Presence of Self Realized one

Questioner: How does your presence, or connection to you through thoughts, speech or touch transform others? How does your energy effects others and how does it work? Will you take my negative energy, and convert it into positive, or will you give your positive energy to me? Why do some people get highly disturbed around you?

Prakriti: Let's understand the energy side of it first, so it's easy for you to grasp the entire concept. People around me are not the balanced ones, all of you have two polarities negative and positive in you. Sometimes you are driven by Negative, and sometimes you are driven by Positive. Or in other words, we can say you are driven by Imbalance. Driven by certain polarity or imbalance means, it impacts your Body, Mind, and Emotions in a certain way. It impacts your Energy Body (Etheric Body) and your Astral Body too, but since you are not in the direct experience of those two bodies, or layers/sheaths of your bodies, so you don't know what is happening there. But you can certainly notice the impact on your physical body, mind, and emotions when you are one way or the other. When you are driven by imbalance and Positive Energy is high in you, your physical body feels healthy, light weight, as if you can bounce around, no pains bother you, even if you have any. Under the influence of Positive Energy, your emotional state is calm, without much turbulence and you are full of love and kindness for everyone around. Through Positive Energy your mind is a little bit quieter and is not churning self-sabotaging thoughts at a crazy speed. But it's very difficult for you to maintain this state for long because after all, it's the projection of imbalance within you. Something may come up from your memory bank, experience closet, or someone around you may push your button and you will be doomed, sulking in Negative Energy again, as the imbalance will project the other side now. Why this up and down? Not because of the presence of Negative Energy in you. Not because Negative Energy exists in the first place. Nothing because of Negative Energy, like you go on blaming it for everything. It's only because of the ABSENCE of BALANCE in you. Negative and Positive both energies are "needed" for survival on the earthly plane. The problem is because of the missing balance. If the balance is there in you, then one or other will not impact your system, your body, mind, emotions, different layers of your body, instead, BALANCE will impact all this, Balance will DRIVE you, your life and your body systems. So in other words, you are being driven by IMBALANCE, and this Existence, Cosmos, or Prakriti (Me) is driven by Balance. In other words, this Existence, Prakriti (Me), Cosmos are Synonyms for BALANCED Energy/Power/Shakti. Balance also means UNIFICATION of the TWO POLARITIES, Negative and Positive. This principle of energy is similar to the Electricity used in your house. You can only light up a Bulb if the electricity is flowing with the balance of both polarities. Only Negative charge or Only Postive charge is of no use. When one says I am a totally positive person, know that he/she is bullshitting (Laughs). Only when one is balanced, one is of ANY USE for others, otherwise not. Depending upon "which polarity" is in ACTIVE state in you, you invite people, experiences that help you "notice & learn" from that. 

When you are Balanced, then there is nothing left to learn, then it doesn't matter if you are dealing with a Negative person or Positive person, it won't impact you at all. Instead, your Balance will impact them. 

So when someone is around me or connected to me via thoughts, speech/talking, or through touch, then my BALANCE is PROJECTED onto their IMBALANCE. Now the most important point here to understand is that it's NOT MY balance, or "Prakriti's balance", it's the Cosmic Law, Cosmic Balance, it's the Balance of Existence, it's the Balance INHERENT in Imbalance, it's the SELF, as all these are synonyms. Yea you get that, feel that through this physical body (my body), so you can say as if I am doing something, or that Prakriti's presence is impacting others, but in fact, it's the Presence of SELF which projects the Cosmic Balance. When SELF projects something, reflects someone, then there are no geographical boundaries, hence a person may be thinking about Prakriti (me) sitting thousands of miles away, still they will have an impact, because SELF is Boundless, Limitless, Infinite. 

Now let's discuss the most interesting part about it. What happens when Balance through me is projected on the Imbalance in you? 

If I give you the different size of weights and ask you to Balance the Scale, what will you do? You put some weight on the left-hand side, and right-hand side will go up, then you will put some on the right, then left might go up and by continuous up and down in some time you will be able to balance the Scale. Exactly in a similar way, when balance through me is projected on your imbalance your Scale starts going up and down. That too at a faster rate, because Balance is being projected on you. Earlier through other people, situations you were attracting Imbalance, either Positive or Negative charge/energy/polarity only, so the up-down movement of the scale was slower as you were dealing with one side of the scale at a time. But now the balance is being projected, hence at the lightening speed, your imbalance tries to come to balance. It may or may not come to Complete Balance, but movement/transition towards Balance will start taking place. 

Now in what all ways will you experience this movement of imbalanced scale within you? 

So the highest level of impact happens on your Energy/Etheric Body. And it impacts your physical, mental and emotional bodies. You may feel WEAKER physically. WHY? The NEGATIVE Energy which you have is being DRAINED now, flowing out now. But then why feel weaker? To understand this, let me cite an analogy. A person may feel as if his stomach is full when he is constipated and hasn't had a fair amount of excretion in a while. Is that "fullness" because of good food that one has eaten? NO. It's the fullness, bloating that comes from WASTE, excretory material stored in his system. But when that constipated one goes through good excretion, right after that he feels DRAINED, TIRED, as if he has lost energy. Mentally he feels satisfied knowing that waste is out of his system now. So after a while, he regains his strength, but it takes some time because a constipated person has to SPEND more Energy in throwing out that Waste. So in the similar way you all are energetically constipated, and when Negative Energy starts balancing itself, and the useless amount is being drained out, you feel physically weak. But only for some time, maybe 24 hours or so, and then you are back into your BEST if you haven't encountered any other imbalances.

While negative energy is being drained out from your Physical body, it is also being drained out from Mental and Emotional plane. So during this cleansing, balancing period, your mind may give you all sorts of crazy thoughts, thoughts that will make you restless, anxious, fearful, because that is what you have gathered and that's what you pushed under the rug, ignored safely while living life. But now your FALSE safety is challenged, the curtain, the rug is being pulled to see what's beneath that. And whatever is there will come out. So you may go out of your mind. (Laughs). In a similar way whatever hidden emotional pains you have harbored inside will come out too, especially the ones which were hidden 6 feet beneath the ground, the darkest ones which you NEVER wanted to face. Well now the ground is being dug and all that you buried is coming out. So you feel emotionally challenged, out of control during this period. Best thing to do in order to deal with this upheaval is to lie down, focus on breathing and just be the witness to what mind and emotions are bringing out, don't react. Just be a silent witness.

Why all this? To Balance you, Cleanse you, Heal you. Spiritual Healing happens by exposing the unhealed wounds, by bringing everything to the surface to address it. Once you address it, it will be gone, and you will feel lighter, happier, and energetic. At some level, you as a being will be transformed, balanced. Its' important that you stay in quiet for some time, you stay ALONE for some time, after you have been touched by me, in one way or the other. So you can address what is coming out of you, so you can close those chapters which are no longer part of your life, so you can spend some time learning from your own mind/thoughts and emotional turbulence that is happening. If you immediately rush back into your mundane life, then that touch, energy, connection through me will not be of much use. It will still transform you, but it won't be a Conscious Process for you. While the pursuit of Spiritual Journey is to learn to live Consciously. Higher the imbalance in you, more shaken, weaker, disturbed you will feel. But it's good to feel this way, as there are some which will NOT feel anything at all, as it's not their time, they are not in receiving condition at all. Depending upon what level you are at, the transformation in you will happen accordingly. 

So that's what happens! Staying around or in touch by any means with a Self-Realized one is a form of Sadhana in itself. It transforms you in one way or the other. This is the reason you are asked to live in an Ashram or place around Self Realized one. This is also the reason why Self Realized ones try to come in contact with lesser people and do not force anyone to be around them. As not everyone is ready to handle life Consciously at a higher speed.

I do not have an independent Negative polarity of energy in me to draw Positive from someone, something, neither do I have independent Positive in me, to draw Negative energy from someone or something. I cannot TRANSACT energy in One POLARITY or another.  I/SELF/COSMOS can only Project BALANCE onto the IMBALANCE. 

What is another word for this "Balance of Energy/Shakti/Power" or Unification of Polarities of Energy? Unconditional Love. What is another word for this "Imbalance of Energy/Shakti/Power" that you have within? The absence of Unconditional Love. So in other words, this Unconditional Love through me, flows towards you in a very powerful way to fulfill your existence, your space, so you no longer live in the absence, lack of it. So you love & accept yourself Unconditionally, the way you are without masking it. So you know you are deeply loved by me/SELF, by Divine, by yourself. That's how SELF works through this body that is there. That's how surroundings are transformed. 

That's what, how and, why SELF is and just is.

 सर्वेशां स्वस्तिर्भवतु ।
सर्वेशां शान्तिर्भवतु ।
सर्वेशां पुर्णंभवतु ।
सर्वेशां मङ्गलंभवतु ।
 शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Sarveshaam Svastir-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Shaantir-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Purnnam-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Mangalam-Bhavatu |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

May there be Well-Being in All,
May there be Peace in All,
May there be Completeness in All,
May there be Auspiciousness in All,
Om PeacePeacePeace.

Questioner: Is there a technique to Balance my energy?
Prakriti: Yes, there is a Technique to balance your energy. Whenever you are down with negative energy and mind starts running like crazy, then STOP, pay attention to what is it that mind is trying to show you. The ONLY way to push the mind aside 99% is by REMOVING ALL FEARS from within you. Until all your fears are gone, and you become fearless, the mind will NOT stop its craziness. When the mind is doing craziness, it's just trying to surface up some fear. Fears are nothing but strong Attachments. Fear and Attachment are two sides of one coin. Like Fear of Death is the Attachment to Body/Person/Personality. Until you give up that attachment in all forms body/person/personality mind will not stop, cannot be stopped. Once all mental/emotional issues are addressed, energy will Balance itself. Cleansing of Mental and Emotional plane is what balances the energy, and mental and emotional planes are the ones which SHOW you the imbalance in the first place. Mental and Emotional planes are OUTLET MALLS, where Factory stuff is being sold to Retail Customers. Means mental and emotional planes are the workspace for you to deal with Karma/Unconscious Mind Storage/Warehouse. Because there is no DIRECT access to that Unconscious Mind for you. Time to time mental thoughts and emotions SHOW you what you have inside since all lifetimes and whatever is not worth keeping, you have to discard that so that warehouse is clean and you can CLOSE your mental, emotional Outlet Mall.

~ Adiguru

Disciple, Devotee & Devotion

Oftentimes people use these words "Disciple, Devotee and Devotion" without understanding their true meaning. Without knowing the true meaning of these words, that which one is trying to achieve cannot be achieved, because in other words, one doesn't know what it means, to be a Disciple, or Devotee and what is Devotion. It's very easy for anyone to say "He is my Guru, She is my Guru, or I consider you my Guru, or I want you to be my Guru, or You are my Guru or that I am the Devotee of him/her". But until one is truly a Disciple, Guru can't be Guru, until one is in Devotion and becomes a Devotee, Guru/Self/Divine can't play their Role and transmit Wisdom, Shakti/Power in any way. So it's very important to understand what it means to be a Disciple, Devotee and what exactly is Devotion. Disciple or Devotee is a "receiver of wisdom, energy, life and everything", and it matters to understand what do we mean by "receiver" and then one can try to be a "good receiver", else it won't matter, it won't work, one will simply waste time.

All of you have the body, mind, and emotions and you also have lots of methods, philosophies, opinions, prejudices, experiences that you gathered, developed while living life. When you start walking Spiritual Path consciously or may it be a Corporate/Business Path, then you use all that you have. You utilize the body, mind, emotions, and everything else that I mentioned above in order to reach the goal. Spiritual Journey has Liberation as a Goal, Corporate/Business goal could vary from person to person, but there is a Goal that one has in mind, before embarking on any long, arduous journey. Now suppose while on your journey you realize that you are not going in the right direction, you are not making progress, you are not getting what you were supposed to get, you are not reaching anywhere, then you will start looking around, looking towards those who have successfully achieved the goal that you are trying to achieve. You will realize that you don't understand those things which are necessary for success, you will accept that you need guidance from someone. In other words, you will start looking for a guide, or a mentor.

As soon as you find such a Person/Guide/Mentor, you will reach out to him/her to clarify your doubts, you will try to gather knowledge from him/her, you will start sharing your concepts, philosophies, prejudices, experiences and even your decisions, so you can have his/her point of view. You will use Guide's/Mentor's perspective and YOUR MIND to pursue your journey. Regardless of Guide's specific instructions, you will end up doing, which you anyways had in your mind, you looked for Guide for validation, verification of your own mind, which you may get sometimes, and may not at other times. Now suppose after pursuing your journey with the help of Guide/Mentor, you still did not reach your goal, instead, you hit the major setback and you achieved nothing, lost time, energy, resources and your mind went NUMB. You felt clueless, as to how to proceed further, you hit a dead end and you find yourself completely in the dark. You struggled with this setback for some time and you finally ACCEPTED that it's not going to work through your mind. This acceptance helped you push your mind aside, and you started looking for a Guru.

When you found a Guru, you started listening and following his instructions PRECISELY. Your own mind stopped causing much resistance and whenever a doubt arose, you reached out to Guru and got the clarification. Even if you did not understand that at once, you had trust, faith that someday you will understand it completely. You placed your trust, your faith in the Guru, realizing that Guru won't misguide you and Guru himself/herself has reached that goal, which you are trying to achieve. This is who and what a DISCIPLE is. Disciple surrenders his mind, becomes no-mind and pushes his own experiences, philosophies, methods, prejudices, opinions aside, and keeps doing what Guru is asking to do. Even at times when you do not want to do, you keep doing it, because in the past you got burnt when you tried to use your mind. This is the stage where you are practicing the "Full Surrender of Mind", where you are implementing that, where you start living life with Surrendered mind. Time to time there will be resistance in you, but over the period of time, it will vanish and you will become truly a very good Disciple.

After few years of being a Disciple, slowly you start realizing that life is moving in the right direction, you crossed some major milestones without much problem and it's working, success is not too far. Realization of that started "opening your heart". Love started cultivating in you towards your Guru. Your faith, your trust now converted into Love. Now your own mind is totally out of the question, it doesn't create any resistance what so ever. You follow Guru's instructions out of love now. This is who and what a DEVOTEE is. A Devotee is the one with No-Mind and Open-Heart. A Disciple is Devotee in Making! Now that you are a Devotee and your Heart is Open, Guru doesn't need to instruct you using words, language. Guru can instruct you through Power/Shakti/Energy. Guru can transform you just by looking because you have become a ULTIMATE RECEIVER. Guru rarely talks to true Devotees, they just live around the Guru in complete Surrender, they understand each other without verbal communication, and they both LOVE each other. A devotee is ALWAYS thinking about Guru only, Guru becomes the "center" of Devotees life. The Devotee finds it painful when Guru is not around, or when he/she is not around the Guru. Love toward Guru starts becoming unconditional. Devotees ONE POINTED MIND is pointed towards the Guru and his HEART has nothing but Guru, devotion for Guru.

Now it gets very interesting. Because the end goal is Liberation, Liberation even from the Devotion towards the Guru, so Guru starts alienating himself/herself from the Disciple, this makes disciple go crazy. The more Guru sends him away from himself, the more heartburns disciple gets. Guru is not trying to torture or punish the Devotee here when Guru knows Devotee is madly in love with him/her, he is simply trying to TURN his Devotion towards SELF/DIVINE/GOD/Devotee himself. The more Guru keeps him away without even explaining the reasons, the more THAT FIRE of DEVOTION burns the Devotee. Devotee starts feeling longing so painful that slowly it becomes suffocating. Day and night devotee burns in this longing, suffers, cries his heart out, and is totally baffled as to what did he do wrong, so Guru is keeping him away, what mistake he made, he simply loved, he just want to love Guru and nothing else he wants in life, he doesn't even want liberation at this point, he wants his Guru's love only, he wants his Guru only and the fire starts going on and on and on inside the devotee. Now Devotion is the FIRE, and Devotee is ON FIRE! At this  stage another Guru can appear in Devotee's life to guide him/her and Devotee if is not ready for the next stage, then this Guru will start guiding. 

Slowly after much suffering through that longing and after much pain, there comes a time, when Devotee is ready to die. Devotee believes that he/she can't take it anymore, Guru doesn't love him anymore, Guru doesn't want him, Guru has abandoned him, then what's the use of this life, why am I still living? Such thoughts start taking the grip on the entire existence of this Devotee. Now Devotee turns towards GOD/Divine. At this stage if the Devotee has another Guru, then he/she reaches this stage through that Guru. Devotees' complete attention turns towards Divine, he/she starts looking towards Divine in order to get answers like, why did you even create me, why did you send me on this early plane, just to suffer? You also don't love me at all, my Guru doesn't love me either. Why did you do this to me? Do I exist? All such questions now Devotee starts asking from God/Divine. The pain, suffering, longing, fire in Devotee is so much that he actually FORGETS about GURU altogether, now the Focus, Attention, Question is about LOVE. The devotee wants to know if he/she is loved by God at all or not, if even God doesn't love him then one better die, what's the point in living such a life, where no one loves you. This suffocates the Devotee to an extent that he/she stops BREATHING externally, that Fire/Pranic Energy starts flowing from the Central Column, Sushumna Nadi and hits the Crown Chakra, Shakti unites Shiva. And that's it. That's when Devotee gets Enlightened/Awakened.

Now, this whole path from Guide to Guru and from being a Disciple to Devotee to Divine may not happen with a person in One lifetime. It may happen in several lifetimes. Also, ANYONE can play Guru for you, when you are ready, when you have renounced the world/mind. Self can play Guru through anyone who can kindle the fire of love, then unconditional love, then devotion. It happens that one ends up loving another person initially and slowly that love becomes unconditional and then that person goes away in one way or the other from one's life and longing starts and love becomes unconditional, the fire of devotion starts burning day and night, and ultimately one Awakens! Not ALL those who love the other unconditionally may arrive at this end, because one may still have not Surrendered completely, and may still have mind/world left to deal with, play with. One may still have Raga/Attachments, Asmita/Identities and other Sanskaras/Chitta-Vrittis left and as a result some Avidya/Agyan (lack of wisdom) within. 

Now based on the fact if you have surrendered your mind, renounced the world from your mind you become Disciple and Guru can play his Role and be the Guru for you. If you have become no-mind and your heart has opened in love, then you become the Devotee of the Guru and Guru can give you ALL that he/she has and can take you to the Ultimate! Based on your own level you can call yourself Disciple or Devotee or none of these. The same person can play Guide, Mentor or Guru or none of these, depending upon where you are in your journey of life. If you are NOT ready, you will never know that there is a Guru/Self/Divine around you, you will never be able to benefit yourself from the Guru/Self that you may have around unless you are READY! So to what extent you can receive from the Guru depends on upon YOUR CAPABILITY TO SURRENDER your body, mind, emotions, to your own journey, to your own goal. Because Self can play Guru through any person or even Stone if you are ready. Meera was the devotee of Lord Krishna and used to see him in the Stone Statue of him. Such is the power of Devotion and SELF/GURU.

You can learn to "live life properly" through a Guide or Mentor, but you cannot start and finish Spiritual Journey until you become a Disciple and then Devotee. It doesn't matter whether you are a Disciple or Devotee of any person or stone or everyone you meet, or the life itself. It's the state of No-Mind, Open-Heart and Fire of Longing is what works through different people, deities, Self/Guru/Divine and helps you reach the Ultimate!

~ Adiguru Prakriti 

Ramana Maharishi & Spiritual Gymnasts

Lots of people in the West, seem very fascinated and mentally delighted reading, discussing Ramana Maharishi's teachings, Papaji, Annamalai Swami, Laxamana Swamy's teaching. They all seem highly enthusiastic about discussing various topics, especially the Descriptions of Self and Role of Guru and what they spoke on matters related to Tapas, Sadhana. These people love to dissect all this endlessly and try to churn out the SELF out of these teachings itself. (Laughs). And they believe this is the "way to know the Self and they know the Self". They mistakenly think they are on the path of Jnana Yoga. The moment such people see, or meet or read about any Jnani/Self-Realised one, immediately they will try to ask questions, only to, later on, compare in their mind with what they understand about Ramana Maharishi or other Jnani's of those times. Finally through all this, their mental fascination with Ramana Maharishi and/or other Jnani's will be re-cemented, reaffirmed. And that's it. They will keep on living for years, decades in this mental fascination and will not leave a chance to discuss, dissect even further.

This is utter "bullshit". This is pure "nonsense". NOTHING is being achieved by doing this. Translating, Spreading, Authoring the teachings of Jnanis is a noble thing to do, but endless discussions, dissections, comparisons, and analysis are of NO USE at all for ANYONE on this planet. This is nothing but Spiritual Fanatism. Through all this analysis, the real teachings of Jnani stay only in the mind, they DO NOT open Heart to make one Open enough, Capable enough to be able to practice those teachings.

What could be helpful out of all this drama? That one learned about the teachings. But those teachings needs to be applied to the life. Where is that "application" part? Ramana Maharishi taught Self Enquiry. Who will do it? Knowing about Self Enquiry is one thing, and actually doing Self Enquiry is totally another feat. 99% of the people, first of all, DO NOT understand Self Enquiry, no matter how much mental gymnast they are about it, No matter how well they can speak about it, no matter how perfectly they have memorized it, no matter how good their mental representation and knowledge about it is. WHY?

One of the MAJOR mistakes that these brainy people often make is, they forget "TO WHOM" these teachings are applied? WHO should follow Self Enquiry? WHO can do it? WHO cannot do it? That part is the MASTER KEY, which of course ONLY a Jnani will have. Many people visiting Ramana Maharishi & his Ashram were not able to do Self Enquiry and they were NOT asked to do so. Till date just by reading those books and everything He said about Self CANNOT be followed by just ANYONE/EVERYONE. People need to understand that teachings are often specific to the person or a group of people ONLY. Not ALL teachings by the Jnani can be followed by MASSES in General. Don't treat them like Vitamins or Health Supplements, they are prescription medsIs everyone fit to do Kriya Yoga? Is everyone READY to Surrender out of LOVE to SELF and follow Bhakti Yoga? Can anyone start right away from Jnana Yoga? No, No, No.

Try attempting Self Enquiry, the way Ramana Maharishi taught. If you are successfully able to ACHIEVE that state from where Self Enquiry happens, and if you are truly able to do Self Enquiry uninterrupted for 24 hours, I will INFUSE you with SHAKTI and will GIVE you ENLIGHTENMENT.

Why are you NOT able to do it? Simple, because YOU HAVE NO IDEA what that is? You think you understand what Ramana Maharishi was teaching, but you don't. You have no idea what he meant? You can verbalize it, you can memorize it. But you cannot do it. You have no practical, direct knowledge of the subject matter. Talking about how to ride a bike when you actually have never climbed any is different than talking about it as a bike rider. If you have ever tried to do it, you very well know what I am talking about here. Self Enquiry can only happen when one has RENOUNCED the World. And where is the World? The World is in your MIND. So in other words when one has Renounced the Mind, only then he can practice Self Enquiry. And this is not the only decision-making factor as to who can do it and who cannot, there are many many other factors as well. So who is able to renounce his/her Mind? The one who is NOT doing ANY mental gymnastic. The one who is NOT indulging in dissection, and discussions of teachings by the Jnani. Anyone who is really sincere about Self Enquiry will not indulge in any such thing. Those who do are not more than the Sports spectators, or TV/News/Media/Social Media addicts. And then it doesn't matter whether you entertain yourself through Spiritual Talks or Political discussions. There is no difference between the two. Spirituality is NOT about mental or bookish knowledge. Knowledge of Self is attained ONLY by trying to do what those Jnani's taught or did themselves. By reading the teachings of Buddha, you will become Buddhist, you will NOT become Buddha. By doing what Buddha himself did, you can be another Buddha. So the choice is yours! You can stay stuck in your mind by mentally learning all ABOUT SELF, or you can actually BE THE SELF.

Ramana Maharishi once said "There is no need for any effort for Self to be Realized, awakened, enlightened. After all, who makes an effort to be awake every morning, it happens itself" (something like this, I am not quoting exact words here). Many people misunderstood this teaching and actually did nothing. (Laughs)

Yes, they thought all will happen by itself after all Ramana Maharishi said that. Poor folks neither they found Self, nor Enlightenment, and lost a life, time too.

Now many of these Spiritual Gymnasts will say that "we are fine, just talking about it, and we don't want to take it further". But this is highly contrary to their desires of staying around Jnani's, their teachings, and spiritual experiences that they had. They could have been News Reporters, or Fiction writers, or anything else, why Spiritual Teachings and Jnanis? Now one can say, it must be their Karma without even understanding what Karma is. All this is not true. What these people do not understand and admit is that it's the pull of SELF in them, that keeps them around such things but they are not making full use of it. When it comes to efforts from their side, they find it difficult to leave attachments of mind. Mind and Mental Gymnastic is nothing but a Safety Net for you. And you are fearful of removing that safety net. But trust me, it is not that difficult, it is not the death of who you are, and that's what ALL Jnani's were, are trying to explain.

This is a really sad state of affairs, that many are just into the pursuit of dissection & discussions about Jnana, rather than in the pursuit of being a Jnani. Spirituality and Spiritual Journey has turned into an Entertainment Industry here in West, due to all these mental gymnasts who keep writing, blogging, talking endlessly to dissect and discuss such topics. This is what is called as "Blind leading a Blind". People need to stop being fascinated by all this, and should actually try to directly experience it, to KNOW it. Knowledge means "direct experience", not mental memorization and analysis. Such blogs, discussion forums are nothing more than "bored housewives club" as per modern times, where few bored housewives gather to discuss the one who is not present there and show each other what designer stuff they own. These Spiritual Gymnasts are doing the same. Ramana Maharishi is the one who is not present and they are talking about him, his teachings, and they are showing each other what extra bookish knowledge they have regarding Spiritually Designer stuff.

All such Spiritual Gymnasts call themselves "Devotees" of Ramana Maharishi or other Jnanis of those times. And the very word "Devotion" is what they do not understand at all, and lack! If Ramana Maharishi would have been living to see all this, he would have been seriously sad and mad about all this. Any Jnani will have a similar response to such things. No Jnani stops anyone to spread his/her teachings, but if you keep doing just that, then he/she might spank you because the end goal of you being around a Jnani is NOT to become his Spokesperson, but to Realize Self. Jnanis/SELF/Divine/God doesn't want you to preach about them, that's called "Religion", instead they want you to BE THE JNANI/SELF/DIVINE/GOD yourself. All of you who are Spiritual Spokesperson of Ramana Maharishi or Jnani's of those times, you have already spent 3 or 4 decades doing just that. That's good enough Service. Now is the time to understand everything in the right perspective, because many of you are in the last decade of your life, so better at least "have a longing & detachment from your mind" before you leave your body. That longing will help you take another human body faster, and Realize the Self sure shot in Next Body/Life.

To all mental gymnasts: The day your Intellect Awakens and you realize your mistake, you can start doing what Jnanis themselves did. Pick anyone of them from this planet, and follow the footprints.
Or May Ramana Maharishi spank you really hard! (Laughs).

~ Adiguru

Turning Inward

What is meant by turning inward? Most people struggle with this initial thing, the very first step that one has to take in order to walk the Spiritual path consciously. Misunderstanding, the difficulty arises due to the wrong perception that "one already knows oneself". No, accept that you do not know yourself and that's what this whole journey is about, that's what the whole pursuit is for. You have to find out who you truly are, and who you are not. And in order to do that, one needs to turn inward.

What do you do when you go to buy a car or mobile phone or something else? First of all, you very well know that that car or mobile is NOT YOU. So now you become the Subject and that Car or Mobile becomes an Object. Then you the Subject starts researching and learning about various characteristics, features, cost etc about that Object. In order to successfully get all the information you look for information online, you reach out to companies if needed, you reach out to friends who might have that mobile, or car already, and you try to gather as much information from the RIGHT sources as much possible. Once you have all the information you carefully look into your need, to see which one best fits your requirements.

Now in the similar way you need to be the Subject and treat your Body, Mind, and Emotions as Object. Body mostly functions on its own and doesn't pose much of a hindrance, unless you are sick. So main objects to take care of are Mind and Emotions. Now that Subject and Objects are clear, you need to gather as much information as possible about Mind, how it works, how many functions it has and all its divisions, and for that you might have to go through online research, articles, books, materials and people who know about the mind. This requires "research, study, and learning". You have to do similar research, study and learning about Emotions as well. Remember you "cannot" control or properly drive your car, unless you know "where is steering and how it works", and lots of other useful information about the car. You may never use many high-end security features of the car, but you still need to know about them, in the case of emergency, right? In a similar way, you need to know about Mind and Emotions from every angle, perspective.

Once you know the details about Mind and Emotions, next step is to look into your Mind and your Emotions. Now this requires "being present". And this is where most of the people get stuck, and finds it difficult to move forward. You cannot keep on thinking about who did what to you, what happened in the past, what are your future plans, what you have to do today, feeling bad and constantly thinking about stuff AND be in the present. Either you are in the Past, Future or you are Present. It gets challenging here because we are saying try to learn everything about the car while driving. This may cause an accident, right. You need to stop the car in order to learn about its various features. It's not possible to learn about it and drive simultaneously. The mind is habitual of staying either in the past or future, and the present moment NOW is BEYOND the boundary of mind. Only if you are able to stop the mind and it's nonstop thought process, then only you can look into what patterns are there or what it is doing. The same thing is with Emotions. You are always DEEPLY feeling One Emotion or the other, then how can you examine them successfully and be Objective about it? There won't be any time when Mind won't bring up thoughts of past, future, and Emotions won't go haywire to keep you in the loop and all this will not let you have time to be able to Contemplate, Analyze. You will be using Mind to analyze mind and emotions. It's like operating something/someone ALIVE & MOVING FAST (Laughs). So now what?

Now we need to do something to calm down the mind and cool down the emotional furnace. This is achieved by "raising our consciousness, awareness" to the level where "thoughts & emotions" are no longer severe botheration. It's not that thoughts will stop altogether, and emotional fire will be turned off, it's just that both of these won't be able to bother you much. We are NOT trying to kill mind and dry up emotions because we will need them when the time comes. We only have to create some distance between our Mind, Emotions and us. So the question is how to create this distance? How to raise the POWER of your consciousness, awareness? Now a lot of time you will be advised to do meditation. You may do it for 3 to 6 months and you will lose patience, because meditation for you will be an effort of trying to get rid of thoughts, thoughts will be replaced by another thought like "I do not have to think, I am not thinking, Keep Quiet, or think about Color, Sound or something else. This is truly useless, and trust me I have seen people TRYING to meditate for years, and still not being able to meditate. Understand that you are Trying to meditate here, you are NOT meditating actually. Meditation is the process of going into Meditative State means "Thoughtless State", State of a Silenced Mind, State of BEING IN NOW. By sitting and trying to control mind by mind is futile, or keeping the mind in some other music or some other type of Godly, Heavenly thought is futile and doesn't help. Meditative State when achieved by anyone, then it doesn't matter he/she is cleaning the house, or cooking or working in office or driving or doing anything at all, that state doesn't break, and if it breaks, then it only takes less than 5-10 minutes to be back in that meditative state, or just a snap of fingers, it's that much quick and it's that much controllable. Once you TRULY achieve this state, you will never lose it without knowing.  Also understand that Meditation doesn't mean not addressing your mental drama, and/or emotional drama. If on the name of meditation and spiritual journey, you start avoiding, denying your mind, emotions way too much, you will blast someday like a pressure cooker and/or may get physical and/or psychosomatic illnesses. So, trying to control mind by mind doesn't work so much, instead, one loses confidence or become more delusional thinking that one is meditating now so everything is fine, and no need to do anything else. Most dangerous delusion it is.

So what next? What else can we do to calm down the mind, and cool down emotional fires? What else do we have to achieve this? What else can we use?

You have "Prana" (Vital Energy) which your Breathing generates. Here I am not going to explain you entire Prana Science, and you need not know about all that now in that much greater detail. All you need to know is that after every inhale of breath there is a gap of nanoseconds, and after every exhale there is a gap too. In your Mind, Thoughts arise during these gaps. Most of you have disturbed breathing, shallow breathing, you don't even notice that because mind and emotions keep you so busy. The quality of breathing is directly associated with the Quality of Prana (Vital Energy). Disturbed or shallow breathing means disturbed vital energy. Disturbed vital energy is the reason for anxiety, stress, tension depression and all the psychosomatic issues. So if you focus on breathing (Pranayama), then you are killing two birds with one stone (don't kill birds though :-)). How? By doing some really simple breathing exercises, not only your mind, emotions will calm down, but your vital energy will increase too, which will keep your physical body ailment free, and in a much better condition. One most simple pranayama/breathing exercise is Anulom/Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing). You can find out more about it very easily through Internet and tons of free youtube videos are there. Just learn it, and do it for 5 to 11 minutes every morning and evening, sit anywhere, do it anywhere. Slowly over the period of a month, increase the time to 21 minutes. Over the period of 3 months or so, you will notice a substantial difference. Just this Pranayam, Alternate Nostril Breathing is also a very effective way of raising your Kundalini. It actually awakens Kundalini/Power/Shakti/Energy, if you do it seriously. Once you start noticing a difference in you, the effect of Pranayama in you, ADD one more thing to your routine, which is "focus on the breath" while doing anything & everything. Keep your focus on your breath as much as possible. Slowly after couple more months, you will start noticing that you are actually able to look at the sky, clouds, flowers, birds, trees, your surroundings, without "thinking" about anything else. Suddenly you will feel super happy just by noticing this much, that you are able to look at anything, everything without thinking. That means you are in NOW, you are being present. This is your major and first milestone sort of on Spiritual Path. You have successfully "RAISED" your Consciousness/Awareness. Kudos!

In the year 2011, I started with 2 hours long sessions of Pranayamas that I learned from youtube. Yes, I am extremist (High-Intensity Person) (Laughs). The intensity in me is just too much to set simple goals and start low. After 3 months of time, almost 2 hours a day from 3:40 AM to 5:30 AM my Kundalini did awaken and it gave me an intense experience, a glimpse into Reality through very short Nirvikalpa Samadhi which changed me forever. But you need not be an extremist, it depends on from person to person, I guess those who get way too much pain from life and think they are just so done with everyone, everything, they do become highly intense people. Some put that high intensity into wrong, negative purposes, some put it in walking Spiritual Path. The reason I am giving details of my own experience is to let you know that Pranayamas (Breathing Techniques) works! It's thousands of years old proven Science. If I can do it, many others have done it, then you can do it too.

Once you start living in NOW, enjoy that meditative state for some time, to restore the "happiness" in you. Being happy for no reason is a very beautiful experience. And you have earned it, so enjoy it. You will get addicted to this inner joy and whatever will try to disturb it you will address it as soon as possible and be back. Now you will be able to look into your Mental Patterns and Emotional Patterns. You can read more about how to dig deeper into your mind and emotions and do your own postmortem through reflection here. Don't stay stuck here in NOW for too long, don't spend too much time just feeling this inner joy. Why? C'mon, you haven't completed your journey yet, you haven't turned inward yet, so this inner joy is highly volatile and you will struggle way too much whenever you will lose it for few days or weeks. Until you successfully resolve your mental patterns and emotional patterns, the job is not done, and those patterns will keep on wreaking havoc from time to time. So this being in Now is a temporary place, rest-area, the journey is not over yet. I have seen many staying stuck at this stage for years, decades. Whenever life or their own mind, emotions starts beating them, they do pranayama, meditation and try to get back their inner joy. That means it's just a pursuit of wellness for them, which is not bad, but that's not the ultimate goal of doing all this. So start as soon as you are done restoring some inner peace, on the mental and emotional postmortem.

This is what is meant by turning inward. Turning inward means to be able to look at your mind and emotions in a Subject, Object manner and be able to address all past issues, all unresolved issues, that keeps bothering you, that steals your inner joy and keeps you in the suffering.

After turning inward when you have walked all the way inside, you will realize there is no inward, outward, and you will be amazed, in truly knowing yourself, and entirely. Suffering will end, life will be a Celebration in every moment". Now, who wouldn't want that? The question is how badly, intensely you want to know yourself, how mad, crazy you are about finding the True You? If this is not a serious matter for you, then you wouldn't be reading this article up till here (Smile).

One more thing to understand here is that this journey of going inward is a very personal one and approach towards it varies from person to person. Some may be able to meditate within few days, some may start with Pranayama, some may start with some other approach. There is no wrong or right approach here, it's all about the fact that different people are at different levels of consciousness and do take different starting points. One approach may not fit all. What works for the person may not work for the other. So it takes a little bit of serious effort and some time to find out, what works for you, what route you should take, where should you start? Try various approaches seriously for a couple of months and see what works best for you to raise your Consciousness. If you are serious, then there is no way you won't find a way. You will!

~ Adiguru

I often get this question from many people around me who are consciously walking the spiritual path.

First thing is you need to let go of the notion "my energy". There is no such thing as my energy, your energy, his energy, her energy. Why? When you say "my energy" you are isolating yourself from the energy. It's as if you are saying "me" is different than the "energy", which is never the case, because "you are energy itself", there is no such thing as "me and my energy". Energy should be looked at as a whole, and perception should be holistic. Then you will truly understand energy. Then you will accept the presence of energy. Then you will accept your own presence as energy. Also understand that when you say "my energy" you mean, how you feel, perceive energy through your mind and what effect it is having on your body. Now the active presence of the body itself is because of energy. Body and all it's five sheaths are energy, but it's beyond mind's comprehension, so you talk about it in terms of how it appears to your Mind, not necessarily how it actually exists. The reality of energy is different than your mental perception of energy. Many times when you feel other person's energy, it's not his energy that you actually feel, it's the perception of the "interaction" of you as energy to the other as Energy. So be clear about it. Yes sometimes that interaction will not feel nice to you, and you can say that XYZ is exuberating negative or lower vibrational energy, or ABC place has lower vibrations. So when you say "my energy" you are actually referring to that "interaction" that happens and the "mental perception" phenomenon that takes place.

Now that we are clear about Energy's presence as a Whole, the second thing that you need to let go of is "Control". Energy is holistic, it's whole and you can NEVER have any control over it, whatsoever, especially the way you understand "Control". Why? This whole Universe and all its elements and all life, the whole manifestation is nothing but Energy, including you. When you yourself are Energy, then are you saying you want to control yourself? Then that means some outside force needs to Control energy, but then what is NOT energy? What is outside Energy? What is that outside force? Nothing! Then, in other words, you are saying Energy (I) want to Control Energy (myself). So you are actually saying, you want to DIVIDE energy into two parts, Mischievous or Humble Energy (that needs to be controlled) and Controller Energy (which will control the mischievous one). You see here how your own mind is dividing Unity into Duality, that's how your mind understands everything. Now how can you actually divide energy into Mischievous one, and Controller one? Where will you draw the line, and how? See, that is what mind does all the time, it becomes the thief first and then goes on hunting itself acting as police. And it keeps you in the vicious cycle saying that "oh you are not able to achieve something", so keep on trying, keep on looking at different so-called mental solutions and, keep on working and working and working. It's a useless feat. Entire Universe is within us, we are representing entire Universe as Energy.

Now let's say you understand what energy is, and what mental drama about energy is and you have a holistic view about Energy. So let's see what is meant by "control"? Control, as you understand in life, means "power OVER". It could be power over another person, a group of people, or power over anything.

There are two ways to have power over anyone or anything. One way is through "manipulation", and another way is through "love". For a short period of time, both ways will seem fine, and will give you the same end result. But in longer term you will see that if you took the way of "manipulation" then you will completely lose that "person/thing/energy" whatever that you wanted to have "power over". Because through this way, you are "in control", but you are on the "receiving" end, and that other person/thing/energy is on the giving end. But If you fall in love with someone/something, you won't be hunting "receiving" all the time, you will NOT be on the receiving end, instead, there won't be any "giving" or "receiving" ends. Instead in love, you will be ONE with that person/thing/energy, you will be in UNION, and that's how you will have what you need, in fact, more than what you ever needed. In relationship also, imagine you are utterly in love with your partner, what happens then? Their life, their resources, their functions become part of your life, your resources, and your functions, that's when 1 + 1 becomes 11. But when in the relationship you are manipulating your partner, mentally, emotionally, then why exactly are you doing that? You are doing it so you can get your partner's life, resources, functions available to you when you need. You are foolish, trying to stay on the receiving side, thinking this is the way to get, this is the way to control other. This desire to control breeds "manipulation". If the end goal is to unite the life, resources, and functions, then a better approach is through love, isn't it? Where the other will freely merge with you, and will REVEAL what all they can do, will OPENLY let you use their powers, resources.

Exactly in a similar way, when you want to use the Power of Energy, or Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Ether then don't try to get "power over", instead try to be in Union out of love, be in Oneness out of love, devotion, surrender, and ALL elements and Energy will be at your disposal, then it will Reveal its inherent "secrets" to you, then it will reveal what all can be done through it, then it will reveal how actually it functions, and what all can be done, achieved through it. This is true for Mystics also.  They can either manipulate the elements and sometimes that manipulation, control will work, sometimes it will not, Or they can truly "be one with that element", out of love, devotion, surrender, merge with that element and let that element become part of their existence and reveal "how" it truly functions, how can it be used best, what all can be done, achieved through its proper use. A True Mystic Respects, and Accepts ONENESS with entire Nature/Universe. A True Mystic may use the elements, or energy for the greater cause, but will never abuse them, and even that "usability" is not through manipulation, but through love. In love one is never used by the other, instead one offers oneself to the other freely. Such union and offering are long lasting.

So if you truly want to harness the power of Energy for a good reason, then BE ONE with it, Be in LOVE with it, let it MERGE with you and let it be in Integration with you, and trust me, you will have ALL that you ever wanted, that Energy will give you everything that you ever thought of.

Energy is nothing but Shakti, Shakti is who we truly are. Respect it, Love it, Accept it and let it do the dance for you in the best possible way. If you ever had ANY FEARS from Energy, then understand that your perception, understanding about energy is wrong and that you truly were trying to manipulate it, you were trying to "overpower" it, control it in a childish way. Did it work? I know, it can never work in long term, no matter how hard you try. Instead, it will leave you forever Fearful.

If really power of Energy/Shakti has left you fearful in life, then try to respect, accept and love it for what it is, and if you want to harness its power, then OPEN your HEART, and be ONE with it and you can Embody it in it's most roaring, wild form, without any problems ever.

Fall in love with Shakti. Opening your heart is the key!

Five years back, when I tangibly started noticing the dance of Energy, Shakti in me, I fell in love with it, I was in complete "awe". Though that time, I noticed the "Dark" side of it. Dark doesn't mean bad, Dark simply means Energy/Shakti that grounds you to your Earthly experience as a Body, which dances in your human-ness, which lets you experience all dark moments/faces of your life, which lets you experience life through your own body and it's various functions and all senses, emotions at their peak. When I realized it's wildness through me, I had to surrender out of love. I let it dance until it let me go. Yes, you NEVER ascend until you Embody the Dark Energy first. The more you try to escape it's grounding nature, earthly human experience that it is trying to give you, the more you try to run away towards the "Light or White" Energy, more it will pull you back, more it will try to ground you, more it will try to show you your own wildest, weakest, darkest face. Through inner knowing I let it run it's course for 1.5 years, and finally there came a moment, when it felt as if a switch is turned-off in me, ALL wildness, ferociousness, grounding was gone, instead it was replaced by Light Energy, which was very subtle in nature, which was the True Expression of my Spiritual Self, my Soul. It's the Dark Energy which lets you loose to ascend, it's the Dark energy which initiates the process of Ascension. And one needs to Embody dark first.

Goddess Kali holds Dark Energy in one hand, and Light Energy in another hand. Goddess Kali holds Death in one hand and Life in another hand. And that's what it signifies, that as a human you are the Beholder of Dark and Light both. It signifies that experience Death first in order to Reborn as a New Life again. You need to embody Wild, Ferocious, Ravenous, Ruthless, Grounding Shakti in order to hold Subtle, Compassionate, Tender, Pleasant Shakti. You need to embody BOTH polarities of Shakti. In other words, you need to embody your humanness in order to embody your Divinity.

So yes, when you say that a Dark Energy is trying to get hold of you, it's TRUE. It is trying to get hold of you, it is trying to give you an experience that is needed for your evolution, for your ascension, it is trying to show you the wildest, ugliest, weakest side of you, not to harass you, not to torture you, but only to show what you hide deep down, what you fear the most. So you can come out of it, and get rid of your fears forever, and behold, be the Master of your own Dark side, embody the Dark Energy/Shakti. But most of the time, you try to run from it, you try to escape it, deny it, you fear it, you want to hide that expression of yours, you run for several types of healing for body, mind, emotions and that delays your ascension process. That's all that does. Next time when that Dark Energy tries to get hold of you, calm down, see what it is trying to show you, see what is hidden deep beneath the layers of your mind that it is trying to bring up, rejoice in its presence, accept its functioning and dance in you, and let it do what it is supposed to do. Once you do that, you will be free from an aspect of it that it was trying to show you, you will truly ascend! On the name of Spiritual Journey, you cannot run away from Earthly Human Experience, you cannot run away from the wild side of your own, you cannot run away from bodily temptations, demands, needs, fears you cannot run away from those faces of yours which when coming out you immediately respond with "oh this can't be me, how can I be like this, this is horrible me, I can't handle myself". You can only MASTER all this, by letting yourself go through that experience.

The day Dark Energy is done showing you all that you hide deep within, done giving you experiences that show you your own faces, NEVER EVER AGAIN in life this Dark Energy will try to bound you, ground you, scare you, or do anything at all with you. That means you have integrated everything that you feared within, denied within you have integrated all broken aspects of who you are. You are fearless wholesome Shakti.

~ Adiguru

Shakti - The Divine Feminine

Shakti is Divine Feminine principle. What is meant by Feminine principle? Feminine principle manifests as Life, in Universe as the power of creation, power of manifestation, its Energy that takes forms and shapes and is experienced as light and sound. At a much grosser level or physical plane, Shakti manifests as Emotions in us. At physical plane, Masculine principle, Shiva manifests through Feminine principle (Shakti) as Mind. When we talk about Shiva alone, we are talking about Un-manifest, which cannot manifest on its own and needs Divine Feminine, Shakti to manifest as Mind in us. Feminine principle, Shakti is the power to manifest but needs direction from the Masculine principle mind, which in the first place, is her first gross manifestation which is experienced by all of us on day to day basis. Shakti the feminine principle is regarded as highly important, because without it, one can never transcend this mundane world experience, and Be Shiva! Shiva can become one's reality only when Shakti unites Shiva. One has to let the Shakti flow through one's existence without resistance.

All of us have Masculine and Feminine principles, and energy within us in different ratios. It's not necessary that Male bodies have a more Masculine principle (Mind) and Female body is made up of more Feminine Principle (Emotions), it usually appears that way, because our first perception comes from looking at a physical body, whether it is male or female. As human beings we all are made up of same emotions and our mind (Manas, Buddhi, Chitta, Aham) also functions in a similar way. Between Mind and Emotions, it's not about which one is more important or higher, it's the BALANCE between the two which we strive for. A person may have really intense emotion, but the flow may be restricted because of a chaotic mind. Another person may have a well-balanced mind, but the emotional intensity may not be enough, to experience something beyond. We need both functioning in harmony, in balance. Masculine and Feminine should be balanced within, should work in an Integrated Fashion within us to be able to experience the Integration at an existential level.

Due to the abuse of Power/Shakti by many priestesses in ancient times throughout Egypt, Europe, men were forced to create a patriarchal society to protect themselves, and all practices, path, knowledge related to Shakti were condemned, to the extent that today, we are not even allowed to show our emotions freely. It is considered as a sign of weakness. Matriarchal and Patriarchal both worlds have seen enough suffering due to polarity and NOW is the time for "integration" of both principles. Again and again, it is proven that it's only the harmony between the two, an integration between the two that can be used as a ground to breed healthy spirituality,  be THAT/Brahm and later let Shakti flow as Bliss, Love, and Peace in all expressions of life. But that integration has to happen "internally" first before something can be done in the external world. Change has to happen within in order to manifest the same change in the outer world.

Many people live life with mind over heart, while many others wear their heart on their sleeve, regardless of whether they are male or female. Many times females encounter difficult male personalities in life, and many times males encounter difficult female personalities in life. At times it's a reflection of our own IMBALANCE between Masculine and Feminine principles/energy within us.

I have met men who are scared, tortured due to emotional and/or mental manipulation and abuse by females. Usually such men have higher feminine principle within in comparison to their own Masculine principle/energy, and they are finding it hard to integrate within, as society, world taught them otherwise, like they should not cry, they should love using their mind, and be calculative, analytical in every aspect of life, as they are Male. Men were taught, "Be a Man", which meant HIDE your emotions at all cost. They were taught that display of emotions means being vulnerable and is a sign of weakness and femininity. Yes, being vulnerable means being in a "receiving" mode, but from the Divine, from the Universe, from the Shakti. They were taught that display of logical, rational mind is being a Man. Many men constantly are in a struggle with their own feminine energy/principle and end up "suppressing" emotions, in other words, end up "suppressing Shakti", the flow of Shakti is obstructed in them. Until and unless these men go against what society has taught them, they cannot achieve unobstructed flow of Shakti in them, until then their Mind will end up posing challenges, resistance to the natural flow of emotions. The one who is on the spiritual journey consciously has to at times go against social and moral codes, rules, as he/she is trying to live, follow Universal Codes/Rules.

I have met women who are scared and tortured due to physical, mental, emotional manipulation and abuse of power by men. Due to a long suppression and abuse era, women have revolted to that and have adopted more mental ways. She is expressing herself more and more into the arena of mind, through jobs, education, and everything. Society became patriarchal, and did not respect the Feminine principle, and has turned the woman into more of a high masculine principle, which goes against her nature at times. She has been taught to be tough, to be able to manage her emotions through the proper use of the mind. She has been taught to be Independent, and discard, eliminate men if not needed. Abuse of power has happened on both sides. Females started cultivating, nurturing more of a Masculine Energy within, so they do not have to depend on Males for that, and they do not have to be in mental, emotional and physical slavery.

All this has caused a great deal of imbalance on the Planet Earth in terms of Energy. Female bodies are naturally high in Feminine principle, and male bodies are naturally high in Masculine principle. Though this is not the case 100% of the time. The physical body is the resultant of the defining principle within. And it's not a limitation, instead, it's a tremendous power given to us. Though people end up treating it as if Feminine principle/Emotions are limitations, are hurdles that one has to cross, and when they start walking spiritual path consciously, they start struggling with the Masculine principle/Mind. None of these two are challenges, instead are our support, tools to cross the mire of Maya. Earth is the largest living being when Earth lets the seed grow into the plant when it nourishes life then it's Feminine principle is in working, when it grows mango tree from the mango seed, that intelligence is Masculine principle in working, when there are storms, thunder and all that's the process of attaining Balance. Earth actually is Androgynous being. When we as humans want to connect to its life nurturing aspect, we refer to it as Mother Earth, as that's what our physical/gross existence survives on and that's where it will go back. Akasha/Ether that surrounds earth and is the binding principle for humans is referred to as Father who seeds and oversee our existence as human beings. In order to invite grace from the Father, one must approach the Mother first, as it's easier that way. How many times in life you reached out to your mom in order to get approval for something from your dad. You found it easier in life to reach out to your mom and let her convince dad. I am referring to mom here as the one who is more emotional, and dad to the one who is more mental, regardless of their physical body/gender. Similarly, in order to finish the spiritual journey faster, balance and master the Feminine principle within (Emotions, Bhakti Yoga) and then Father principle (Mind, Jnana/Gyan Yoga) will automatically settle for you in the best possible way.

Now if you see clearly "within" it's NOT at all a problem or tussle between Male and Female as a gender. It's a tussle between "Mind" and "Emotions". Though externally in the world, society it appears to be a problem between male and female. When Mind/Masculine principle becomes chaotic, it resists the natural flow of Shakti. When Emotions/Feminine principle becomes chaotic, Shakti's flow hits the dam. The point is "balance" is needed.

Regardless of the physical body, a Yogi/Jnani/Self Realized one is neither a male nor female, a Guru is not male or female, Divine is not male or female, they are "integration/union" of masculine and feminine both principles. They are above & beyond the plane of duality. Shakti is in Union with Shiva in such beings and their energy is Androgynous/Ardhanarishwar. When you are near to such beings, depending upon which principle is more dominant or disturbed in you, you will feel the Yogi/Jnani/Divine's gender/energy as that. If you are in balance within yourself, then you will not even pay any attention to the gender/physical body/energy principle of such beings. Only the imbalance in you will lead your attention towards that. Next time pay attention when you find yourself pondering, oh He is a male Guru/Jnani, or that She is a female Guru/Jnani, putting male or female before Guru/Jnani seems totally wrong. (Laughs)

Shakti/Emotions when flows freely without encountering any resistance from Mind ends up "being LOVE". Love which is unconditional, love which doesn't abide by the rules of the society, the world. Love which knows no boundaries. Pure Shakti is nothing but a free-flow of Love, its wild, it's very hard to contain, its romantic, it's sensual, it's sexual, and it expresses itself in the utmost wildest way if allowed. Which of course is not what society taught us in order to maintain the order. Though it doesn't harm the beholder or anyone else, but no one knows that fact. It only helps us transcend. But society suppresses the free-flow of love, and hence the free flow of life.  How can you feel true love, devotion with tens/hundreds of social rules in mind? Does true love/devotion ever happen within the boundaries of society? Then Radha, Krishna, Meera, Rumi, and lot many others may not have happened. And much more even wouldn't have been Self Realized through the path of Bhakti and Jnana Yoga. Then these two yoga paths should be discarded, right? Because these two often times go against and beyond the boundaries of logical/rational/socially conditioned mind. Because Yog/Union is an expression, manifestation of Shakti, the Divine Feminine.

One can feel or express that free flow of Shakti as love towards nothing, or towards another human, or animal, or flowers, or Divine, anything/anyone can reflect that free flow of Shakti through you. When Shakti encounters resistance from the mind, its natural flow/path is obstructed and one feels fearful. That fear can manifest in different areas of life and that's what is called as "blocked" Muladhara/Root Chakra. Fears are nothing but mental resistance to the Nature of Life, to the natural flow of Shakti. Fears are created by the Mind, as Mind doesn't want to go against the world, society as is known to it, the mind doesn't want to go beyond the boundaries it has created all through the life. The mind doesn't want to be judged by others and goes into the self-preservation mode of its several Identities that it has created by learning the rules of the society, world. The disturbed or chaotic flow of Shakti is Ignorance, Maya.

You can look deeply within to find out, what emotional patterns/constructs are blocking the natural flow of Shakti in you, and using the right knowledge, knowledge of Truth, Universal Laws, you can change the patterns and be free from blockages & fears. Once you start changing the patterns grace dawns by itself to help you. Grace depends on how honest you are with your own efforts in eliminating the chaos and attaining the balance, and how much emotionally attached you are to your own different personalities/identities/social images/conditioning of your own mind. Understand that blocked emotions create the useless mental pattern. Our personality is part of Mind, but our attachment to it is Emotional. Emotions need to be taken care of and balanced first in order to purify the Mind. At times one wants to remove such patterns, but the moment it comes to the total annihilation of identities, one chooses otherwise and clings to them. And it becomes the story of wanting to cross the river on foot but doesn't want your feet wet. So just ponder within yourself, how long it will take you to understand that foot will be wet, all identities, social images, personal images, personalities will be dead in the process of Awakening the Shakti within you, Embodying the Shakti in a clear-cut, unobstructed way. What will it take for you to have faith that merger of mind (Masculine principle) with emotions (Feminine principle) will take you towards Divine, Divine Love?

Jnani/Self Realized one's overflow with this very same Love, Bliss, and Peace, which are nothing but the dance of Shakti in their existence, which is in Union with the Universe (Manifest & Un-manifest).

Let the Shakti Flow! Let all bow down to Shakti, Divine Feminine! Let all find Union within!

~ Adiguru

Transcendence through Emotions

Yes, you can transcend your human nature, any limitations through your emotions. You have many emotions, Anger, Guilt, Fear, Love and so on, you can pick up any one of the emotion and be absolute "Intense" with it and see what happens. Now you can choose Anger for that matter, but anger may cause physical damage to your body, so you can choose Love instead, and be absolute intense in that state, maintain that state in highest intensity for just a day, and see what changes it brings in you. Having emotions is not a limitation or hurdle that you have to cross, instead, emotions are tools given to us. Just like physical body is a tool to do Sadhana/Tapas and transcend, in a similar way, emotions are tools too, and one can do Sadhana/Tapas on an emotional plane as well. It works.

In many, the emotion of love became highly intense that Bhakti/Devotion arose, which made pathways for Gyan/Jnana/Wisdom/Intellect/Brahmakara Vritti. Bhakti Yoga, and Jnana/Gyan Yoga goes hand in hand and works perfectly. My path was that way, so it was for many others who Realized the Self.

When one pursues the path of Jnana Yoga, without Bhakti/Devotion in place first, then it's nothing but a mental enlightenment, no real transformation takes place in the person/consciousness, instead pride develops over the period of time. Real transformation takes place when "Devotion to Self/Soul/Consciousness/Atma/Divine" has taken roots deeply. Without igniting the fire of Devotion, the fire of Jnana doesn't help anyone.

In order for such a devotion to arise, the logical/rational mind has to loose footing in you, and Faith, Surrender needs to happen. Faith in yourself, and Surrender to life, to something bigger/larger than us, you can call it Divine, Pure Consciousness or Shakti. The Fire of Devotion purifies the Mind/Intellect, so it doesn't work against the life/person, instead, works for it. It kills the mental identities, boundaries, limitations and makes one vulnerable for receiving from Universal Life/Power. This softness, vulnerability is what brings you in the "receiving" position for anything in life, and most of the time mind is scared of this vulnerability, because mind cannot comprehend, it seems foolishness to mind, and it does everything to let it not happen. Mostly people are slave of their mind, not the masters, so they let themselves down in front of their logical/rational mind and pull up their guards against this vulnerability. Important point to understand here is that you cannot invite any experience in life, which is NOT needed for your growth, your evolution, hence trust in Universal Laws is a must, an understanding of Universal Laws is required to successfully end the tussle between logical/rational mind and heart/emotion of love/devotion.

Ignorance is NOT bliss! Ignorance only delays the process for you. Mind's only job is to take you towards your grave, and it will do anything to stop you from going towards bliss, peace, love, Divine, Pure Consciousness, immortality. Mind never wants you to experience that you are not your mind, you are not your body. Now choice is yours! You can surrender to mind, or surrender to life. There are examples of both types of beings, one who surrendered to mind, and ones who surrendered to life, pros and cons of each choice need not be explained much. At times you surrender to mind, but expect an outcome that is tied to the surrender to life, how can it be that way? You want to go to east but all your steps are taken towards west. You are sowing a seed of an Apple tree, how can there be Mangoes tomorrow? Just this much aspect of one's life shows us how much limited mind is, and that its only a tool to help us in a certain fashion, it should never be the Driver of life, it can never be the Driver. You are surrendering to your mind and expecting real evolution, transformation.

If that's what you want, surrender to mind, then that's OK. Be happy with that. There are many lives to live and many bodies to take, if not this life, then in some other one, but one will definitely learn whom should one surrender to. After leaving this body, your Subconscious, Unconscious Mind will be with you, and you will have ample time (probably hundreds/thousands of years) to struggle with the same concept, and arrive at a conclusion and take decision accordingly. It's not something where anyone can push you from outside, it's something that has to happen "internally" within you, based on your choice, your will power. Chosing life is a choice! Chosing to realize one's permanent nature as Pure Consciousness, Shakti, Divine, is a choice! And Emotions are very effective tool to Realize the Self.

~ Adiguru

Emotional Candy Bazaar

Questioner: I have done a lot for others in life, I have fulfilled all the responsibilities properly and I have given 100% to my spouse, my kids and everyone around me. Despite all that, I feel empty within, I feel I am not loved. I feel empty, incomplete, Why?

Prakriti: Were you ever lost at Candy Bazaar?
Questioner: Not that I remember.

Prakriti: Well, now you are. You are lost at Emotional Candy Bazaar. You were trying to find fulfillment in life through your emotions. You adopted a sense of responsibility and you played with emotions through others. You have an emotional investment in others and now you are seeking a return. Others are not returning you the equal amount of love, kindness and you feel empty. 

See, when you were seeking emotional fulfillment you did stuff for others, in order to spend some good time with them, love them, kindness from them, or something else. Every little pleasure that you looked forward to, was an emotional candy exchange. You felt very happy every time you got one candy and then you looked for more and more. You were seeking fulfillment outside of yourself, it doesn't work that way. Fulfillment, Contentment has to come from within, it happens when awareness arises, consciousness expands. And for that, you have to give up your attachment to all emotional candies. When your emotions are sweet, you call that love candy, when your emotions are bitter, you call it anger, and when there is a change of state, or in between state, you call it anxiety. All these are nothing but Emotional candies and you are lost in that Bazaar (Marketplace). Emotions are Energy in Motion, it turns around every two and half days, in any normal person. So you keep on moving from one shelf (love for example) to another (Guilt or Anger for example). 

Why stay lost? Come out of that Bazaar. You certainly don't want bitter candies like anger, guilt, shame, fear etc. You may want sweet love candy. Let's see what that candy actually is?

What you call love is actually an emotion in you. True love is "Devotion", "Bhakti", where one loses all identities and is ready to die for it. Let the intensity of love in you reach it's peak that Bhakti/Devotion arises. Love someone, something with so much intensity that you are ready to die for it, then certainly you will cross the limitations of love as an emotion and you will truly transcend your nature, behavior, perception and it will open the door of true fulfillment in you. Your logical, rational mind is what prevents you from going into such an intense love, devotion state. A devotee/Bhakta is always content in her/his devotion/love, they never complain that the other is not reciprocating it, may it be a person, thing or God Almighty. Devotees are content always, want nothing, they stay in the state of love and transcend their human nature. Until love as an emotion has transcended to Devotion, it can never provide any fulfillment to you and you will always feel empty, incomplete within and you will look at others to fill the void in you.

Unless this transcendence happens in you, you are an emotional fool lost at Emotional Candy Bazaar. Yeah, I have been there too (Laughs).

~ Adiguru