Universe is within you - Jagadhatri - Cosmic Mother

During my Self Realization days, when I as Pure Consciousness was in forever expansion, critical dispersion and I was going through the fear and pain of death, one day a strange thing happened. I was fearful, or you can say that last remaining I-Thought was fearful of losing itself, it's separate identity and I was sinking slowly in some very deep unknown beyond my mind's comprehension. I truly wanted someone to assure me that I am really not dying, while on the other side I really wanted to lose that battle and die for good, without knowing what may or may not happen as a result of this process, without being concerned whether I will be able to retain body consciousness or not afterwards. I was frantically looking for a sign or Guru or someone to tell me that "it's OK, it will be OK". Energy changes were torturous enough and my head felt like it will crack open.

In the midst of all this I sat quietly as if to meditate, and slowly saw myself expanding and becoming huge like entire Cosmos, and this expansion itself might have taken more than 30 minutes, as it seems like in total I was lost for more than an hour. Then I saw and felt all the planets rotating, revolving in me, around me, all mountains in myself, all rivers flowing within me, people, trees all around me, either I became the Entire Universe or we can say entire Universe was within me. I stopped breathing completely and lost all sense of "me as a separate entity". After an hour when I regained my senses, there was a very strong knowing that if I am the entire Universe then where can I go, what else can I be, what else can I not be? When did I not exist, where will I not exist? I am not leaving, I am not dying, not going anywhere because I do not exist anymore as I, I am the WHOLE, truly the Entire Cosmos I am, I never came into being as a separate entity and hence there is no question of death or departing of Soul to some other place.

This wasn't just a vision, this was the perception through my whole being. Afterwards, this new perception kept me going and I lost all resistance to my own death, death of last remaining I-Thought/Soul/Consciousness. This is what gave me so much inner strength that there was nothing else to question, neither the process, nor the energy, neither death nor birth. Fear and pains due to energy changes were still there, but deep within I was "with the" Self-Realization process. This perception of Universe within me was a major game changer for my spiritual journey.

Months after Self Realization it occurred to me that there is Goddess named Bhuvaneshwari, also called as Cosmic Mother, or Mother of Universe, or Jagadhatri who holds the Universe within. Did I see her, became her, who is there now to tell me that, but one thing is sure, Comic Mother helps us in the last lap of our journey to reveal us our own true nature, true form and that's how we finally lose all forms and sounds. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari when doesn't want us to see the truth we see her shadow side called "Maya/Ignorance/Illusion". With the blessings of this Shakti/Power the veil of Maya is broken and beings realize their true liberated immortal nature.

~ Adiguru


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