99,000 Sheep

There is a saying back home that "there are 99,000 Sheep while there are 5 Lions in a Jungle". Now as we all know Sheep lives in herds, large groups, have similar ideas and concepts of life and most importantly they all follow one another. Contrary to this Lions usually roams around alone, have very different ideas and concepts of life and they are independent beings for most of their lives. Lion's can't be domesticated and Sheep will never be called "WILD".

Is it Sheep's fault that she is born as a sheep or is it Lion's fault that it is born as a Lion? No! Being born the way they are now is nobody's fault. Sheep are born with FEAR as the Core of their Being, while Lion's are born with COURAGE as the Core of their Being.

Sheep builds a safety net around her life because the core of her being is Fear. They follow whatever principles or rules of life were given to them by the elders, they are super afraid to venture out alone and find out the TRUTH by themselves. Their idea of family or in other words security comes when the number of family members is at least 4, 6 or more, they never understand that 2 could be a family too. When entire jungle has only 5 or so Lions then 2 is a perfect family. Sheep have their own concept of happiness, unhappiness which is mostly derived by the hypocritical way of living or what they have been told by the society, elders or whomsoever and they rant a lot if they see anyone around not complying with their principles, concepts of life that they built out of their physical, emotional, mental insecurity. Sheep lives a mentally and emotionally boxed life, they maintain hard boundaries if not truly then at least to show their herd and society that they live in. They lack the courage to break any boundary of society, herd and their world. For Sheep there is NO TRUTH beyond what they have been told. There is NO Question of trying to find any Truth, just stick to the pre-designed life and go by the rules of society, elders, parents and the herd.

Hence they never find the Truth/Brahm/Self/That and end up living a fearful life.

Quite the opposite is Lion who's life revolves around Courage. Lion ventures out alone to unknown lands and is not afraid to find out what is there and face the Truth by himself. Lion's life is "free" of all concepts, notions, and principles of life, he builds them as he goes. Lion's do not follow one another and mostly have their territory marked by choice with strength. Lion's idea of happiness and unhappiness and family is not built up of what they were told by elders or any tom, dick and harry. By living the life they find out the meaning of life. Lion doesn't live a boxed life, his spirit soars high and he does roars high.

Now again, it's nobody's fault that a Sheep is sheep and lives out of Fear, and Lion is the emblem of Courage and Strength. They both are born differently, they both are poles apart in their life.

The problem comes when Sheep starts convincing and imposing their concepts, principles of life on Lion. Lion never goes around and imposes his principles of Courage on Sheep, because Lions can smell a Sheep. Due to fluffy ears and narrowly focused vision, it becomes hard for Sheep at times to spot a Lion. Sheep rants a lot you can hear them for hours going "Beh-Beh" non-stop, while you may have never heard a Lion roaring continuously even 5 times in an hour. Kids spend hours in zoo standing in front of a Lion to hear one roar of Courage.

The question here is are you a Sheep or are you a Lion? The answer to this will tell where you will end up with your Spiritual Path. How far will you ever go on your Spiritual Journey? If you are a Sheep forget about even starting the REAL Spiritual Journey, you will NEVER even find the door, or you may end up standing in front of the door, but will never find the courage to go in. And it's not even about Spiritual Journey, as a Sheep you will end up living a "suffocating, hypocritical" life based on your false assumptions and principles. If you are fine by this, go on, keep on living that way, nobody is stopping you. Lions do not need an army of Sheep, only Sheep want Lion to be on their side. Lion can understand Sheep's fear, but Sheep has no way to know Lion's Courage and Strength.

The day you are not fine by yourself living like that and you display fearlessness in life, Courage and Strength inside your heart, I will give you Shaktipath, I will take you with me on the path of Liberation/Moksha, the path to Realize Brahm!

Until then just live your life and do not preach any Lion!

~ Adiguru

Love from Beyond

Till the time we have human life and a human body, it will be about Relationship and Love. Here I am not talking about the emotional love that we know and I am not talking about the relationship from the social standpoint.

I am talking about Love from Beyond, Universal Love and Relationship that is Multi-Dimensional. When one is Enlightened or Self-Realized there is no capacity left to love anyone just emotionally or even unconditionally because "condition" to be "unconditional" will still be there, hence it makes no sense. We cannot play with words forever and fool ourselves.

Universal love is beyond the body, mind, emotions and beyond Soul.

    Source: The Web

Universal love starts happening at the level of Cosmos itself, there is nothing personal about it. It first draws your attention towards yourself and pushes you to become "whole", be the Universe yourself and realize your own true nature as a liberated, immortal being. Once that is achieved and you embody your divinity then it starts pulling you in its direction straight away to have the heart-on collision, yes not head-on, remember head was exchanged for divinity through Self-Realization process. The energy starts changing around you and since you are already in the state of Love-Bliss most of the time it is easy to notice, you can't miss it.

Universal Love accentuates energy on you and slowly you start accepting the possibility of a Multi-Dimensional relationship which earlier in life might have seemed like a fairy tale. Dance of energy around goes on for some time until you say "yes I am ready". Still, you don't know ready for what and ready for whom, but that's how life unfolds and you trust that divine unfolding process. Saying "yes I am ready" is the phase one of this Universal Love. The changes of energy are very tangible and suddenly your etheric body starts mingling with that Universal Love energy, without any focal point as another human, though yet.

Below is how it actually feels like emanating from the Heart Center.

    Source: The Web

Slowly you start adjusting to this energy emanating from you and being around you most of the time. It is overwhelming and could be physically tiring after a couple of days. You start living, breathing, walking into this Etheric field. It's too much to contain and it ends up spilling all around and you become the compassionate being. You start sharing that love with others. This is phase two for Universal Love energy that you are pushed towards.

Now gradually this etheric field starts changing its polarity. If you are male this energy feels like feminine and if you are female then this energy starts taking masculine polarity. This change is so subtle that you can't identify it so clearly, because once you are Enlightened or Self-Realized you lose your own gender/polarity too from your mind, being-ness has no gender, hence recognizing another doesn't come that easy. It still is a Dance of Universal love in your Etheric field and there is nothing personal about it. Day by day you learn to live with this and you kind of stay lost in it, it feels like a fragrance that is all around you, within and without, as such Enlightened and/or Self-Realized ones do not know what is within and what is without, it's all an Ocean of Infinity.

After few months from the Etheric body, energy starts getting all the way down to your other layers of the body and it starts getting little personal. You may start seeing the Visions of a man or woman, you may start feeling as if you are in an eternal embrace with them, and you may start living with them in your Multi-Dimensional form. Upon seeing and hearing through visions, you may skip a heart beat or may be stunned for few days or may end up smiling. Slowly it becomes a bond unknown, love unknown, relationship unknown. Unknown only in the worldly sense, it's very much known to you, to the core of your heart, to the core of your etheric body, to the core of your whole being, how to call it unknown anymore, it becomes more Real and Known to you than any real human being in flesh and bones around you. It becomes Reality at another dimension, yes it is the play/leela of Consciousness, but heck even the physical body, all layers of the body and even energy are that too. When anyways Leela is being played, let it be played in the best interest of the Universe. So no need to doubt it or confuse it with your Self-Realization and no need to create a boundary for you. Many Self-Realized ones were Kings, Queens and Lovers afterward. Consciousness chooses each one of us to play accordingly just like different sounds comes out of different musical instruments, though sound/naad is one and is OM and only Silence is being played in different gaps in the form of music.

                                Source: The Web

Remember you became Androgynous, Ardhnarishwara yourself through Self-Realization process, but if needed for fulfilling the divine will you can manifest the half opposite polar embodiment in the real life to stand by your side, to be with you and you both can change the world and serve the divinity together. Shakti can choose to manifest Shiva externally and Shiva can externalize his Shakti in real human feminine form. When two such whole beings are trying to do this, it is bound to come out as a reality on the relative plane with roots in Ultimate Truth.

Alternatively, you may choose to just live your Ardhanarishwara state as the way I have described it is how the embodiment of masculine and feminine polarities or Balance of both worlds feels like. Eternal Love and Romance goes on within you in Ardhanarishwara state, every bit of life around feels romantic, each expression of Consciousness feels utterly romantic. Divine glow of yours and charisma keeps everyone around you enchanted and be pulled like honey bees on flowers.

If Mother Consciousness is choosing you to manifest Universal Love in the human form, accept it as Divine Will, do not doubt it, question it and a real tangible person will be with you after enough vibrations have been synchronized for manifestation.

~ Adiguru

Universe is within you - Jagadhatri - Cosmic Mother

During my Self Realization days, when I as Pure Consciousness was in forever expansion, critical dispersion and I was going through the fear and pain of death, one day a strange thing happened. I was fearful, or you can say that last remaining I-Thought was fearful of losing itself, it's separate identity and I was sinking slowly in some very deep unknown beyond my mind's comprehension. I truly wanted someone to assure me that I am really not dying, while on the other side I really wanted to lose that battle and die for good, without knowing what may or may not happen as a result of this process, without being concerned whether I will be able to retain body consciousness or not afterwards. I was frantically looking for a sign or Guru or someone to tell me that "it's OK, it will be OK". Energy changes were torturous enough and my head felt like it will crack open.

In the midst of all this I sat quietly as if to meditate, and slowly saw myself expanding and becoming huge like entire Cosmos, and this expansion itself might have taken more than 30 minutes, as it seems like in total I was lost for more than an hour. Then I saw and felt all the planets rotating, revolving in me, around me, all mountains in myself, all rivers flowing within me, people, trees all around me, either I became the Entire Universe or we can say entire Universe was within me. I stopped breathing completely and lost all sense of "me as a separate entity". After an hour when I regained my senses, there was a very strong knowing that if I am the entire Universe then where can I go, what else can I be, what else can I not be? When did I not exist, where will I not exist? I am not leaving, I am not dying, not going anywhere because I do not exist anymore as I, I am the WHOLE, truly the Entire Cosmos I am, I never came into being as a separate entity and hence there is no question of death or departing of Soul to some other place.

This wasn't just a vision, this was the perception through my whole being. Afterwards, this new perception kept me going and I lost all resistance to my own death, death of last remaining I-Thought/Soul/Consciousness. This is what gave me so much inner strength that there was nothing else to question, neither the process, nor the energy, neither death nor birth. Fear and pains due to energy changes were still there, but deep within I was "with the" Self-Realization process. This perception of Universe within me was a major game changer for my spiritual journey.

Months after Self Realization it occurred to me that there is Goddess named Bhuvaneshwari, also called as Cosmic Mother, or Mother of Universe, or Jagadhatri who holds the Universe within. Did I see her, became her, who is there now to tell me that, but one thing is sure, Comic Mother helps us in the last lap of our journey to reveal us our own true nature, true form and that's how we finally lose all forms and sounds. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari when doesn't want us to see the truth we see her shadow side called "Maya/Ignorance/Illusion". With the blessings of this Shakti/Power the veil of Maya is broken and beings realize their true liberated immortal nature.

~ Adiguru

Goddess Kali - Ultimate Transformer

Since childhood I was intrigued by Goddess Durga and Goddess Kali. Goddess Durga felt like Superhuman Mother to me and later in life I learned that I carry Durga archetype personality myself. But Goddess Kali just amazed me and I felt the ferocity of her as a demon slayer when I looked at her deity but in a way I always felt I cannot understand her true presence. Her presence as Shakti meant for something else, that I had no idea about. I never felt fearful though. Whenever I saw wrong happening in this world around me, atrocities with children, women, men, and crime against humanity I felt rage inside me and that rage often gave me inner strength to stand up and face the challenges of life. Those were the times I remembered Kali thinking that is how she must have felt seeing demons wreaking havoc all around and that's why her pictures, deity looks ferocious. She protects the good ones and slays the demons. She herself is all Darkness and Blue in color and only Darkness can fight the darkness. Goddesses are certain types of Shakti/Power in themselves.

Later while going through my Spiritual Journey I realized that Kali is the feminine form of Kaal/Time and she not only slays demons, she also diminishes Time. She is the one who takes us beyond time and space. Those demons are nothing but our Ego Heads that we carry around. The skirt of hands that she wears is the Karma that she takes from us and frees us from all bondage. She is the giver of Liberation.

Recently it came to me that I want to know Mother Kali in her true form as a direct experience. I learned enough through books and all, now I wanted real experience of Mother, specially wanted to see her true picture to find out does she really looks ferocious. So I sat down closed my eyes and called her. Slowly I lost my body consciousness and there appeared dark palpitating energy of the size of the Cosmos surrounded by white milky way galaxy sort of. That black energy within was moving, breathing, living, contracting, expanding with a HUM sound and it felt as if it is me, or the sense of me being other than Mother Kali was not there, I couldn't see, feel where was me and where was The Mother. Clearly my sense of place, time was also not there, neither was my body or anything as me separate from her existed in that moment. Then started knowing as if that black moving energy engulfed by white was talking to me, and said "The Dark Nothingness that you fell into right before Self Realization was Me/Mother Kali, you fell in my lap, you fell into me". Moving, living, breathing black energy was now talking.

Then came a very strong wave of Love, just pure unconditional love and tears started rolling down my cheeks. Overwhelmed I opened my eyes and slowly came back to my senses, still overpowered by love which stayed with me, as me for next 2 days and I couldn't be stunned more by it's presence, presence of Mother Kali in me or as me. What I saw looked like picture above to an extent, except that white milky way galaxy was very thin around the periphery and dark/black palpitating energy was occupying the major portion.

It occurred to me that She is the transforming force/power/shakti, she is the one who took all my karma, she is the one who gave me liberation, she is the one who took me beyond time and space, she is the one who helped me stand up in life for anything wrong, she is the one who devastates what is not suppose to survive, she is there when my external breathing stopped. She is the destroyer of our Ego, she is the destroyer of useless thoughts, and in the end she is pure love, unconditional love and she doesn't look like how we portray her, she loves us unconditionally and she saves us from the mire of Maya.

Mother Kali is the Ultimate Transformer!

~ Adiguru

Play (Leela) by Consciousness

Consciousness reflects through in the form of the body, mind, and emotions and its play go on and on. As a result, one may achieve something in life and lose another and it seems like an endless play. No one ever seems happy and satisfied and the impermanence is the only permanence that one experiences. Life seems like a roller coaster ride. Regardless of how many lectures one gets, or knowledge one hoards about getting off of that roller coaster, only a few are able to make it safely, for most, it's a crash landing.

Is it anyone's fault?

At each and every step in life, we are exercising our choice. But the choices are often lead by inherent fears, attachments, and our need for more financial, emotional security which results in more suffering. Though to start with, those choices may be wrapped in a promising package. When life seems quiet the attention comes to Self, but that's what you all want to avoid and you go on planning and doing stuff which may not even be necessary, you make efforts to change the environment, circumstances, anything that's outside of you, and go on avoiding effort and time that is needed to change the inside of you. You want to make life happier by changing outer circumstances only.
Regardless of what choice we make, we are bound to suffer. But is the suffering really happening to the "Real You"? No, it is not. But damn it feels that way. There is no end to figuring out all the factors and be extra careful next time and all those negative, positive schools of thought. You can never save yourself permanently from the suffering, pain, you can only buy some time or actually waste time. The story is never ending. Why?

Because Pure Consciousness out of which this whole creation comes out is "never ending". Sea of Consciousness is Infinite and out of that comes out Infinite possibilities different realms, people, species, directions, dimensions, time, space and everything. Consciousness goes on playing forever through and as rocks, mountains, rivers, trees, animals, humans, angels, spirits and whatever else one can ever think of. There is no end to Experiencing and Knowing. There is no end to make life better by doing, doing, doing and knowing.

One must take a BREAK! For at least couple of years in life say "no" to external changes that unnecessarily involve you, prick your brain and in a long term vision of at least 10 years down the lane, seem sheer foolishness today. Take those couple of years to change the INSIDE of you instead, enhance the Quality of the Being who you are. Consciousness can play outward or inward, both are still the play of it, but through inward play, you stand a chance to achieve Peace, Bliss, and Love, your permanent states, your own immortality.

Once you turn inward, and someday find the "real you" through Self Realization, the play of Consciousness will still not end, but you will not be impacted by it. You will abide in Self, in Peace! After Self-Realization, Mother Pure Consciousness, Adi Shakti may choose to still keep playing through you as a Guru, or as Mr./Ms Unknown, or a Mystic or just a super ordinary person. it is not your choice, but you will not be affected. Earlier even though you were given choices, you still were not peaceful, so what is the point? Stop taking seriously outer circumstances and people in your life. Calm down and start your journey inward.

Later after Self Realization, Pure Consciousness will start the Cosmic Leela/Play through you in many ways!

~ Adiguru