We have Brain (a physical organ in the skull) which has "sensory centers (bundle of neurons)" which are responsible for taking inputs from our 5 senses. Our body is inert, it cannot enjoy or suffer from those sensory centers like the body cannot eat for itself, the body cannot walk anywhere for itself. Then who drives this body, who enjoys or suffers through those sensory centers? That's the PSYCHOLOGICAL HUMAN (The Experiencer) who does that. This Psychological Human has 4 parts. Manas (Sensory Centers Interface), Buddhi (Intellectual Interface), Chitta (Space/Subtle Interface) and Aham (Personality Interface). Notice that the word I am using here is INTERFACE. Why am I calling it Interface? Because these 4 parts are NOT physical body/organs in us, they are PSYCHOLOGICAL Parts/Tools given to us for proper functioning in life as a Human. 

Since we are born, these Interfaces are functioning, gathering data, through the physical body and the world. Physical body/organs are like Computer Firmware or Hardware. But Firmware/Hardware will not use its high-speed capabilities or faster processor for its own use. And in order, for humans to use it, we need software. The software is that INTERFACE between Human and Computer Hardware. Exactly in the same way this PSYCHOLOGICAL HUMAN is the Interface between the body and the World. And this Psychological Human consists of "Self Learning, Artificial Intelligence" Algorithms/Capabilities in it. So by using this body, and interacting with other people's psychological human and their physical body and this whole world full of tangible, intangible stuff, this Psychological Human keeps on "Self-Learning". 

As I said, this Psychological Human has 4 parts in its own body, Manas, Buddhi, Chitta, Aham. Using Manas part, this Psychological Human keeps recording SENSORY inputs like hot, cold, different smells, different scenes, sounds etc. This gathering of sensory related information happens after a child is born and is less than 3 years of age, slowly using this very same center, Likes and Dislikes starts building, and based on likes and dislikes it develops or breaks Relationships, this means Intellect/Buddhi started functioning and taking control. 

Buddhi/Intellect, provides "POWER OF DISCRIMINATION (VIVEK in Hindi)", FUNCTION to this Psychological Human. So through Manas Interface Psychological Human knows Sensory inputs, but which one is the pain (hot for example) and which one is the pleasure (cold for example), that Discrimination comes from Buddhi/Intellect. Which one is good, which one is bad, which one is safe, which one is a danger, all that comes from Intellect/Buddhi. That's what it means when we say "INTELLECT DIVIDES". Yes! it keeps on dividing everything as per the Laws of this Universe into DUALITY. And it's a double-edged sword. Why is it a Double-Edged Sword? Let's see. So Intellect could be SHARP, we refer to it as Sharp, when Power Of Discrimination has WORKED in the FAVOR of our Body and Life around us. But as it's a Double Edged sword, sometimes it starts working AGAINST the body and life. How? For some people Drugs, too much Alcohol are GOOD, PLEASURE, for some working in Gym breathlessly is GOOD, For some having a Wife is Good, for some having a wife AND 3-4 girlfriends is GOOD. For some speaking Truth is Good, for some lying and considering themselves CLEVER, SMART is good. So you see, this Power of Discrimination works differently for everyone. In some, it stays SHARP enough and while dividing everything into duality it ALWAYS considers Universal Laws, like Karma, Cause, and Effect, and that way it doesn't become harmful for the body and so-called life of that Psychological Human instead takes that Psychological Human on the Journey of Completion, Spiritual Journey. Another important thing to understand here is that good/bad, safety/danger are very relative terms, means imagine a poor kid living among gangsters, for him lying and cheating could be the only ways of survival, will you call it good or bad? So ANY DIVISION done by Intellect is ONLY relative, it has no Absolute meaning. All our likes and dislikes truly are very irrelevant. 

Now Chitta is the Substratum where Vrittis (Psychological PATTERNS) keeps on arising and subsiding. Psychological Patterns are Sensory Inputs+Intellect Division+Emotions. For example, a Vritti is - Fear from water/swimming. Now one may not have faced anything in this life to cause such a Vritti, but he may have died by drowning in some past life, or may have an accidental drowning, not necessarily death. Vrittis have STRONG EMOTION attached to it always. That's why Vrittis are very STRONG to Break. These Vrittis in people drives them one way or the other. Because Vrittis will cause one to DESIRE accordingly. A person may never live around water if he is fearful of it, a person may desire to build a fort around him for his safety. So Vrittis are Psychological Patterns from this life, as well as ALL of past lives. To walk the Spiritual Path, to try to know THAT/Brahm is a Vritti too, and is the HIGHEST QUALITY of Vritti, which is why it is called as "BRAHMAKARA Vritti". Now this Vritti may arise due to Suffering or Faith based "Renunciation" in this life, or due to past life Tapas/Sadhana, but it doesn't matter, what matters is how it shapes, drives anyone's life. WAREHOUSE of ALL Past and Present Life's UNUSED/HIDDEN Vrittis is UNCONSCIOUS MIND, which is accessible only in Deep Sleep. If a Vritti is from Past Life, we call it as SANSKARA (Seed of Karma, which hasn't got a chance to be Tree yet), and if a Vritti is from present life situations, we call it KARMA, specially Prarabdha (Present), or Agami (Future Karma). Means that Psychological Patterns may find 100% fulfillment, completion in the present life, or may find it in Next life. For example, Intention to commit a crime is a Vritti, it's a strong psychological pattern with a mix of strong emotion, it could have been due to past life's karma, or it could have been due to present life situations, and it may find expression, fulfillment in this life or the next one. 

Now comes the last but MOST important part of the Psychological Human, which is AHAM. I did some Internet-based research about the use of word MIND and EGO and their Context in the English Language. So BEFORE Carl Jung and his work became really famous, the word MIND was being used in Spiritual Translations of Original Sanskrit texts. And MIND actually refers to ALL 4 Parts; Manas, Buddhi, Chitta, Aham. But since Carl Jung explained different Personality types using Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, he used the word EGO to refer to the Personality. Ego actually refers to Personality or Personal Identity, it is still not a straight, perfect English translation of the Sanskrit word Aham. But in a loose manner, we can consider that Aham means Ego. But the precise translation of Ego to Hindi word is "AHANKAR". Which is one of the Qualities of Aham, but is NOT Aham. Precise, direct translation of AHANKAR in English is PRIDE/VANITY, which you see is a Quality of Ego. So let's talk about Aham and refrain from using the word Ego and Mind to avoid any confusion.  

AHAM - These days Strategy based Online Gaming is highly famous, and tons of kids and even adults are playing nonstop around the world. One important thing to notice in those strategy based online games is that before you start playing, you have to Create your AVATAR/CHARACTER/FAKE YOU. A particular type of personality, powers, body, mind creature who will be YOUR PLAYER or YOU in the Game. Who will REPRESENT you in that game? So players are given the choice of male, female body, particular race/ethnicity body, hair styles, clothes, and choice of weapons, powers like teleporting, transmutation, thought reading, electric power, water power and this and that. Everything basically that makes a strong character/avatar/personality type for a Player. So players build their Avatars based on their knowledge about the game, playground (if it's forest, or underwater etc), and their choices about body types, hairstyles, clothes and their knowledge/ease of use of weapons. Yea my son is growing up in Information Age, so I know a lot about this Online Gaming Industry. Now we see that these games are ADDICTIVE. And what is the Addiction? That Addiction comes from an emotional attachment to that Avatar/Character. They keep playing thinking oh I died (my Avatar/Character) died, this time, let me increase it's life, it's power, let me make sure it doesn't die this time and cross this level of a game. They feel bad, sad when their Avatar dies in the game, feeling as if they themselves have died. These games are taking advantage of PSYCHOLOGICAL HUMANS in us, and they are the replica of Real Life. While playing, players start feeling emotional about their Avatar/Character and start behaving accordingly. It's a psychological conditioning. 

Now based on the inputs and functions of Manas, Buddhi, and Chitta this AHAM starts developing itself (Self Learning). Aham starts creating Avatar/Fake You/Personality one after the other. You have MANY personalities/faces and that BUNDLE of Personalities is called as AHAM. You could be an Introvert for yourself or some people, but in office, you could appear Ambivert or Extrovert. You could be one way in front of your mom and the other way in front of your wife. You could be one way in private and another way in front of the world. So let's say all these Avatars/Personality types are PUPPETS. Now who or what is managing the Puppet show? AHAM. AHAM is the Control/Command Center for ALL different types of Personalities in you. AHAM is the one which ACTIVATES or DEACTIVATES different personalities at different times. Now understand that Every Personality in you will have a certain amount of PRIDE/VANITY which has been extracted as a result of different ACHIEVEMENTS in Life. The one who is financially rich may have PRIDE for his/her achievement of money, and in front of his friends he/she may end up displaying that, but in front of his "even richer" friend/family member/anyone he may seem VERY HUMBLE, the Pride may be hidden, means AHAM Activated the HUMBLE Personality in him given the situation. So Aham activates/deactivates personalities according to the situations and the CONTROLLER of ALL Personalities is ANOTHER Personality in AHAM. So layer after layer after layer keeps on developing in that Psychological Human and this AHAM becomes very STRONG. 

Whole life the REAL YOU stays hidden beneath the layers (different personalities/fake you) of AHAM. And that's the story of life for most people. Sad it is though. 


Now when Jnani/Gyani/Self-realized one talks about dropping MIND, they are talking about AHAM. Now this word "dropping" is another interesting confusing word which is always MISUNDERSTOOD. 

So now if we say Dropping mind means "Killing/Leaving/Abandoning" Aham/All Personality types, then HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? It's NOT Physical, it's the part/domain of Psychological Human, it's Intangible. You don't know HOW YOU ARE HOLDING SOMETHING, and then HOW CAN YOU DROP IT? If you have to Kill/Leave/Abandon/Drop ALL your personality types, then should you go one by one, or what should you do? 

In order to understand that, you need to understand TWO Steps here. First, you need to understand, HOW YOU ARE HOLDING AHAM? Then you need to understand WHAT IS THE MEANING OF DROPPING AHAM/MIND?

Let's see HOW YOU ARE HOLDING AHAM? So that Controller Type of Main Personality type holds ALL other personality types in you. Each personality gives you a certain type of HAPPINESS/PLEASURE/FEEL GOOD Factor. And being able to play all roles through different personality types is what gives you Great Satisfaction. So in bits and pieces, YOU ARE ATTACHED to different personality types and you have a CEMENTED ATTACHMENT with that MAIN Controller personality type. 

Now is it WRONG to be one way or the other in different situations? Is it wrong to have all these personality types? How come it is wrong for me to be Ambivert in office, and Introvert otherwise? How is it wrong for me to be a worldly person for some, and Jnani/Gyani for some? How is it wrong for me to show emotional love to someone and a cold shoulder to other? If the ENTIRE FUNCTION of AHAM is wrong/useless, then why the heck we came packaged with that?

No! There is NOTHING wrong with AHAM. It should NOT be killed/abandoned/dropped for its use. Do I, after being Self Realized not have a properly functioning AHAM? Yes, I do. That's how I am able to behave one way or the other as per the situations, people, and the environment around me. THEN WHAT IS WRONG? WHAT NEEDS to be DROPPED? or WHAT IS MEANT BY DROPPING MIND/AHAM?

So you understand that you are holding AHAM through your ATTACHMENT to it. So that ATTACHMENT needs to be Dropped. (Silence!). Yes!

Now, what causes that Attachment? DERIVING Pleasure/fake happiness/Pride is the CAUSE of ATTACHMENT in us. Stop taking Pride through various personality types in you, Stop deriving pleasure from all those, and your Attachment will be dissolved. AHAM is not the cause of suffering, YOUR ATTACHMENT to AHAM is the cause of suffering. Like one's kid or dog or relationship or anything is not the CAUSE of a problem, but the underlying ATTACHMENT to them is the CAUSE of problems/suffering/blockage. One may keep on playing online games 24 by 7, or may keep on drinking alcohol endlessly, or may keep on feeling fearful or sulking in life, is that online game a problem, is alcohol a problem, NO... It's one's attachment that is the problem and root cause of suffering. 

How did that Attachment got developed? Through DERIVING Pleasure/Fake Happiness from that. 

So only your attachment needs to be dropped which you have with your mind/aham by STOPPING to take Pride/Pleasure/Fake Happiness from the Pursuits of your mind. And that's what is meant by "dropping mind". The moment you get a feeling of Pride or Pleasure, or that Fake/temporary Happiness comes in you, STOP right there, and talk to yourself, explain yourself that it's USELESS. 

Now WHO is taking that Pride/Pleasure from the pursuits of mind? ANOTHER FAKE PERSONALITY CREATED BY MIND/AHAM. NOT YOU! NOT THE REAL YOU. And this is the most important point to understand and can only be understood through the use of BUDDHI/INTELLECT, which puts VIVEK/Power of Discrimination into use, and says, BABY, it's NOT YOU who is deriving pain/pleasure from anything in life, it's that FAKE personality or AHAM deriving it, so DROP your attachment to it, and you should be fine. This exact display/use of Buddhi/Intellect when keeps happening continuously gives rise to BRAHMAKARA Vritti, which is to finally KNOW/Directly Experience the TRUTH/DIVINE. Yes Intellect Divides everything into DUALITY, but yes the BEST division it does is by telling us "WHO AM I"? and WHO IS FAKE I/ME? Every time we hit the Fake I, it tells us. That's why "Power of Discrimination" is the BEST POWER in us. And using this power we can kill The Experiencer, and this is how we drop mind/aham/ego.

Next >> What happens when The Experiencer is dead when mind/ego/aham is dropped?

~ Adiguru


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