Wealth Consciousness

Everything is Consciousness. Everything that you are and you have; your mind, your emotions, your physical body and the real you is Consciousness. Everything that is around you, animals, plants, bugs, all beings are the representation of Consciousness.

What is Wealth?

Wealth is

- Your ability to carry yourself, your life intelligently (Body, Mind, Emotions, all that you have and you are)
- Your ability to contribute back to this world/humanity/life

For above abilities, you need the energy/current that keeps moving, flowing. You need currency, money. If you do not have currency your health may go down, your life will suffer challenges in many ways and nothing might appear intelligent in you and definitely, you will find it rather challenging to contribute back to this world, humanity in many ways. 

What is currency? 

The real currency, energy/current that manifests the currency flow are two:

1. Your Intention to own
2. Your Will Persistence

Your Intention to "own" your life, your problems, your situations, your world as you see. To "own" is opposite of, to "possess". Ownership comes with acceptance that "you are responsible" for it. Possessing is "without responsibility". What you "own" stays with you for a long long time. What you try to "possess" can leave you really soon. Whether you got love, or nice body, or good job or money through lottery. If it's just about possessing it, if there is no responsibility, you will lose faster than you got it. But if you bear the responsibility and own it then it not only stays with you but also multiplies and becomes even more and you grow with it in many ways. Possession is a game you ought to lose every time in the long term. Possession is wrapped in "fear" while Responsibility involves "courage". Either you are a "fearful possessor" or you are a "courageously responsible" person. If you are a fearful possessor that means you are full of anguish and hatred too. If you are courageously responsible, you are full of love, unconditional love. 

Your connection to yourself is through your "Will". This Will is what makes you move in this life or stops you from moving in any direction whatsoever. Through your Will, you decide what to do and what not to do. Now, this "Will" is either really strong/persistent or is really meek/weak/doubtful, means its strong one moment, one day, one week and it's really weak another moment, another day or week. You doubt yourself, in other words, you are doubtful of your own "will". If your will can persist on any goal that you might have created for yourself then you can manifest it. The strength of "will persistence" is a difference-making factor. Your Will is the "Fire" within, which is either burning strong or is about to die soon. How can you make the fire burn strong? By feeding more wood, right? So in order to strengthen the fire of your "Will" what do you need to feed it? Two things:

1. Why are you pursuing this goal/path? The purpose, the reason "why". Most people are not crystal clear about this "why", instead are quite deluded. Ask yourself and be crystal clear about "why" are you doing what you are trying to do? Why did you choose this? Why did you decide to move in this direction? If you very well understand your reason, the answer to this "why" then that fire will not go on & off and that fire will keep burning bright and strong always.

2. Inspiration - Yes you need to inspire yourself with all the material, people, event, books, anything that helps you stay on track. Be away from sceptics and negative ones who inject the fear and distract you from your goal/path. Keep the rich supply of inspiration around you. 

Wealth Consciousness comprises of "Intention to own" and "Will persistence". 

So if you are courageously responsible with an intention to own and your will can persist until you achieve your goal, or you reach the end of your path, then yes you can manifest "whatever you want", you can manifest "wealth" as to have a good body, beauty, money, health, love or anything else you wish too. All that gives you a sense of "being enough" can be manifested. Know that in lot many ways you are already "more than enough". But if there is still something that you would like to manifest, then know that you can and you can start contributing to the world/humanity in ways you would like to. 

Wishing you a Wealthy Life!

~ Adiguru Padmé


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