How are some people truly Magnetic, Charismatic?

Each one of us has had a moment when we were left speechless by the magnetism and charisma that someone showed and it just amazed us. Transparent, fluid kind of persona that someone exhibited swept the floor beneath the feet. It felt so cozy, comfortable around that person. Just in few moments, there was nothing else except that person when he/she was around. It felt so easy, so cool to talk about almost anything & everything. It was as if such a person absorbed you completely. In an instant, such a person leaves the long lasting impact.

Here I am not talking about a physically beautiful or attractive person, instead of the one who is truly Magnetic and Charismatic. I am also not talking about first sight love or falling in love moments, I am talking about the true magnetic attractiveness, the undefined pull that someone has.

It's hard not to notice that something is significantly different in such magnetic, charismatic person. What is that element which exuberates so much pure life? INTEGRATED ENERGY!

Yes, we all are nothing but energy. Most of you have very disturbing, segregated, and split energy. You "feel" one thing, you "think" another. You "say" one thing, you "do" another. Your energy is split into emotions, thoughts, speech, and action differently for one single thing. For example - You may be feeling "low/sad", but since you are in between people you are trying to "think happy thoughts" and you are saying "happy" sentences, talking lightly exactly opposite of how you are feeling and since you are in between the people, through your "actions" you might be putting up a happy show. Emotions are pulling your energy "down", thoughts are trying to pull your energy "up", your speech, your actions are pulling your energy "left" and "right". Even though you might be saying "you like this event/gathering very much, you are feeling completely otherwise. Oftentimes in life, you feel like saying big "No", but a "Yes" is coming out of your mouth. This is called people-pleasing because you cannot handle how you feel within after you say "no" to someone or something. Some of you stay in confused/indecisive state for a long, as it takes really hard work to find out "what exactly do you want? And you do not want to look within to find out that. Some of you push your feelings or hurt and pain deep within you and instead of facing them, you bury them by doing tons of useless activities and living the mundane way. These are some of the ways to keep your energy disturbed and segregated. Imagine if your feelings/emotions, thoughts, speech/action were all different size wheels and all the time these wheels are rotating in different directions causing friction with each other. This friction is what causes "stress/tension" in you.

When you stay in such a segregated state for months, years then your energy starts showing it, it becomes your VIBE, your "Energy Atmosphere" or "Energysphere" (as I like to call it) that you are transmitting, broadcasting the whole time.

Your vibe/energysphere becomes "negative/very disturbed". Then after that no matter how well dressed you are, how groomed you are, how much pleasing smile or face you have your vibe, your energy says it all. With anyone you meet your vibe reaches them, meets them "before" you physically meet them. Your vibe, your energy communicates "louder" than your dress-up, your makeup, your groomed face, your perfume and that your body language ever can. 75% of the people in this world are sensitive to this vibe/energy of other people, they recognize others by their energy. You do not have to speak a word, or make any gesture or display body language at all and still, they will know exactly how you are feeling or what is your energy/emotional state as of now and if it is positive or negative.

Now the one who is most magnetically attractive doesn't have his/her energy split or segregated. What one feels is what one thinks and speaks and does. When your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions are synchronized with each other, are in alignment with each other then there is no friction within and energy stays "Integrated". This integration of energy brings peace within, brings calmness to the personality, it is what makes one exuberant and one shows up like a "Pure Joyful Life" and spreads Charisma like fragrance all around. Such people are true to themselves and true to the world. They simply transmit a "Clear Broadcast" of who, what and how they are to the "Universe".

Magnetic, Charismatic people's energy broadcast in one single moment is not going out differently in all the directions, they are not transmitting so many confused frequencies to others, to the Universe.

What if a radio channel or TV channel starts transmitting many frequencies at the same time, how will you tune into it then? How and what you will catch as a signal? There will be all kinds of mixed signals. What to make out of it? What to understand from that? How can this world, or any other person take you, understand you or interpret what you are saying or trying to do since you are transmitting confusing frequencies all over the spectrum? You may be saying one thing but your energy speaks a whole different truth, then how can someone believe you? How can others trust you? And you wonder why no one understands you? Because you do not understand yourself, you are not transmitting the signals of "clarity within" and you go on blaming the world.

You are not transmitting the signals of "Peace within", "Flowing Life within", "Joyful within", "True within" and you wonder why your "without/outer world" is so different and in opposition to your inner world. It's like thinking and ordering Pizza but getting a Burger. Your energy signature is screaming out loud burger baby. You wonder as to why constantly you are facing challenging and difficult situations and people? Because you are transmitting the signals of "challenged within", "cloudy/muddy within". You wonder why you always meet broken, loveless people? Because your energy is shouting out loud to the Universe as "broken & loveless within".

People and the Universe knows you by your Energy Signature! Universe delivers not what you keep on thinking or asking or praying for, it delivers exactly what and how your energy signature is.

Live your TRUTH. Synchronize yourself within.

Simply transmit a clear broadcast of who you are to the Universe!

~ Adiguru

Dark side of Meditation!

Recently a friend from the USA sent me a news article about a young lady Megan, 25 years old committing suicide after 10 days of a Meditation retreat through which she got the memory back of one of her past life in which she did something bad. Her last note was - That knowing about her own deeds she cannot live with herself anymore and she is very sorry about taking her own life. This news made my friend question if there really is a dark side of Meditation?

There is a dark side of doing meditation, there is a dark side of being a Soldier, there is a dark side of being a doctor, there is a dark side of pretty much "being human". That is why those who do not have the courage, do not meditate or walk spiritual path, do not join Army, Navy or Airforce, do not become a doctor and even if they do; they become victim of their own weaker self and either get into different types of addictions to numb themselves or when they can't deal with the pain within they commit suicide. It's a very sad state of affairs, a bitter truth.

In a nutshell, there is a dark side to being human and one needs a hell lot of courage to deal with one's own humanity, one's own deeds & past.

Meditation and Spiritual practices are a way to bring Unconscious to Light, Learn the lesson from our past deeds/mistakes, Let Go of the emotional knots, grudges, Heal the Pain within and Move On, Evolve! Meditation is a process of Real Evolution, where one not only evolves physically but also Emotionally, Mentally and in Etheric ways. All experiences, knowings during meditation have a tangible impact on us and that's how we are Transformed.

Meditation, Spiritual Practices bring back ALL one ever did and ALL that one ever was. It also Empowers the person to deal with it, handle it, and learn from it, instead of taking a drastic step of committing suicide. It's not the question of How many Spiritual Seekers really commit suicide? And how many of those who are not into any kind of Spiritual practices or meditation commit suicide? The point is whether one is seeking the Ultimate Truth, or Material World/Wealth or Love when it goes beyond one's ability to deal with the life some of them take such a decision while others survive dark, difficult times and be the warrior in life. Those who come out of such darkness actually can help others, teach others, share their wisdom with others.

The serious Spiritual path is not for weak ones, it's for the Courageous ones. And not just Spiritual path, but even becoming a doctor or a soldier requires a lot of courage. It requires a person who can handle their Dark Past, the Dark side of their passion or profession. It's not easy to kill or bomb a bunch a people as a Soldier and still be able to sleep peacefully at night. As a doctor, it's not easy to deal with not being able to save a patient who was the only bread earner of the family. So many army people, young soldiers suffer from post-war-operations depression and psychosomatic issues. So, courage is needed for all that we have ever done and we ever will do.

Spiritual Journey is not about all Peace, Bliss, and Glory, it's about EMBODYING and ACCEPTING ourself UNCONDITIONALLY. At times it feels like walking straight through hell as one has to face oneself. However dark the past may seem, one has to face it, look at it deeply and long enough so one can find the lessons hidden deep beneath that darkness and pain. Life is one and it is continuous and eternal and while your short stint on the earth you might have done bad things, might have made many mistakes, but when you become aware of them, conscious about them, then it's a time to Learn the Lesson, so you do not repeat the same mistakes.

Before one can be The Divinity, one needs to Embody their Humanity. That's how one becomes WHOLE!

Time to time many people contact me as they need help and want me to hold their hand, guide them in walking their Spiritual Journey and this "dark side of their own" is the first thing that I often explain them about. And if a person is not yet ready to face it, not that one ever will be ready to face such a thing, but still there is a degree of courage and strength that is needed, and if it is not there I do explain them up front and that way it is clear for one to see if they are ready to walk their own inner hell or not. The choice is always yours.

Those who are not ready yet they should not bother about Meditation and Spiritual practices, just go to movies, have popcorn and be happy!

For those who are ready to deal with themselves please visit Being Shiva Foundation and email me at

~ Guru Maa

The Unconscious! How it works?

What is the Unconscious in you? How it works?

In the Western World, it was a renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud who discovered the "Unconscious". And in the Eastern world existence of Unconscious is known and accepted since time immemorial. Spiritual practices, Meditation techniques talk about this Unconscious in detail and helps us make it Conscious so it no longer controls our actions and choices in life. 

Many people assume that what goes on inside of them is pretty much straightforward, while it is far from the truth. The Unconscious is part of every human and heavily influences the actions and choices that one makes in life. Those compelling urges to do something or not, to do this or that often makes one wonder where they come from and how like a puppet one just follow those urges. Persistent thoughts, feelings of despair, disdain, fear, indescribable pain etc often comes from within for no apparent reason and mind tries hard to justify and look for reasons. After much struggle one just gives up looking for reasons and accepts that this is who he/she is. 

There are times when you are able to notice your Unconscious as to "how" it is making you feel. Suddenly when you start to feel sad or fearful or angry for no reason then you do know at some level that it is coming from within and it's not something that has a connection outside of you, to someone or something else. It's not only for the negative feelings or thoughts, at times one may start feeling like a child seeking attention or pampering or love from others around and after few hours or the very next day it is gone and one is back to their adult-self. There are times when for hours/days you may get thoughts about something from the past and only when you come out it, you realize that those thoughts and emotions have been driving you and they took so much of your time and energy. You may decide to not get into it again, but after few days it repeats and you have been swayed again, and have absolutely no control over yourself. 

Most of you have pretty much simple and standard way of reacting and handling situations in life. It may seem as if you are designed that way. But on the deeper level, many of you are aware that some of your patterns of reactions are not very helpful in letting you live life satisfactorily. And this deeper knowing pushes you to decide that next time you will not behave or react out of your set pattern. I have often heard people saying that "oh I am such an emotional fool", "I get easily manipulated", "I am temperamental", "I get talkative when nervous" and so on, so this means that people are aware of their unconscious patterns and behaviors, but it's just that it seems they have no control over it and it keeps on repeating in life. People find it very difficult to change their mind and behave or react differently when it happens the next time.

All this is the Unconscious part of you!

Formation of Unconscious 

Life is one and it's eternal so some part of our Unconscious belongs to our past lives, but most of it belongs to our present life. 

A major part of the unconscious is formed during your childhood when you were not so equipped to deal with the harshness of life and events. As a young child, you often see, feel, experience life that is too much to take in and you have no way to express it, talk to anyone about it. You may not have anyone around you to discuss what is going on inside you and you yourself do not know how to deal with it. This leads to a lot of suppression of feelings which is going to drive you, drive your actions, decisions, and behavior for the rest of your life. 

Are you a vegetarian consciously, or is it that you were brought up in a family where no one ate non-veg hence you were not taught to eat it from childhood. If later is the case then being vegetarian doesn't matter, as it is not your Conscious choice. Yes if you were a nonvegetarian since childhood but you consciously became vegetarian then that matters, there is a deep lesson of compassion, non-violence towards yourself which you have learned and you made a conscious choice to be otherwise. So this is what being Conscious and Unconscious is about. 

As an adult, many times you reject the feelings of pain, shame, guilt, and hurt and busy yourself with activities and mundane life in order to not fully feel them, accept them and let them pass through you, hence these feelings are suppressed and buried deep down and become your Unconscious. They don't go away, they just are hidden. But they do control your decisions, actions, and choices in life. For example you may have been hurt really bad in love and you got over it superficially and started living life, but never again you will be able to love anyone else full heartedly, some part of yourself you will always hold back and not surrender in order to save yourself from the possibility of getting hurt again. You may think that this is the wise thing to do and now you are being clever about it, but in reality, the exact same thing will repeat again and you are bound to get hurt. 

It's not that love always hurts or anything like that. The point that I am trying to make here is that suppressed feelings, emotions create your Unconscious and Drive You!

So how to avoid that? or How to make Unconscious Conscious?

Well, most important question to ask here is - What is it trying to teach me? 

Any particular event or situation in life is trying to teach you a lesson. It could be a lesson of Self-worth or Self-love or something else. When you ask many times to yourself and if you are patient enough you are able to "know" the answer. Once you know what lesson you are supposed to learn, you will have to put it to practice, you will have to implement it in life in all the situations that you going through presently, so no "special painful" event happens again to teach you the very same lesson. Until you learn your life lesson, the similar kind of event keeps on repeating and you are driven by your Unconscious. When you Consciously start throwing light upon your Unconscious by learning your life lessons you will be much relieved, you will feel very light in your Spirit and you will become peaceful inside as you start loving your inner child unconditionally. 

Enlightened ones are fully Conscious in every moment and even their anger is out of compassion for the other. They are peaceful as deep ocean and can cause the emotional waves to crash on the shore beautifully. Their anger is not an anger truly since they are in full control, they use emotions as a tool to get done whatever is needed and their show of emotions is more like a child's play where they are driving the play purposefully, intentionally. Many Enlightened Zen Masters were famous for carrying a stick with them and spanking their disciples and many others still have to put up a show of emotions in order to make others understand the deeper truth of life. 

~ Adiguru

Note - At Being Shiva's Echoflections program we teach practical techniques to make Unconscious Conscious to live a healthier and happier life that you deserve!

The Defensive Ego!

One of the functions of our Ego is to defend ourselves and protect us. Ego defends and protects not only physically instead most of the time emotionally. In this modern world, we are living a much-protected life physically than our hunter-gatherer ancestors. So mostly this defense is happening towards Emotional Dangers and Emotional Attacks.

Most of you have one or few people around you who "judge" you, "label" you, "criticize" you or "blame" you. And oftentimes there is fighting, quarreling, heated arguments about everything and anything. There are people around you who will constantly breach your personal boundary and will not leave you alone. No matter what you do some people will never be happy with your efforts and will find something that you did wrong today or ever and may give you a complete list of all your sins since you are born. Usually, such people are either spouse, parent or close family member. Because if it was anyone else you would have walked away on the first attack and would have turned your back easily. But in close-knit family situations, it becomes very difficult and hence you develop this "Defensive Ego". No one is born with it, remember that.

Sometimes you yourself go on pretending as something else, someone else who you are not and in order to hide your weakness or your reality you stay On Guard, Defensive with people around you. You create a fake world, a world of lies around you and then you go on defending that world, that fake personality, those Lies that you constantly keep on telling others. Others around you may not have proofs to break the web of your lies, but they can sense it, they know it in many ways. All your efforts give birth to suspicion and are the breeding ground for Emotional Attacks.

Such situations make you feel "unsafe" with Yourself. You do not want to be alone, you want to keep busy, you get anxiety attacks, your personality becomes neurotic, highly reactional, you find ways to avoid Yourself! Here you are not running from others, from the world, but you are running from yourself. Even when you are busy in any activity you keep on chatting with yourself and constantly "defending" yourself even during your mental chatter. Whom are you defending yourself from?

YOU! Yes!

This defensiveness makes you concerned with the outside world and how you appear to others. It makes it harder to notice what goes on inside you, with your inner feelings. When you are thinking, you do not feel much of what goes on with your subtle feelings. You only notice feelings that are at the surface. Retreating into your thoughts thus becomes a way of avoiding unpleasant feelings. When this goes on for too long you stop feeling the feelings. Many people call themselves fully logical and rational and deny that feelings are a real part of them.

The result of all these defensive tactics and games is that you lose touch with yourself. You really don't know yourself. Consequently, you are unaware why you are doing what you are doing. This Defensive Ego makes it impossible to deal with our deeper feelings, and the result is that these feelings stay hidden and do not dissolve. They disappear into your "Unconscious", but do not cease to influence you.

Whenever you are fighting or quarreling and are being argumentative then "truth" goes out of the window, nobody is interested in understanding or even listening to the "truth". When Defensive Ego is playing against anyone then it is no longer about the "truth" it is ONLY about NOT FEELING HURT.

  • Yes if someone is Blaming you, you don't want to feel Guilty!
  • You are already convinced that the other person is wrong or lying or not understanding!
  • This gives you a chance to Blame too!
All this you do because you do not want to "feel hurt". You do not want to feel Guilt, Shame. You do not want to be wrongly accused of anything so you go on protecting, defending your Self-Image.

You may be using one feeling to avoid another. When you get angry, but you don't want to act angrily towards other people then it gets really hard. Thoughts full of anger just keeps coming up. You are angry of course because you got emotionally hurt. The reason you cannot stop being angry is that because then you would have to feel the underlying unpleasant feelings that caused the anger in the first place and you do not want to do that. 

Dealing with emotions like Guilt and Shame is difficult. Dealing with Emotional Hurt is difficult. Not impossible though. No one taught us how to deal with difficult emotional scenarios. No one taught us how to be true to ourselves so we do not have to protect any fake, false self-image. 

The Cat in a Bird Cage - Defensive Intellectual Justification!

What is that one thing that stops us from freeing ourselves; FEAR. Fear of what? FEAR OF LOSS. Fear of Loss of what? A possibility of loss of people around us, loss of loved ones, loss of health, loss of wealth, loss of self-image, image as a father, mother, husband, wife, or whatever. You fear if you admit the mistake you will feel guilt, which you will anyways because you know deep down if you did anything wrong. You fear if you speak the truth, the other person will walk away from you which he/she may already be doing, it's just that You do not want to accept that Truth Yourself. You fear losing relationships that you have and you cannot survive without them, so you are ready to lose the relationship with yourself, which anyways will cost you everything someday! You want short term benefits, small gratifications. You feel you put the fire down today, will see what happens tomorrow, why speak the Truth and face the volcano. Well, there wasn't any volcano to start with, you created it by this fearful approach. 

Your Fear keeps you chained to your Guilt, Shame, Emotional Hurt. You would rather be hurt than walk-away. You would rather be in Guilt & Shame than Forgiving Yourself. You would rather fight endlessly and inflict an emotional wound on yourself and others to protect your self-image by speaking tons of lies to yourself and others than Speaking Truth. It's like how a Pigeon closes his eyes and pretends that Cat is not there in front of him and will not eat him and he is safe! Is he really? This is how defensive ego forces you to live in Denial of Truth, Denial of Love, Denial of Life.

What is the opposite of Emotional Hurt? Self Love!

When you love yourself unconditionally and accept yourself the way you are, you stop pretending to be something else to yourself and to the world then you start to "Heal" and the emotional hurt goes away. When you "Forgive" yourself because you love yourself unconditionally, then you no longer feel guilt and shame. You forgive yourself understanding that "you were only human" to commit a mistake, you did not know any better, life did not give you any user manual to be wise before everything happens. Life is teaching lessons constantly that too through difficult ways, painful ways, emotional ways, so forgive your inner child and love yourself unconditionally. 

When you are able to Forgive & Accept Yourself Unconditionally this "Defensive Ego" DIES! Remember I said above that "you were not born with it" then how did it got developed in you? Because somewhere in the journey of life, you stopped loving, accepting and forgiving yourself instead created a cage of Defensive Intellectual Justifications. See the picture above, the cat in a bird cage? Yes! That's what you have done to yourself. You have created intellectual justifications for all your situations, like why you the cat needs to be inside the bird cage? Or why you the colorful parrots need to hang around a bird cage which has a cat inside? :-)

It's never too late to get rid of this unwanted weight of defensive ego, one less baggage to carry!
Forgive yourself, Accept yourself and Be Courageous.

Being Shiva's Echoflections program is designed to help you get rid of Defensive Ego and take control of your Emotional Well-being. 

~ Adiguru

Million Fingers - Pointing to the same Moon!

Many people read lots of Spiritual Scriptures, Texts, Upanishads, Vedas, Tantra Scriptures and Spiritual Journey of Enlightened, Self-Realized Masters and try to understand them really hard. They try to find the "Ultimate Truth", "Christ Consciousness", "Brahm/Shiva/Shoonya/THAT" in those scriptures. After years of struggle, their efforts go in vain and ultimately they become disappointed by all the Scriptures and starts to "not believe" in any of them. Initially they "believed" in them thinking they will find the Ultimate Truth/Brahm/Shiva/Shoonya/Anatta/No-Self in them. They also feel really surprised by the fact that they all contradict each other, it feels to them as if All Enlightened Masters were against each other and all teachings are opposite of one another. This makes them wonder how come they all achieved to the ONE TRUTH when they can't describe it in a similar way? How come there must be some "Ultimate Truth" when all Scriptures talks about it differently? How can Enlightenment be similar for all these Masters? They think definitely Enlightenment, Self-Realization for one Master may be different from another. Is it really so?

The first point to understand here is that Enlightened Masters lives/lived in different Era/Time, Culture, Country and are surrounded by different people to whom they are explaining their own experience, their journey. That explanation becomes the Sacred, Spiritual Scripture. For example, Yeshua/Jesus was in Jerusalem, Lao Tsu was in China, Nanak, Kabir, Sadhguru, Ramana Maharishi, Osho, Yogananda, Buddha, Nisargadatta and so many others in India, Rumi in Turkey, Adyashanti in the USA, Eckhart Tolle in Germany, Gurdjieff in France and so on. In other words, this means that people living in any country or anywhere on this planet Earth pursue their Spiritual Journey Consciously and are Enlightened, Self-Realized. Enlightenment/Self-Realization is not the private property of some limited age, cast, creed, country, religious people. It happens to all those who are hell-bent upon finding the TRUTH! Who are damn serious about fixing themselves and filling all the holes so they can be WHOLE!

Once anyone is Enlightened/Self-Realized people around notice the change and can't stop asking about it and by and by the word goes around and many become disciples, many come to get guidance and they start explaining by writing or through talks or just through Shakti/Gyan-Power. They are not trying to boast about themselves or pull others down, they are simply trying to explain it using the vocabulary that they have got, and the people around them have got. Enlightenment/Self-Realization "cannot" be explained in any language, through verbal or written communication. Forget about Enlightenment, even "deep love, unconditional love" can't be explained. In fact, anything that Transforms you can't be explained in "words". But still, because the people around want to know, and most of them only understand language/words, hence Enlightened Masters have to explain it using the words/language, cultural/era/time/societal references. So the Sacred Spiritual Scriptures have a different language, tone, cultural references, examples in them. For example, a MOON is called as Chand, Chandrama, Lune, Mond, Mane and so on in different languages and even in one language the poetic reference to Moon will be different than Scientific reference and there could be many subtle meanings of the same words. If anyone reads the Poetry on Moon in different languages I am sure one will "wonder" if all Poets were talking about the "same moon" that he/she is "knows" about? Or every poets' country/place have a different moon? :-) Isn't it? Nowadays we have Google Earth to show us the Sky in real-time but when the world was not so advance and there is no way to communicate with the people of other countries, then one may have thought that the moon visible to him/her is the "special", "private" one and if one ever sees this in the Sky it surely always should be called as Moon only and nothing else.

So you see, all the Enlightened Masters were and are Pointing to the "same moon". All Sacred Spiritual Scriptures are pointing to the "same Truth". But since the Masters were and are in different places and have a different audience around them hence the explanation seems different. So there are thousands of fingers, and all are different from each other, but all are pointing to the "same moon".

Now, the problem comes when you try to find the Ultimate Truth in those Spiritual Scriptures, when you try to find the Moon in the Finger. And then you feel disappointed and create beliefs/non-beliefs/opinions about. But Ultimate Truth, Moon is not there! You will never find it there! All those Scriptures are trying to explain you hundreds of ways you can reach that Moon, hundreds of paths you can follow to reach that moon. There is not one way only to reach there, there are many. Everyone is born with unique karma & sanskaras (Impressions) and hence will walk his/her own path, his/her own way. One needs to find one's own way. These scriptures are giving you a surety that so many others have reached the Moon, so you can too.

When you read these scriptures you try to understand everything using your Mind which is very limited and cannot understand the Infinite, Ultimate Truth and hence everything seems highly contradictory and as if opposing each other. While it is not so. Once you are Enlightened you realize the Truth in every word that is ever written or said about Ascending/Enlightenment/Self-Realization and you realize that they all are same, because "now you have seen the moon" so you can recognize it in every way, everywhere. Until you have "not seen the moon" all fingers seem different and it seems like all are pointing to different moons and because those fingers are talking about the moon then it must be inside those fingers. Until then you feel Truth is not One. Because you don't know the Truth, how can you ever recognize it, understand it? It's not for your mental understanding at all. It is for direct experience! Chanting water, water, water will not quench your thirst. You can't even understand the word "water" just by reading about it and you won't find it's wetness, it's subtle flow and power to satisfy your thirst just by reading about it.

So instead of performing intellectual postmortem of those Scriptures and doing mental gymnastic about them, start focusing on YOU! It's about "You", and not those Enlightened Masters or Scriptures! If you really want to succeed then go within and see if you need to dissolve some blocks or if you need to heal yourself to move forward. See what all you are still attached to? What all you still fear? No Guru, No Master, No Scripture, No Grace, No Magic, No Mantra, nothing can help you Ascend if you are clinging to your fake self in any way. It's your choice, your journey to walk your own hell and come out of it. There are absolutely no shortcuts and no clever buying of tickets to heaven.

Have a head-on collision with all that you call I, Me, Mine!

The one who looks within Awakens! Awakens not on day 1 or day 2 or month 1 or month 2 or year 1 or year 2.... It takes times to get rid of yourself, your fake self, your Jeeva.

~ Adiguru