Rainbow Body

Yesterday, I was reading about Guru Padmasambhava who was born in India and took Buddhism to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Indonesia in 800 AD. He was super powerful and historians and archaeologists found proofs that he flew in the sky from country to country and even teleport 100s of thousands of people along with him. He used to cross solid mountains just by walking into the stones and he created an entire science for achieving Rainbow body. Means after achieving Self Realisation when such a person dies, within 7 days their body starts de-ageing/ reverse-ageing and converts in Rainbow like colourful lights and diminishes. He created a special branch of Yog/Yoga Sadhana called Nyingma. And since then Nyingma sect has 160,000 documented cases where people achieved SR(Self-Realisation) and Rainbow Body. Just recently IONS institute California sent a Christian Father Tiso to Tibet to do research and witness rainbow body phenomenon as Rinpoche Aachos was about to leave the body. Father Tiso created a documentary and he himself had so many experiences and energy there transformed him completely, he gave interviews to BBC, Discovery and GiamTV that he feels well connect to Jesus now after the transformation through Buddhist methods & teachings.

Now as I read all this in detail, I realised how much drama goes on with people eating veg or non veg regardless of the fact whether they are pursuing spiritual journey or not. Now, the point to understand here is that in Tibet almost nothing grows, very little or no vegetation due to high altitude and crazy cold weather. So all Monks eat Non vegetarian food mostly as that's all that is available and do sadhana and despite what they eat they achieve Self-Realisation and Rainbow body.

Eating vegetarian unconsciously doesn't matter, and when you eat Consciously then what you are eating doesn't matter.

~ Adiguru Padmé


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