Longing & Belonging

That painful sweet Longing that arises slowly inside, and burns the fire of Belonging, to Belong to the ONE are all same. I am that longing and I am that belonging and I am the one whom this longing for belonging. I am the fire that burns and I am the one who burns in the fire and I keep going. Whom to question and what is there to question? Should I ask why the longing is there? Or should I ask for whom this longing for? I exist as Longing, Belonging, and the One, all at the same time and the Leela goes on until eternity. It takes two to tango; right; I am ONE and in Bliss, I play tango, be the lover yearning for the beloved, be the beloved waiting to belong to the lover, and be the love playing itself passionately. I am the One, and can reflect as many, as I please.

It's the same with Pain too. I am the pain, happening to myself. Whom to blame, whom to question? Why reject pain in me, thinking it's something else? Why reject me due to belonging to Pain? I am the cause and I am the effect and I can dissolve all, as I please.

Where is the separation? What is the separation?

When a beloved looks into the mirror, doesn't she sees her lover in her eyes, in her smile? The way she moves, in all her groves, doesn't she feels her lover? He is in each breath she takes, he is in every beat of her heart. She sees him within and without. Is she in him, or is he in her? Is she other than her lover? Both are in union always isn't it? Can mirror really be the separation? Can the world around really cause any separation? No, that mirror is invisible, when she looks it and sees not herself, but him. The world around exists no more, as she is in a union. She is The Union herself, isn't it?

It's the same with Pain too. When in Pain one looks into the mirror, one sees nothing but pain and all the changes that it has caused. In all one's moves and groves, all one feels is the pain. Is one in pain or is the pain in one's existence? Is there any separation, any difference. One is the Pain and Pain is one's existence. And One is in eternal union with Pain too. Why reject, discard any part of ourselves? Can that be done?

That's how Brahm/THAT, and this body, this life, this me are. In Union and The Union. Neither body causes any separation, nor this world. That love, that bond is so.



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