Ocean of Consciousness! Dance of Life!

I am Shiva, that which is not!

Being Nothing, No-Self, No-Mind!

When you drink ALL tea from your Tea Cup, is it EMPTY? It is ONLY EMPTY of TEA. It's still NOT Empty. It has AIR in it now. Empty and Full needs something to attach/identify to it, right? I may say, today my house is FULL, but what it is full of? It is full of people, it is full of furniture, it is full of something. Now if I say my house is EMPTY today, then it may be EMPTY of people, of furniture, of plants, of something and if I take away Everything out of it, will it be Empty, no? It will still have AIR in it. Emptiness and Fullness needs classification/objects/identity/something with it. So that means Emptiness and Fullness are NOT COMPLETE words as they seem to be. It also means they are INTERCHANGEABLE, means if Tea Cup was Empty of Tea, then it was FULL of Air. Empty of something means Full of something else. Empty of EVERYTHING means FULL of NOTHING. This also means that both of these words are USELESS and are NOT TRUE. 

Now let's see what is Tea Cup? Tea Cup is Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space and some person must have created it, so it's everything. The person who created the Tea Cup must be eating, living, breathing with the help of everything on this planet Earth. If we take out "everything" from the Tea Cup, then will there be any Tea Cup? No! Tea Cup is everything, this whole Universe, and so are we. If this Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, whole Universe is taken out from us, what will we be? Nothing! We are Nothing, No-Self. And that's who we are. We have No-Individual Self, no Personal Self, no Identity and that is the ONLY IDENTITY we have. No-Self means not being defined, confined by ALL THAT what makes us? What makes us is NOT us. And what is that makes us up? THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE. WE ARE THE UNIVERSE. That means WE are FULL of UNIVERSE, FULL of EVERYTHING, that means WE ARE EMPTY OF NOTHING. That means we are NOTHING. If WHOLE UNIVERSE is taken out of the Equation, or from us, what will still EXIST? That which is NOT. What will still exist? Nothingness. No Self, Emptiness, Shiva. So, in other words, our TRUE IDENTITY is NO-IDENTITY, our TRUE SELF is NO-SELF. That is who we are. If we take out all MANIFESTED part of the UNIVERSE or ENERGY, then what will still be there, UN-MANIFEST part of the Energy, or Pure Consciousness. If we take out BOTH, Manifest, and Un-Manifest, what is there that will still exist, NOTHING. NOTHINGNESS, VOID, SHOONYA, SHIVA, EMPTINESS, NO-SELF. 

After Enlightenment comes the Self Realization. What do we realize at that point? We Realize that We are Pure Consciousness and that we do not exist as ANYTHING else (body, mind, emotion, ego, identities, person, personalities etc). It's the Realization of Death of what? The death of ALL that which we were NOT. Like when we removed Earth, Water, fire, Air, ether from Tea Cup, we Realized that Cup was NOT all these, so all the wrong Identities of the Cup died. So the acceptance of Death while Self Realization is the Death of all that was NOT ME. Then that means I AM THAT WHICH IS NOT. What is that which is not? That is NOTHING, NOTHINGNESS, EMPTINESS, VOID, SHOONYA, SHIVA. Where does this Pure Consciousness comes from? Which takes the form of ALL God, Goddesses, Avatars, Gurus, Avadhootas, Adishakti, all manifest and unmanifest or Primordial from which the FIRST manifestation starts with. Where does it come from? It comes from VOID, it comes from NOTHINGNESS/SHIVA. Science, Quantum Physics said the same thing, whole Existence, Universe came into being, came into existence from the VOID, from Nothing, from Emptiness.

So ultimately I am THAT which is NOT. In other words, I am NOT. Here in the term "No-Self", Self Refers to Soul, Soul means Consciousness, it came from Pure Consciousness. So when I say No-Self, I am saying I am NOT all that. I am saying I AM NOT. This is what "we truly are". When I say I am Nothingness, then it means When NOTHING will EXISTS, NOTHING means I will EXIST. So now what is it that will exist TRULY INFINITE INFINITELY? "ME", "ME as Nothingness", Me as Nothing was ALWAYS there, and will ALWAYS be there. If you take out Nothing from Nothing, then Nothing will still be there. Zero minus Zero is Zero. Everything minus Everything equals Nothing. So I was, I am and I always will be there. This is who truly I am. This is a permanent existence. Existence as No-Personal Identity, that is our True, Permanent Identity.

~ Adiguru

Seeker's Ego!

Oh Really? Do I have Spiritual Ego now? Ego's Spiritual Transformation! 

Most of the people who are walking the Spiritual Path, the seekers, have an AGENDA in mind. That I want to be a Guru, I want to be a Teacher, I want to be a Magical/Mystical Person, I want to be a Future teller, I want to run Ashram or Spiritual Organization, I want to lead Religious Community, I want to write books, I want to be Divine, I want to be Free from Pain and Suffering, I want to get rid of my Fears, Anxiety, Depression etc. But in other words, aren't these people TRYING TO SEE THEIR REFLECTION in this WORLD as some BEING?. Normal worldly people who are NOT walking the Spiritual Path, and are just corporate, business people or mother, or astrologers, scientists or husbands or father or something else. What are they trying to do? They are trying to be JUST that, they LIKE/LOVE/WANT/DESIRE to see their REFLECTION in this world by BEING all that right? But then what is the difference between those worldly people and spiritual journey takers? Worldly people's EGO (False sense of Self) is CLINGING to their Worldly Identities, Spiritual People's EGO is CLINGING to their Spiritual Identities. Isn't it? Both have EGO's CLINGING to their Reflection, to some form of Being-ness. Both of have Egos dressed/wrapped in different clothes, but both are having it. EGO is that Fake/False/Character/Costume that we keep on wearing, building and decorating. In order to get rid of this Ego, you have to kill the "Seeker personality", "Seeker Identity" within. "The Seeker is The Sought". 

~ Adiguru

Unconditional Love!

Aah! The most painful, yet most important lesson to learn. How?

The Soul is WHOLE and is never divided. The longing that a feminine feel towards any masculine, or vice-versa is the “urge” to balance within. When we love someone, we behold that state of "longing" in ourselves and it takes us closer to Divine if we learn the lesson of Unconditional Love. But the way to learn it is through someone other than us. Why? The mind needs to have a Subject-Object relationship in order to feel or understand anything. The mind doesn’t understand that the “Seer, seen and Seeing” are not three but one. The mind doesn’t understand that the “Experience, Experiencer, Experiencing” are one and not three different things/aspects. So in mind, they have to be divided. That’s where this whole logic of Twin Flames, Soul Mates comes into creation. For mental gymnastics, it is a good thing to play around. But on Spiritual Path some day we have to abandon mind, then what is the point of feeding such concepts/explanations to mind?

As a Human, you came into this world to bring the balance back through love. In order to understand it, feel it, you got attached to a Male or Female in a really strong way. So he or she can Reflect what you have inside, and you can improve. The lesson is only one through such pursuits, "Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Within" and that balance comes through “Learning to love Unconditionally”, NOT to someone else, but to yourself. If regardless of all odd conditions, you end up loving him or her very much, then you are holding your own Feminine or Masculine Energy, within, you are realizing it. It’s just that sometimes the BALANCE is LOST. When the feminine in you starts craving, missing him so much that means the Feminine energy in you has gone low, you go out of touch from your own femininity and you need ANOTHER person as an Object to feel intensely feminine again. And he becomes the one who makes you feel like a woman and who brings you closer to yourself. You see the Reflection of your own femininity in him. So that longing actually is NOT for him, that longing is for staying in CONSTANT touch with your own Femininity. Same is the case with men & Masculine within. 

Learning to love Unconditionally means ACCEPTANCE. Accepting the way things are, the way he or she is, without trying to change him or her, forcing to change his/her life, understanding that it's NOT about the other anyways, it's about YOU. You are FREE the moment you accept the flow of life, the way another person is, and stop trying to change him/her endlessly, trying to fit into his/her world, or trying to fit them into your world. When you free yourself, that means you LOVE yourself. You care enough for yourself, to not cause any useless suffering, drama, and pangs of endless bullshit of mind, which sees that Other Personas some Separated Being. We all are ONE. There is no separation. Acceptance means you love yourself Unconditionally, regardless of all odd conditions around you in life. You are not causing any Self-Violence through self-talks full of hatred and denial. 

Once you start accepting the reality, the energies within you are balanced and you will feel fully feminine or masculine all by yourself from within, the need for an external person/soul, a mental object will be GONE!  This is the ArdhNarishwar state of Shiva. It's the balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy within us, so we are not driven by "longing" based inclination towards male, or female, so our hormones do not drive us and our emotions, mind do not manipulate us. We become ONE WHOLE person and stay in the perfect balance of Masculine and Feminine within and do not need other person/object to get us in touch with our own self.

~ Adiguru

Emotional Wounds!

Most mental imbalances are Emotional Wounds? Did you learn to bandage that? 

Most mental problems/situations/imbalances are “emotional wounds”. We all were taught how to dress a wound, treat a burn or anything with our physical body. We were NEVER taught, how to heal or even address an emotional wound. We focus only on making sure kids are eating healthy and exercising enough, our upbringing focuses only on the Physical Body & Mind of our kids. How many parents are teaching their kids, How to respond to “difficult emotions”? How to release them in a “safe way”? How to “safeguard” themselves from painful emotions and not create Suffering? How to be “emotionally strong”? When these kids grow up if they face any trauma in life, will they be able to come out of it safely, without harming themselves in one way or the other? Anything physical is visible and easy to treat, emotions are not visible/tangible until they come out as “reactionary behavior”. Now due to the lack of understanding of all this, and due to the lack of COMPASSION in people’s heart, it becomes EXTREMELY challenging for an Emotional Sufferer to heal themselves, they find NO support around them whatsoever, not even their own family members, everyone ends up judging them, labeling them. 

Whenever someone is on Spiritual Path, and trying to raise their Energy, Heal themselves, or do their Spiritual Postmortem, Spirit/Soul will BRING OUT ALL the deep hidden issues that need to be addressed, FELT complete, UNDERSTOOD and put aside. EVERYTHING WILL SURFACE UP, that too at a crazy speed. So it’s NOT BAD AT ALL. In life, we DO NOT allow ourselves to grieve enough. We do not allow ourselves to CRY ENOUGH. People around us keep telling us do not cry, do not cry, not because they are helping us, only because they cannot handle their own emotional reaction to crying. They don’t want to see it. They are NOT helping; they are causing MAJOR DAMAGE. NEVER ask a child or anyone to NOT cry. Learn to handle the display of difficult emotions in the form of crying/tears. Crying is a Natural way of Healing. Let people cry if it comes to that. Once a person faces ALL their deep buried emotional issues, cries enough, feels the pain enough, and ACCEPTS Life, then he/she is healed. This is what Spiritual HEALING is all about. It is the opposite of Allopathy/Modern Medicine healing which is “suppressive” in nature, while spiritual healing is “expressive” in nature. So no need to sideline this process. When a person is going through such an "expressive", Spiritual Healing process, it does feel awful and fearful, but we need to learn to TRUST the ways of NATURE to HEAL us. One might have IGNORED or SUPPRESSED their painful emotions but there comes a time when one couldn’t suppress emotional wounds anymore. Which is good. No soul can progress without HEALING deep scars/issues that all lifetimes have left on us. It’s a normal and natural healing process. We see it as abnormal because our own definition of normal has been screwed up while growing up. Our perception of NORMAL is DISTORTED. Emotional wounds are teaching us lessons when we accept the lesson, we are healed. 

~ Adiguru

Kill the Buddha!

Kill the spiritual seeker within you, right now! Why?

I read a line somewhere, "Kill the Buddha if you meet him at the next stop", something like that. It did not explain the meaning, but I am giving my explanation here. The idea is that when we start moving towards spiritual goals in life, our Ego creates a "Seeker" personality within. So we become the Seeker or a Chaser of our own Spiritual Goals. Now suppose you are chasing a car, what all do you as a chaser need to always keep in mind? One is Car DETAILS like Red Car, Number, Make Model etc and another is the DISTANCE between you and the other car. So this seeker/chaser while on this path is ALWAYS busy with these two things. Seeker/Chaser gathers ALL information about Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Liberation, Samadhi and ALL about Spiritual Experiences. Means he/she has DETAILS now. And then Seeker/Chaser keeps on evaluating the DISTANCE by JUDGING within himself based on the details to find out how FAR or CLOSE one is to their goals. The moment any Spiritual Experience happens, Seeker/Chaser analyzes all details and comes with a Name/Theory/Concept for it and based on gathered knowledge from books or elsewhere, it DECLARES that you are this much close or that much far. That gives him/her an ILLUSION of TIME. This is what creates the Illusion of Time and Space. Now because you created this Seeker/Chaser kind of Ego/Personality it's job is just to keep seeking, keep chasing, it will make sure it has job security and the chasing/seeking NEVER ends. Seeking/Chasing means you are AFTER something, means there is SPACE between you and your goal, and Time and Space are interchangeable. The sooner you kill this Seeker Identity/Personality within, the better it will be. Hence next time the moment you get a judgmental thought about the stage/state of your spiritual progress/path, or thoughts of a Seeker who is looking for some validation, some sort of Spiritual Certification, then KILL those thoughts. Stop thinking that way, stop deluding yourself. Understand that, Seeker is the Sought.

~ Adiguru


Who and what is a Guru? How Guru plays a role? How does Guru help?  

Many books and people recommend that having a living Spiritual Guru in one's life is an absolute must and no one can progress without one. My direct experience of Guru is very different, though. I have/had no living Guru in this life, like many other Self Realized ones. I understand and agree with the fact that living Guru can save us from a lot of downfalls and can uplift us when needed. But first we need to understand that Guru is NOT a Physical Body. Guru is THAT, Guru is the All-Pervading Self. Guru is Everywhere and so Guru is in Everyone. It can't be otherwise. Whenever I needed guidance or direction in life, some book, sometimes even just a sentence from here or there, took my whole attention and showed me what direction I should take. One after the other books that I purchased, if now I look at the sequence in which I read them, it all seems very well planned, it all seems perfectly arranged. Every person that I met was giving me a message, was showing me something within me, and it all worked the way a real living Guru would have. When I was going through my Self Realization and was struggling, my friend Rob Sacks, just appeared from nowhere and pushed me into it, so the process can be completed sooner. My two other friends, Carol Hopkins, and Arathi Kurahatti kept pushing me to write or record what I am going through and kept me in this body. When I went into long Self-Absorption sessions, kids & my family kept on demanding my attention one way or the other to bring back my body consciousness. My friend was driving me around so I do not have to drive for few days. Guru is Self, and Guru is Everywhere and Guru is in Everyone. So Guru played through my friends, my family, kids around me, as and when I needed. The whole Universe became my Guru, and I had so many around me all the time, to make my journey successful. I can never say enough Thanks to all of them, whose presence helped me walk the path of Liberation.  

तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः

~ Adiguru

Awareness of Being Alive

What does it mean to be true, eternally alive? Fear of losing the awareness of being alive, Fear of Death, Fear of No-Self. Why is it OK to have this fear?

Let's see what the deepest, darkest rooted FEAR or IGNORANCE in humans is? 

We all understand intellectually that "Enlightenment" is DEATH. Self Realization is the ACCEPTANCE of DEATH and SURRENDER of WILL. Liberation is Net Resultant of Self Realization. Falling into or Living in Emptiness/Void/Nothingness is like LIVING THE DEATH. Yes, it seems like a Paradox, but it is not. When one seeks Enlightenment, one intellectually knows that one is asking for death, but ONLY the death of Mind, Emotions, EGO etc. No one is asking for the Death of the Body. No one is asking for the DEATH of LIFE in them. And LIFE here means, living as an Enlightened Being, living as a Spiritual Teacher, or a Guru, or a Saint, or a Mystic, or something else on those lines or a Mother or Bread Earner of the family and something on worldly lines. THEY ARE NOT ASKING FOR ALL THIS. Right? Rarely anyone would seek Enlightenment if it brings death to the body if it brings the death of the living being itself. WHY? Because of the FEAR. What Fear? Fear that one may become physically challenged and may not have anyone by their side to take care of them. Fear of not being able to earn a decent living for himself/herself. Fear of not being able to operate their body in a proper way. Fear of being NOBODY, Fear of being UNKNOWN to the world forever. Fear of not being able to LIVE the Bliss of being an Enlightened person. Fear of NOT being able to lecture/teach people. Fear of not being able to write any books, Fear of not being able to DISPLAY their knowledge/path/wisdom to anyone. Fear of not being able to show or tell anyone what mystical powers they have got. Why? Because all these FEARS are tied to ONLY one thing, Fear of not having a BODY and if one is able to OVERCOME that, there still lies a FEAR OF DEATH OF LIFE, FEAR OF LOSING ALIVENESS WITHIN. It is VERY DIFFICULT, ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to sense, understand this Fear, or see the FACE of this Underlying Fear. Everyone wants to FEEL ALIVE, have an AWARENESS or SENSE of being ALIVE. Nobody wants to LOSE that. The whole effort of doing ANYTHING in life is trying to FEEL ALIVE at one or many levels, through one or many aspects, many ways. The whole pursuit of life is just this, isn't it? People are FEARFUL of getting into deep, dark depression or psychosis or any other mental imbalance. Why? BECAUSE they fear LOSING that ALIVENESS, they fear to lose the AWARENESS that SENSE of BEING ALIVE.

Now let's understand this "Sense/Awareness of Aliveness" little more. Why do you think people drink alcohol or drugs or do adventure sports, or sex, build relationships, or go speed racing, or anything like that? To STRENGTHEN their Awareness of being Alive. Isn't it? In simple words, we say "we feel alive" by doing so. Even HELPING others, Financially, Emotionally, Physically, Professionally, Mentally, Intellectually, Spiritually or whichever way, makes us FEEL ALIVE. What are OTHER WORDS that we wrap this ALIVENESS into? We say we feel meaningful, purposeful, useful, thrilled, excited, blissful, happy, elevated, successful etc in life. But all these words are DIFFERENT ways of Wrapping the Sense/Awareness of ALIVENESS WITHIN. When we are sick, even with Fever, or A migraine, or Viral or anything, why do we want to get up from the bed as soon as possible? Why do we want to come out of it as soon as possible? Because IT TOOK AWAY our Sense/Awareness of BEING ALIVE. It takes away our ALIVENESS, physically, mentally or whichever way you want to look at it. Why do we fear Depression, Psychosis or any other physical or mental disability because it takes away our sense/awareness of being alive, right? Why do you think some Spiritual Enthusiasts are so much into and after Kundalini and Energy experiences, why do you think people want to have Mystical Experiences? Why do you think people even want to feel Divine Energy (wrapped as DIVINE LOVE), or a Divine Person's Energy? It makes them FEEL HIGHLY ALIVE. They wrap this "HIGHLY ALIVE FEELING" into other words, like Divine Love, Worthy of being Divine, Deserving Enlightenment or Liberation and all that, there could be MANY MANY wrappings and NICE WORDS for all this. But regardless of all words and wrappings, at the core, at the root, it is nothing but AWARENESS OF BEING ALIVE. So AT ALL COST we want to KEEP THAT, MAINTAIN THAT, sense of being alive. At NO COST we are EVER ready to GIVE IT UP. Who is this who doesn't want to give it up? Who is it in us who are clinging to it? EGO! Not the REAL YOU.

Why? EGO can NEVER understand what it means to be truly ALIVE. Ego doesn't know that who we are is ETERNAL ALIVENESS. Ego wants to have Aliveness Felt, Retained, Defined in its own way of understanding. Ego is part of MIND, it will NEVER understand that it's not something for the EGO to understand EVER. Ego fears, What if after being Enlightened/Self-Realized, NO REFLECTION comes out? What if there is NO LIVING BEING left to EVEN KNOW whether there is/was someone Enlightened, or became Pure Consciousness or Divine? All this is NOT for an understanding of EGO. So it FEARS, it RUNS AWAY from all this and clings to its own meanings and definitions of being alive.

It is NOT WRONG to have this FEAR, it is NOT WRONG to FEEL this way, it is NOT WRONG to Acknowledge that it's a HARD thing to live with. The first STEP is to ACCEPT and ACKNOWLEDGE that you have this Fear, instead of running away, or hiding somewhere or putting up a face that says no no I am fine. Once you ACCEPT and YOU KNOW that you have ACCEPTED, then we can do something about it. If you do not accept that there is a hair or dust in your eye and you keep on endlessly blinking and thinking oh I see fine, then HOW CAN YOU DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT? You are DENYING its PRESENCE. So first thing is to accept that "it's OK to have this fear", "it's OK to be this way", ACCEPT the PRESENCE of this FEAR.

Why is it OK to feel this way? Why is it OK to have this Fear? Why is it OK to have an ATTACHMENT to this FEAR? The answer is simple!

Didn't we all SIGN-UP to be packaged as HUMANS who will have Ego, Fears, Anxieties, Emotions and all that? Did we not sign-up to be ABLE TO FUNCTION IN DUALITY/IGNORANCE/MAYA/DREAM WORLD/ILLUSIONARY WORLD? Now how can we FUNCTION in DUALITY without having FEARS? Doesn't fear GUARDS us in one way or the other all through our life? Doesn't Fear HELPS US STAY ALIVE by not taking useless risks? Doesn't it warn us on time? Isn't ANXIETY that gut feeling which tells us sometimes that there is something wrong and we take necessary actions timely? Isn't EGO actually the BIGGEST PROTECTOR of our Body and MIND? Isn't it the Ego who is always busy in "Self Preservation" in one way or the other, and so we can stay ALIVE to this date, to this age? Aren't our Attachments responsible for SHAPING our life to a greater extent? Did not Attachments defined and made us who we are today? Did not attachments MADE US, SHOWED US that we are Loving, Caring, Passionate Human Beings. So then WHO SAYS ALL THIS NEEDS TO BE DISCARDED OR DELETED OR NEGLECTED OR REMOVED? Why do we need to do that? No way! We do not need to kill or discard or give away all these. We need to SEE THEM AS THEY ARE. We need to SEE THEIR TRUE PURPOSE that they are there for. These are TOOLS for us to LIVE and should be understood that way and left as is. No need to FIGHT them or try to Kill them. It won't work. Enlightened people have FEARS too, they show up as stomach growling or sudden change in energy and they immediately take action to SAVE their body, their energy. Do they NOT HAVE RIGHT to save their body? Do they not have right to exist in Body? Do they have no right to save their energy? Do they have no right to be human? Do they have no right to exist and play roles in Maya, Dream World? YES, THEY DO HAVE ALL THESE RIGHTS STILL! Being Enlightened doesn't mean feeling so IMMORTAL that you start driving your car in opposite direction in the wrong lane. It doesn't mean keep talking, lecturing, spending energy on others endlessly. It doesn't mean not eating or drinking or fulfilling other bodily needs as they arise. It doesn't mean STOP LIVING in any way. It doesn't mean Not Feeling ALIVE in any way. But TRULY ALIVE, not the Ego's understanding of Being Alive. So how can any Enlightened, Self-realized or No-Self person LIVE in their BODY and LIVE on this Planet Earth without WEARING THEIR GARB/Clothes/Costume OF EGO AGAIN? Once Ego is understood for its TRUE purpose and meaning, ALL Enlightened/Self Realized people WEAR it again, like a Costume, to play, to live in this world. They not only wear their Ego back, they wear Anger and Emotions too. You think I will NOT get Angry if someone punches me, God swears I will punch them back. You think I will not push people away from me if I think they are not there yet for me to do something about them? Yes, I will, this is Ego in function. Do you think I do not pat or hug or show love to my son or kids/people around me? I do, those are Emotions put to right use. So After being Enlightened/Self-Realized, we again start with ALL that we had before, it's like completing the 360 degrees circle journey. You are back again on the same starting point and you start in the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE now. You use the tools (fears, ego, emotions etc) for their right purpose, for living here and living in the body. So there is NOTHING wrong with Fears, Emotions, and Ego, ALL you need to do is UNDERSTAND THEM IN RIGHT PERSPECTIVE

~ Adiguru

Do or Die

In any given moment either you are Enlightened or you are not. And if you are not then are you looking forward to Liberation, being Whole? Is that your goal yet? If yes is the answer then what are you doing to be Liberated, to be Whole?The answer to this, should not be as below:

  • Living life, dragging myself, busy with kids, job, relationships, pursuing money, name, fame and all sorts of worldly goals with full energy or enjoying Spiritual, Mystical/Psychic/Energy Experiences.
  • Doing pooja, rituals, religious ceremonies, Satsang, Bhajans, following templeism, Churchianity, other religious communities, praying to God, Gurus, Nature or any other Supreme Power, or doing Social Service, charity, lots of good for others.
  • Reading, reciting Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Sacred Scriptures, chanting Mantras, Mala Japas, Indulging in discussions of Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra etc.
  • Doing Yoga as an exercise, wearing spiritual clothes, spiritual accessories, like Yantra, Mala, Mandala, Music, Incense, Tattoo, Spiritual Fashion etc. Doing Kundalini Yoga, breathing exercises, attending meditation/yoga camps etc. 

You might have got an idea by now, that if you are doing anything on the same lines as mentioned above, then you are not going towards Liberation, you are reserving your 'Next Birth' in the 'Train of Time'. Now you may be wondering what one should do then? If you are a person who needs spoon feeding, then you need a genuine Full-time Guru and become their disciple. How to find one? Well if you are ready, the teacher/guru will appear, until you are serious enough, until you know deep within that you may not be alive in this body tomorrow, you will keep hitting on charlatans! You may read a ton about what are the characteristics of true Guru and how and where to find them? But trust me,  Universe doesn't work that way. Even if you had/have any real living Guru around, he/she may leave you and/or you may never be able to reap any real benefits. All that you may experience from him/her is their Costume like Ego, No Gyan, No Path, No Light, you will ever see from them because YOU are NOT Ready. By reading all that information from Internet about Guru's characteristics and whereabouts, you can save your energy and time from the Charlatans, for the time being, but NOT even one single person, fly, cockroach or anything you ever meet is useless, there is a purpose, lesson behind every incident. The universe has created a foolproof plan, there are NO accidents. The intensity of the desire to Liberate in you is the decision-making factor for meeting a Genuine Guru and receiving his/her help in any manner. The intensity of this ultimate desire comes from having Dispassion/Detachment/Renunciation/Vairagya. When you feel & understand that you had enough of everything in this life and you understand your own mortality, then you walk this path and Universe supports you by giving you as many Teachers, Gurus, Lessons, Intuitions, Visions as you need. Suddenly everything all around starts working with you so you can reach your goal of Liberation, of being Whole. You get exactly what you need, from this Universe. There is no mystery in it, this is Cosmic Law. Now this doesn't mean you should stop having relationships, earning for family, living life or the following religion, this only means you could very well seem very busy, but the only burning desire that you may have is Liberation. One need not go to Forest or Renounce the worldly life to attain Liberation, it can very well be done while living a family life. Renunciation happens in MIND and has to happen in MIND, worldly life may or may not need to be given up, depending on individual circumstances. If you pay attention to the REAL LIFE of any Enlightened, Self Realized being, then you will understand that world was renounced in their mind. People follow the religions, religious affiliations created in the name of Enlightened ones, they FAIL MISERABLY to WALK in the footsteps of Enlightened ones, to be Enlightened themselves. Jesus was not Christian, Buddha was not Buddhist. 

Now back to walking this path. So if you are not the one who needs spoon feeding, a full-time Guru and if you have some sense of your intuition, awareness and most importantly if you have the guts to walk this path and you take your own responsibility then you can be helped by me. But a word of caution here, the end result of this Journey is very Beautiful. Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Liberation results in Bliss, Joy, and Peace, but this Journey is NOT at all beautiful, instead is more like living in hell. But one must pass through, what one has created, in order to arrive there. In this journey, the moment to moment truth is "Do or Die". We are living in the time, in the era where the human mind is the most active faculty and needs to be peeled layer by layer to find the TRUTH. Peeling the layers of mind is not that easy and apparent as it may seem and could be a very challenging task. It needs a lot of practice to "tame" your Thought Train which is running like a wild beast all the time. This is where I can help. The way I went on this path and helped myself is the gist of Patanjali Yoga Sutras, it's just that I came up with my own technique, method, and did it in my own way, I did not read books, materials until AFTER I was Enlightened and I had/have no living Guru in this life. My Soul/Inner voice was my guide, my Guru and I just kept going. Or in Terms of Tantra, we can say that my Guru/Gyan Chakra blossomed while experiencing the brief awakening on December, 10th, 2011. New Era, New Time, Human evolution are some factors that decide what could be an appropriate method for anyone willing to walk this path. There cannot be one-size-fits-all kind of teaching. What worked one thousand years ago, on several individuals may not work now for some of you. Wheel of Time changes 'Ether', changes 'Energy'. Hence prescription for each individual varies from time to time. If you understand all this well, then you can click on Echoflection link on the Top right of the Page and can read about the strategy I created, as I walked this path and you can follow my footsteps.

If you are hesitant in contacting me due to any reason, I understand that. Then you can do one thing - Be aware of your breath in every moment. Regardless of what you are doing; eating, walking, cleaning, drinking, listening, cooking, lawn mowing or whatever, just keep your focus on your Breath. Now there is a whole science (Prana/Pranic Energy) behind it, and a great reason for doing it, which I am not going to explain you here, but this is the easiest yet most important tip, I can give to anyone.

~ Adiguru


  • If you have reached this page, after submitting Contact Form, then please be assured that your message might have been sent to my Inbox. 
  • This website and its content, wisdom is derived from my own Spiritual Journey, and should not be taken as an only way to be. There can be numerous paths as there are people and there can be numerous ways to experience and explain all this. 
  • None of my advice should be treated as a substitute for medicine, medical treatments, or any type of counseling etc.
  • The spiritual journey is about 'Experiencing life' it's multitude and as a Multidimensional Being. Don't stay stuck to your Uni-dimensionality, in other words, Egoist Personality. 
  • Spiritual Journey is not a reason that you can use if you are trying to isolate yourself from friends and family due to any reasons. Do not misuse it, as a lot of people have already got the wrong perception in their mind that anyone who becomes a top notch Corporate Leader gets isolated or leaves his/her family, which is NOT true. 
  • Spiritual Journey is about seeing you in the Mirror, naked! It could be very hard to handle at times when the layers of your Ego are peeled, and you deal with your own Fears. You may not like the face you will see of yourself, and may run away from it and live in denial. It requires a GREAT amount of Courage to walk this path, it's not for scaredy-cats
  • Leadership cannot be given or taken, don't live in any such hopes
  • If a Youth, Teenager or a Child in your house or around you ask Spiritual Questions and is inquisitive about this subject of Life, then make sure you get him/her proper guidance and don't try to force your ideas on them. That's the first step, to help next generation. You can contact me for this. I love to answer/guide children of any age or youth. Yes, "The Mother", "A Friend" in me comes out "instantly" for them. Understand that Children/Youth have less conditioned mind/ego and they are somewhat free from the social barriers/responsibilities/fears, hence stand a very good chance to be a True Human. DON'T shun and tell them "you are too young to ask questions instead ADMIT that you DON'T KNOW yourself and get them someone who knows.
  • My first language is "Hindi" and the second language is "English". You may find mistakes, typos on this website, I appreciate you telling me about it, so I can fix it as I find time for that. I would love to hear from the Editor Genie in you. Alternatively, you can pay more attention to the gist of the content for your own benefit, than to the language/grammar. 

I am a Candle Burning Bright, and you are a candle which needs light, I can give you light, but for that, you have to burn! No Exceptions! 
Yes, this is exactly opposite of what you were taught in this world. That never burn the bridges, never throw away the ladder that you used to climb up, keep the boat that you crossed the river with safely tied to the shore and now no wonder you wonder why you are so indecisive in your life? Why you can never commit to anything wholeheartedly? Why you always feel confused and always find yourself in the midst of conflict within yourself and outside in life that whether you should do this or that? And why your mind comes up with suggestions like take one step forward but don't move the back-foot keep it where it is and no wonder you never reach anywhere instead fell flat on your face. Why things take so long for you? Why the end result is always the opposite of what you wanted? Why no significant achievement ever comes in your life? Why you are always in dilemma? Why people tell you "be a man", you are not yet a man? Why there is no integrity in you? Why your character, personality is shabby, is gray? Why other's feel they cannot trust you or rely on you? Why you appear like a bottomless bucket to others?

Did life keep you half here and half there? Did you come out of your mother's womb half? What if your mother decided to deliver only half the baby you? What if when Death says let me just take you partially? You will be a vegetable, on the bed in Comatose, right? Yes, that's right. That's what happens.

Let's see how this works. So say for example you are in your home country and an offer, an opportunity comes for you to go to another country. Your clever mind starts telling you all the pros and cons of both places, but still stresses more on where you are right now, because mind has very short visibility range and it can only see what you have in your hand right now, and that is what certainty and security is for the mind, so it will emphasize it, enlarge it. It cannot see anything that hasn't happen yet, you haven't gone to that new country, place, so for the mind, that is unknown, insecure, uncertain and mind fears that. And because you are "weak", you lack the "power of your Soul/Spirit", it's easy for you to buy into that fear than take the risk of unknown and uncertain. And sometimes even when that poor Soul within starts to say that "it wants to live" and tells you to go ahead, your mind confronts it and when the fight goes on for too long then mind comes up with a "suicidal mission". How? First, it creates a "rosy/desired end result" and then it tells you the "time to achieve" that end result, then it tells you to keep the back door open, do not burn the bridges, keep the ladder in its place, hide the boat into a safe place. So that in case you do not achieve that "rosy end result" in the "given time" then you can "go back", "escape". So mind tells you to "play safe". The mind tells you to have your two feet in two places and have both. Neither give up the present nor go for that future. Instead be at both places fifty-fifty. Mind divides. Divides you into two, into present and future, into what you have and what you should have. It divides your focus, concentration and your energy, your spirit. And no doubt after few years you reach "nowhere". Nothing fruitful happens. Neither you lived your present, nor ever that future became a reality and you end up frustrated losing present and future both. You become a washerman's dog, who is neither of any use at home, nor on the washing site. You become "completely useless". No one around can trust you at all, you have no integrity at all because you believe in "escape plans", "back doors", "hidden agendas", you are a fearful person, who will run back even with slight challenge or difficulty. Your mind is looking for one small difficulty to be able to say "see I told you to keep the back door open", then even small difficulties will look like Mountain to you, because you already programmed your mind to find out reasons to look back. Now who will stand with you? How can anyone be with you? You are not a man, not a human yet. People rather be with a Tree than be with you. You thought you were being "clever" and "intelligent", but you fool, you fooled yourself. You became a loser.

So what went wrong, do you see that? The first thing to know & accept is that you are a Slave of your Mind. You are not a person of Courage, of Heart. So that's why you listened to your Mind, instead of following your Heart. Now let's see what else went wrong.

Mind created 3 things -

  • Rosy/Desired End Result
  • Timeline
  • Back Doors, Escape routes/strategies
Is there truly something as "end result"? No! Life is eternal, End is Death! Only Death we can call as "End" so why are you trying to create "death", "full stop"? Can you say that any of your jobs will be your last job? Can you say I will not work at all in any way, anywhere? Can you ever be so certain about anything in future at all? So then what is this fascination with some "desired end result". Did you ever get what you truly wanted? And even when you got it, can you say you can keep it forever? Can you say you will not desire anything else on that same line? No, No No. You can never say never. So if your efforts are done full-heartedly then results will be fruitful always, that's the law of nature, and then whatever the fruits might be you will enjoy it because you have done all that you could, you left no stone unturned. You were TOTAL in your efforts, in your spirit, in your decision. So then there is no question of "imagining a certain type of end result or goal". Drop this nonsense!

Now, what is this "Timeline" that you have come up with? Do you know whether you will be alive tomorrow or not? Do you know for sure that you will not get severely sick, or will not be in an accident in future? Can you say for sure that so many wild & deadly variety of diseases will not happen to you? Can you say you will not get a heart attack or stroke? Can you say for sure that you will not die in your sleep? Did God give you any timeline that "you know" of? Did your mom or nature give you a timeline that by this age you should have all your teeth, by this month you should be walking, by this date you should hit your puberty? No! You got your teeth when you got them, you started walking when you were ready, you did not look at other kids and thought oh other toddlers of my age have started walking so should I too. Many of your friends hit their puberty before you, or after you, did you wait for anyone, or were you able to speed up? Then whose timeline, what is this timeline? We all take our own sweet time for anything and everything. There is no race going on, no competition in life. Nothing ever gets on your timeline, you know that very well, you know that from your own life experience. Then why create a "timeline" in your mind? Timelines always "provoke" the escaping behavior. While I was working as a Software Professional I always used to tell my team members that "Relax, take one day at a time. Project Timeline should not become Deadline for your Lifeline". Timelines are "Time Bombs", they make you run away, suffer in so many ways. What a correct name, Time is a Bomb. Timelines do not help you in any way, they are the hurdle to realizing one's own potential. You will "never" know your own depths and potential. You can never explore yourself at all because every time you will give up sooner than you should have because there is a timeline in your mind. At least for living life do not create such useless, fake timelines for yourself. You will never know who you are, you will suppress yourself, you are stopping your own growth. It's like saying if this lemon tree doesn't flower and bear fruits in next two years I will chop it down. What nonsense is this? You are chopping down yourself sooner than you should, so you never see yourself flowering, to fruition. Stop creating this deadline, timeline for yourself. Let life be eternal as it truly is and accept it. Let life, nature flow within you on its own time. Just do your best and surrender the rest. Let Nature, Life, Universe do its own magic, it's own work. 

Now the moment you throw away those imaginations of "rosy/desired end results" and this bullshit business of "timeline" you will yourself burn the bridges, throw away the ladder and drown the boat and will close all the back doors and escape routes, escape strategies. There won't be any "Plan B" in your life. Every plan will be "Plan A" only. 

Let's see how "Decisive" ones, whole-hearted people handle the same situation of moving to another country.

Such people will get excited about it right away, thinking they are getting something new, something different, they won't bother much about pros and cons as anyways life is not lived by the principles of profit and loss. These people know themselves very much, they know what do they want, they are very clear about it. They have higher Soul Power, Stronger Spirit because they did not suppress it every now and then while growing up even if following their heart gave them pain or troubles. They trust themselves to take any risks. More than worrying about Future, they will focus on what do they need to do "now" to make that distant thing a reality. They are focused more on their present steps because that is what will bring the fruitful outcome. They do not keep themselves busy in thinking and procrastinating about a rosy/desired end result. Such people will not divide themselves within between their efforts of today and goal in future. They will think less about that end result, that goal and work and focus more on what needs to be done now. The division between present and future will not be there, they will not exist in two places at one time. Those who focus too much on end result or goal forget to put the right amount of effort in their present. End Result, Goal is Future, Efforts towards that End goal needs to be done today, it is the present. Since their energy, their heart is not divided their full focus will be on the efforts of today and no doubt they will reach the end goal safer and faster. When such people live their life, they become an example for others, others can rely on them as they show the integrity. They will do what they are saying they will do, they are doers, people of action, not empty words and wishful thinking. They are determined and once they set their mind to something there is No Going Back. Such people are not sure about life, have not seen the future, they don't know anything better than others, but.... but they are sure about themselves, they have trust, faith on themselves and that makes the whole difference. Whatever they do they do it wholeheartedly. If they do not want to do anything they won't do it at all, but will never do anything halfheartedly. They are very decisive and can hear a clear-cut "yes" or "no" within them and nothing can influence them, drive them away or change their mind. They give themselves fully to anyone or anything in life. There is no such thing as fifty-fifty in their life. Hence they succeed in whatever they do. Life for them is very much Black and White and no shades of Gray. Since they are focused on Today, on the efforts of today they are very fluid, they can change very quickly when something doesn't work, they are pro-change, pro-life as it's more about the "journey" and not the "end goal". And the journey is full of twists and turns, slow and fast movements, ups and downs, pains and gains and they do not live in "denial" of the natural flow of life. They do not waste their energy in trying to hold life, stop life, go against the flow of life. Once they move on they do not look back. They do not believe in the Myth of Balance. Life is a constant change/movement and balance is as momentary in the pendulum of life as are two extremes, so why bother so much. Such people are "fully alive", their life is a symphony, a dance. Can you imagine a dance without any movement? Can you imagine a music where the sound is still, stagnant, just one tone? It will blast your ears, right? Have you seen any tree which doesn't behave according to the changing seasons, weather? The tree goes on growing new leaves, shedding the old ones, growing new branches, new bark, shedding the old one. The river goes on flowing constantly, never water stops for a moment. Earth goes on shifting, moving, piling upon itself to create mountains and lifting itself to create valleys. Does tree keep it's flowers safe thinking spring is too far away and next spring I may not be alive to flower again, this winter may kill me? What is stagnant, or stoppable in Nature? Nothing! Absolutely Nothing! Everything is ever changing, ever moving.

But no, you the silly human want certainty, an idea of security you love out of fear, you want to trap life, hold, stop life in all possible ways. Your stupid mind comes up with all sorts of breaks that can be put on life. You live "Death" every day, you are not living "Life" at all. Can you wear the same skin back that you shed every day? Can you bring back the eyes, the look that you had as a child? Can you go back to your mother's womb? No, No, No. There is no going back. Life never goes back. Rivers never start flowing upwards to store their water and not go into the ocean. Nothing ever goes back, there is no such thing as keeping the bridges and ladders and boats safely so someday you can go back. If you do that then you are planning on going back to another mother's womb, starting life all over in an animal or human body to learn the very same lesson that "life is a movement, accept it, be decisive, be whole, don't be divided". If anything goes back to the same old then yes it's Cyclical, it becomes Karma, Unconscious Pattern, it becomes an endless cycle of "death and birth", it becomes a roller-coaster and you become the Hamster riding it. You are trapped in your false certainty, security, your own false idea of "end result" and you call it life, you think you are going somewhere, moving, but you are not. A "whole-hearted, decisive" person can see your life and tell you in a moment that you are not living at all, you are not alive within, you have no joy in you, you have no peace in your heart, you do not sleep well, you are riding hamster wheel and it is not taking you anywhere, you are not evolving, not maturing, not growing, you are dead now, doesn't matter if your body keeps going around, you are a zombie. You are not yet a Man, a Human.

Stop coming up with imaginations of "end results", stop procrastinating. And stop making life hard for yourself by creating timelines. It all happens when it happens. Just focus on doing your efforts wholeheartedly. Make a choice in life, but then live that choice. Don't see here and there and don't fool yourself thinking the past, that other thing might have been better. Exercising Choice means living the choice, accepting the choice wholeheartedly.

Osho and Satya Sai Baba happened in the same time, same era. So a guy named Chandu Bhaiya became Disciple of Satya Sai Baba and after staying in his Ashram he heard about Osho and felt more inclined towards Osho. So after six months Chandu Bhaiya came to Osho's Ashram. Every day he used to listen to Osho but the moment he used to go back to his room, he used to look at the picture of Satya Sai Baba that he was keeping and used to pray to that. When Chandu Bhaiya was living with Satya Sai Baba he was with Osho and now when he was with Osho he was half available to Satya Sai. End result? Nothing! He never learned anything at all. Because he came up with clever strategy of keeping both Ashram, both Gurus in case one rejects or doesn't work. None worked!

That's why it has happened sometimes that even in the presence of Un-Enlightened Masters one becomes Enlightened, because the effort is Total, the surrender is Total. And it has happened million times that even in the close presence and guidance of Enlightened Master, nothing happens in people like Chandu! Because they are half and half!

Be Total!

~ Adiguru

Don't do Meditation!

Yes! You read it right. Don't do Meditation.

  • Because meditation cannot be done
  • Because meditation is not a "doing" or "action"
  • Because meditation is a non-doing or inaction
  • Because by "doing" by "action" you cannot achieve "non-doing" or "inaction"
  • Because meditation is a 'happening within you', it's a state of your "Being" not your "Mind"
  • Because meditation means "not involving mind" or "bypassing the mind"
Until I reached the USA, the word "Meditation" meant something else for me. Until then it meant something like doing some exercises to sharpen your brain powers or neurons power of your mind. It meant "mental exercise" for me. 

Now if you just type "Define Meditation" in Google, it displays the definition as below - 

  1. the action or practice of meditating.

    "a life of meditation"

    synonyms:contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection,
    prayer, deliberation, study, rumination, cogitation, brooding, mulling
     over, reverie, brown study, concentration, speculation;
    "cultivating the presence of God in meditation and prayer"
    • a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject.
      plural noun: meditations

      "this is not a mythopoetic meditation on manhood, it's a historical study"

Now you can clearly read above that the definition itself says "it's an action" and you can see that all the synonyms are "action", "active verbs" that involves "mental activity". It clearly says that Meditation means "Involvement of Mind, Practice through Mind". 

Now if you search for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition for Mediation or Meditate, it is given as below-

  1. Definition of meditate

    meditate; meditating

    1. intransitive verb
    2. 1:  to engage in contemplation or reflection - He meditated long and hard before announcing his decision.
    3. 2:  to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness
    4. transitive verb
    5. 1:  to focus one's thoughts on:  reflect on or ponder over He was meditating his past achievements.
    6. 2:  to plan or project in the mind:  intend, purpose He was meditating revenge.
Again here you can clearly see that it's talking about Mind, Mental exercise, mental involvement, thought-process, focus, concentration and so on. 

So I had a perfect understanding of what it means and I had no confusion about it. But slowly after living in America, I realized that people are actually confused here. They are actually trying to achieve the state of "Dhyana" but they call it "Meditation" here and hence so much mental effort they are trying to put into it because Meditation is defined as "action involving mind"

When Westerners were translating the Hindi & Sanskrit Spiritual Knowledge often there were no words available in the English language so whatever closest word they could find according to "their understanding" they would use that. When Dhyana was being translated there were 3 words available; Focus, Concentration & Meditation. Focus and Concentration were very limited ones, Meditation was vague and expansive word covering a lot of meaning, so they used the word meditation for Dhyana. But since they were NOT MEDITATIVE people who were translating it, they never really "attained Dhyana" so mental understanding resulted in a translation that was for the mind, and is of absolutely no use. There are many such corrupted, polluted words that lost their meaning in translation, like "contemplation", "Samadhi", Self, Selfishness, Brahm/THAT and many more words. 


Using 3rd Eye Chakra

The State of Dhyana can be attained directly.

Though one can go via the Mind (5 Senses/Manas) or Physical Body (Yoga/Yogic Tapas) route too. But that is far more time consuming and difficult, yet for some that may be the best and only option. No method is right or wrong, it depends from person to person and the level of "intensity" that one has. 

Now, How can one attain Dhyana directly? DO NOT involve your Mind at all, that means No Attention, No Focus, No Concentration on Yantra, Mantra, Japa, Chanting, Images, Colors, Light or any outside object at all. Nothing needs to be done which involves, activates your mind. Dhyana can be easily achieved without any mental activity at all, we are trying to recognize the distance from any mental activity and thoughts. That distance need not be "created" by going far away or involving in yantra, mantra, chanting and this or that. That distance ALREADY exists in you, because you are not your thoughts or emotions or mind. All you have to do is STILL yourself, so you can SEE/FEEL/PERCEIVE that distance. 

So when we use the direct methods to attain Dhyana using 3rd Eye Center the first thing to understand is that there already is a huge distance/gap/separation between you and your mind-thoughts-emotions-bundle. Dhyana means that GAP, that SILENCE, that STILLNESS within, it already exists. There is no need of any efforts to Create it. You just have to recognize it, tap into it, perceive it without using ANY of your 5 senses (Manas) because it is beyond the perception power of 5 senses. That means 5 senses should be withdrawn so they do not create a distraction. 

Sit cross-legged on the floor or asana (cotton/wool/jute/bamboo or natural organic material mat) with your back straight. Room or your place of Dhyana should be a QUIET one. Your ears should not get any input. Start Dhyana at night, when it's all dark outside and you can turn off the room lights as well so eyes will not get input either. Light up a very small candle in front of you about 3 feet away, to increase the Etheric vibration and so you can see the "tip of your nose". You shouldn't be seeing the entire room and stuff and things around clearly at all. Nothing should be touching your body. Eat food two hours before or after Dhyana, so taste buds are not so excited and stomach/digestion process is not causing distractions. Wear appropriate clothes so neither you are cold nor you should be feeling too warm. For few days just do this much, try to practice sitting with a straight back, because there is no point in going forward with a weaker foundation. If sitting cross-legged is a problem then sit on the chair but with back straight. If you do not have any prescribed medical condition which prevents you from sitting on the floor cross-legged then try, try and try until you become comfortable sitting that way. You will always see the Awakened ones sitting in Padmasana, or Siddhasana or Ardhpadmasana like poses only because there is a big reason for that, it's about creating a perfect circuit of energy in your Etheric body. Samadhi is also a posture/pose/asana of the body initially when it happens. Once Dhyana or Samadhi states becomes your Natural State of being then it won't matter how your physical body is, but then naturally you won't be able to slouch your back even if you want to, you will sit cross-legged or with one leg half folded even on the chair because in all the other ways you will feel uncomfortable. 

Once you are able to still your body and you are able to sit for at least 15 minutes in a cross-legged position without moving and you are accustomed to the dark room with only a small candle then comes the second step. 

The second step is to just throw a "glance",  very "gentle look" on the tip of your nose. Do not focus, do not concentrate, as there is no Eifel Tower or Taj Mahal there to look, there is nothing to look or to put focus or concentration on. There should not be any "effort" done at all. Just a simple, gentle glance, look on the tip of the nose that will "half close" your eyes. This is being done so neither your eyes stay open and get tons of inputs to distract you by activating your conscious mind, and nor your eyes close completely and your subconscious becomes active and you start slipping in the dream mode instead. So for Beginners eyes should not be fully open and should not be fully closed. Initially, this gentle glance/look will break every few seconds, but slowly by practicing you will be able to sit like this for 10-15 minutes. Initially, you will feel like it is creating a sort of pressure in your forehead, which is nothing to be worried about. Because yes, it is creating pressure on your 3rd Eye point and that is the reason we are doing it. Now you will realize that when you throw a gentle glance on the tip of your nose anywhere, anytime you CANNOT THINK. There will not be any thoughts at all. Once you master this glance you can do it anywhere, anytime. But never do it for more than 15-20 minutes. That's all. Slowly this "thoughtlessness" will start taking deeper and deeper roots in you. And that's what Dhyana is, a "thoughtless state". After a couple of months, you will be able to tap into this "thought-less" state without even glancing on the tip of your nose. Dhyana state can be achieved instantly with even just first try, it is something very very simple. And just in 3-4 months, it takes roots in you, this thoughtless state becomes your natural state to be, like how anxiousness or fear or stress or frustration were your natural states before. 

Once glancing the tip of your nose is learned you never need a special place, asana or other favorable surroundings, its good if you have them but if you want you can come out of those sensory limitations. Once Dhyana state can be achieved without throwing this glance on the tip of the nose, then give up that too, don't keep on doing it for more than few months at all. Keep giving up on all such things that were used to get into that Dhyana state. Buddha used to say - Once you cross the river do you keep carrying the "boat" with you? No! You leave the boat after crossing the river and do not carry it on your shoulders wherever you go. So that's the point. Do not carry the boat, the mode, the practice part, just "be that thoughtless state". Drop the boat once you have arrived on the other shore. 

Now few important things to understand here are that Dhyana is the state of "non-doing", "stillness" of "being", not the stillness of Mind. Mind CANNOT be made still at all, the mind is a mind and it's futile to fight it, you can never teach non-doing, non-thinking to the monkey mind, so why struggle on that front. You are trying to silent your mind which is against the nature of mind but why worry about mind at all, let it be there, you do whatever needs to be done and it doesn't involve mind at all. Thoughts become a problem when you want to Attain Dhyana using your Thoughts & Imagination. When your understanding of Dhyana is the definition of Meditation. That's when you struggle and make mistake. If you can keep your body still, then Dhyana happens INSTANTLY. Try right now, just throw a gentle glance on the tip of your nose. You won't be able to "think" anything, thoughts will not be there. All you need to do is make this state a little longer, deeper in you. Let it sink within you. Some people will struggle with this throwing a gentle glance on the tip of the nose because they will start focusing on it, concentrating on it, the moment it happens means the mind is on the crime scene now, stop it, break it try again. It should be a very gentle, soft, effortless look. 

So just these two steps - the First one "Preparation for Dhyana" and Second one "Be in Dhyana". Just like one Prepares themselves to be in the shower first by taking off clothes etc and then one is in the shower. That's all, it's simple, no complications. No struggle and Mind is not at all in the picture, neither Thoughts nor Emotions. Absolutely no drama at all. 

Using Prana/Pranic Energy

There is another way to attain this state of Dhyana using the 4th Chakra/Heart Chakra power. There is another simple way, through using Prana/Pranic Energy. 

Do this experiment on yourself. Think of a really fearful situation that you were in your life, anything that might have scared you very much. Think of it. Then just think how you were breathing at that time. Shallow, fast paced kind of. Now the try to breathe in the exact same way right now. Do it for 2-3 minutes and you will see that it actually created the Fear in you. Try another one, think of a time when you were sexually aroused and think how you were breathing at that time. Long rhythmic deep breaths. Try to breathe in the exact similar way right now and within few minutes you will feel sexually aroused. Try another one, think of the time when you were with your love, or with your child or anyone with whom you feel deeply in love with and think how you were breathing at that time. Try to breathe in the exact same way for few minutes and you will feel love within. So what this tells you is that Emotions can Change/Trigger a specific Breathing pattern, and Breathing pattern can Initiate/Trigger the emotion in you accordingly. Emotions or Emotional Energy are part of your Heart or Heart's Energy field. And there is no way to access Heart Chakra or Energy Field of the Heart except either through Emotions or through Breathing. Now emotions are highly unstable and keep on forcing your Breathing pattern to be arrhythmic, out of sync. The State of Dhyana is also the energetic field of the Heart/Heart Chakra. So by tapping into that energetic field, you can attain Dhyana. How?

Preparation of Dhyana - Start watching your breath, just become aware of your breath. No need to change it at all. In any given moment just watch your breath. Do not focus or concentrate on "how am I breathing?" Don't get into the analysis of your breathing pattern. Just simply, effortlessly watch your breath. Now this "watching/being aware of" is a quality in you, just like any other emotion and it exists in you. No need to mentally focus or concentrate on your Breath. No mind involvement. Just a gentle, soft watching, being aware of your Breath. 

Dhyana - Slowly from that breathing "watchfulness/awareness" will arise in you. Just like above I explained that emotion of fear can create a specific breathing pattern, and the reverse is also true, a specific breathing pattern can initiate/trigger the emotion of fear in you.  So in the same way we are at first using our natural quality of "watching/being aware" to watch our Breath, and then slowly through that "watchfulness/awareness" will arise within. The more and more we do it, the more this watchfulness/awareness within starts taking deeper roots. If you are being watchful or aware of your breath then you cannot think of anything else. Initially, this watchfulness/awareness of breath will be broken shortly after you start, but keep coming back to that again and again.  Initially, you will be able to recognize it after you are done with "being watchful or aware of your breath" or maybe an hour later. Slowly you will start noticing this watchfulness more and more. This quality of watchfulness or awareness is not connected to anything in you. It's a space, void kind of thing.This thoughtless state, this watchfulness/awareness is Dhyana. It is not about watching or being aware of something particular at all, it's just a natural quality that we all have, and it can be initiated/triggered in you through breathing. Some people may struggle with this technique when they get into an analysis of their breath or their chest going up & down or anything like that. If you see yourself doing that, stop, try again, just simply be watchful, be aware. Within few days of practice, watchfulness/awareness will arise within you. Once you start recognizing it, it will start taking deeper roots. You can do this by sitting anywhere in any pose, day or night or whenever. But it works best when you are sitting cross-legged with your back straight, or at least with your back straight. This is another powerful way to attain Dhyana. 

Other than the above there are many Pranayam techniques, Kriya Yoga techniques. 


Using Mind/Manas/5 Senses

Mind has 4 dimensions, aspects, functions - 
  • Manas - Sensory Control 
  • Aham - The "I" maker
  • Buddhi - Intellect
  • Chitta - Impressions, Perception storage 
Now from the above 4, Manas is a really powerful gross dimension, aspect and can be used to attain Dhyana. One can fix their glance on a Yantra and can use their Eyes or can Listen to Mantras and use their ears, or can use their Speech to Chant a Mantra and vibrate their Consciousness, or one can use Tantra to go deep down into the depths of sense of "Touch" and activate the flow of energy to reach Consciousness, Awareness. There are different methods & techniques involving senses and Manas and it depends on a person as to which sense will work for him. Many yogis used Yantra, many Chanted Mantra, many heard (Shruti) the Mantra and yet many went through the routes of Tantra. 

One can use their Chitta - Impressions storage house too, to see the stored reflections and purify Chitta and learn the life lessons and raise their vibrations, consciousness level and erase the boundaries, limitations of “I”, “Me”, “Mine”. 

Using Etheric/Energy Body

Kundalini Awakening, Kriya Yoga methods work directly on the Energy Body or Etheric layer of your body. For some people, this is the best option. 

Using Physical Body

Many people attain Dhyana through Physical Body Tapas, by doing Hatha Yoga or other types of Yogas. But for that "intention" should be to "attain dhyana" and not just well-being. This may take a longer time to manifest but all these methods work too. 

While choosing a method to attain Dhyana, if you are trying by yourself then try Subtle Methods first and then go for Gross methods. No method is right or wrong, no one method is better than any others, it all depends on YOU. By doing Martial Arts or just by sweeping floor also one can attain Dhyana. It is NEVER about the Method actually. One Single deciding factor is “INTENSITY”. How much Intense anyone is, how much is the Fire Within and if one is really Intense then ANY method will work.

Now, let's understand "why" are we trying to attain Dhyana state? Benefits of attaining it are so many and can be categorized into two major categories - 
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetical Well-Being
  • Moksha/Liberation
Once a person attains Dhyana state and is able to tap into that silence, that void, that watchfulness, then he/she naturally becomes peaceful. And despite leading a hectic, busy, stressful life one knows how to maintain the distance from the mind and doesn't indulge in overuse of alcohol, drugs type of stuff to numb the mind to stop the thought process. Maintaining the distance from mind results in an improvement in energy level. Once he/she becomes Calmer and Peaceful, it gets easier to deal with life and Physical Body gets less ruined, damaged and stays healthy instead. He/She is better equipped to deal with life situations by achieving emotional and mental balance. Hence Psychosomatic diseases do not happen to such a person. Once this Dhyana state takes deeper roots in anyone, then it CANNOT be LOST. You cannot unlearn it, or loose it. You may forget about it, but by similar small practice, you can again be back to it. The effect of it stays with you for a very long time, even if you don't do it. 

Now those whose interest in Dhyana is to achieve Well-Being of Body, Mind or Emotions they do not need more information than what is already provided. 

Those who are looking for Moksha/Liberation and are on their journey to find the Ultimate Truth they can take this State of Dhyana to whole another level. That's whole another dimension of understanding & living in itself. Most important thing to understand is that this will cause a major stir, overhaul in your life and everything that you have hidden inside will start coming to the surface to change the perception and once it is addressed another issue/block/unconscious pattern may come and this is going to be a heck of a roller coaster ride, but this State of Dhyana and then working on your issues by setting the correct perception will slowly "transform" you, will deplete your Karmic Account really fast and will help you achieve Moksha, will show you the Ultimate Truth, will help you Realize your True Nature. 

~ Adiguru