand here is that Enlightened Masters lives/lived in different Era/Time, Culture, Country and are surrounded by different people to whom they are explaining their own experience, their journey. That explanation becomes the Sacred, Spiritual Scripture. For example, Yeshua/Jesus was in Jerusalem, Lao Tsu was in China, Nanak, Kabir, Sadhguru, Ramana Maharishi, Osho, Yogananda, Buddha, Nisargadatta and so many others in India, Rumi in Turkey, Adyashanti in the USA, Eckhart Tolle in Germany, Gurdjieff in France and so on. In other words, this means that people living in any country or anywhere on this planet Earth pursue their Spiritual Journey Consciously and are Enlightened, Self-Realized. Enlightenment/Self-Realization is not the private property of some limited age, cast, creed, country, religious people. It happens to all those who are hell-bent upon finding the TRUTH! Who are damn serious about fixing themselves and filling all the holes so they can be WHOLE!

Once anyone is Enlightened/Self-Realized people around notice the change and can't stop asking about it and by and by the word goes around and many become disciples, many come to get guidance and they start explaining by writing or through talks or just through Shakti/Gyan-Power. They are not trying to boast about themselves or pull others down, they are simply trying to explain it using the vocabulary that they have got, and the people around them have got. Enlightenment/Self-Realization "cannot" be explained in any language, through verbal or written communication. Forget about Enlightenment, even "deep love, unconditional love" can't be explained. In fact, anything that Transforms you can't be explained in "words". But still, because the people around want to know, and most of them only understand language/words, hence Enlightened Masters have to explain it using the words/language, cultural/era/time/societal references. So the Sacred Spiritual Scriptures have a different language, tone, cultural references, examples in them. For example, a MOON is called as Chand, Chandrama, Lune, Mond, Mane and so on in different languages and even in one language the poetic reference to Moon will be different than Scientific reference and there could be many subtle meanings of the same words. If anyone reads the Poetry on Moon in different languages I am sure one will "wonder" if all Poets were talking about the "same moon" that he/she is "knows" about? Or every poets' country/place have a different moon? :-) Isn't it? Nowadays we have Google Earth to show us the Sky in real-time but when the world was not so advance and there is no way to communicate with the people of other countries, then one may have thought that the moon visible to him/her is the "special", "private" one and if one ever sees this in the Sky it surely always should be called as Moon only and nothing else.

So you see, all the Enlightened Masters were and are Pointing to the "same moon". All Sacred Spiritual Scriptures are pointing to the "same Truth". But since the Masters were and are in different places and have a different audience around them hence the explanation seems different. So there are thousands of fingers, and all are different from each other, but all are pointing to the "same moon".

Now, the problem comes when you try to find the Ultimate Truth in those Spiritual Scriptures, when you try to find the Moon in the Finger. And then you feel disappointed and create beliefs/non-beliefs/opinions about. But Ultimate Truth, Moon is not there! You will never find it there! All those Scriptures are trying to explain you hundreds of ways you can reach that Moon, hundreds of paths you can follow to reach that moon. There is not one way only to reach there, there are many. Everyone is born with unique karma & sanskaras (Impressions) and hence will walk his/her own path, his/her own way. One needs to find one's own way. These scriptures are giving you a surety that so many others have reached the Moon, so you can too.

When you read these scriptures you try to understand everything using your Mind which is very limited and cannot understand the Infinite, Ultimate Truth and hence everything seems highly contradictory and as if opposing each other. While it is not so. Once you are Enlightened you realize the Truth in every word that is ever written or said about Ascending/Enlightenment/Self-Realization and you realize that they all are same, because "now you have seen the moon" so you can recognize it in every way, everywhere. Until you have "not seen the moon" all fingers seem different and it seems like all are pointing to different moons and because those fingers are talking about the moon then it must be inside those fingers. Until then you feel Truth is not One. Because you don't know the Truth, how can you ever recognize it, understand it? It's not for your mental understanding at all. It is for direct experience! Chanting water, water, water will not quench your thirst. You can't even understand the word "water" just by reading about it and you won't find it's wetness, it's subtle flow and power to satisfy your thirst just by reading about it.

So instead of performing intellectual postmortem of those Scriptures and doing mental gymnastic about them, start focusing on YOU! It's about "You", and not those Enlightened Masters or Scriptures! If you really want to succeed then go within and see if you need to dissolve some blocks or if you need to heal yourself to move forward. See what all you are still attached to? What all you still fear? No Guru, No Master, No Scripture, No Grace, No Magic, No Mantra, nothing can help you Ascend if you are clinging to your fake self in any way. It's your choice, your journey to walk your own hell and come out of it. There are absolutely no shortcuts and no clever buying of tickets to heaven.

Have a head-on collision with all that you call I, Me, Mine!

The one who looks within Awakens! Awakens not on day 1 or day 2 or month 1 or month 2 or year 1 or year 2.... It takes times to get rid of yourself, your fake self, your Jeeva.

~ Adiguru


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