Through Self Realization some become the emanation of Peace, some represent the emanation of Silence, some represent the emanation of Compassion and some represent the emanation of TOTAL LOVE and so on.

Regardless of which emanation one represents, it actually suits that person, in some ways it is according to the person’s abilities/qualities (like abilities/qualities of Prakriti) developed/gathered over lifetimes.

In a way we always know “why, for what” we want to know the Truth/Self-Realization/Manonasa. Like I wanted to know the Truth because I wanted to know the Truth and I was looking for Total Love, so the longing stops burning me. So we become the emanation of “exactly” what we are looking for Absolute as before Self-Realization.

Truth/Absolute for me was Total Love, for some is Peace, for some is Compassion, for some is Silence, for some something else. So whichever way we look at Absolute we represent that emanation for sometime after Self-Realization. Before Self Realization we have no idea what Absolute is, we don’t know anything.

Now there are 1008 petals in the Lotus/Crown Chakra, that means there are 1008 ways to be after Self-Realization, there are 1008 Pure Emanations of Absolute/Shiva. Many of those emanation are purely Cosmic, because as humans we want Love, Peace, Silence, Bliss, Healing/Healer, Compassion, and few more and that's all. As humans we may not know/want all those Pure 1008 forms/ways/emanations of Absolute, so some are reserved for Cosmic Beings, means those who are not in Human Body, means they have Celestial or some other body “with” Cosmic Consciousness.

Many Yogis complete their Sadhana after leaving their body, but they do attain Cosmic Consciousness in Human Body though.

You can look into 1008 Emanations/Names of Shiva/Absolute here –

There is no way to emanate ALL of them in One Yuga/Time-Cycle, so these 1008 happens at different time-cycles in total all 4 time-cycles it takes for Absolute to emanate as 1008 pure ways/forms, at least once, few are repeated too.

In the 1008 names/emanations of Shiva you will see that 45 names are repeated twice, 11 are repeated thrice and three names are repeated four times. That in other words means there can be more than one Self Realized person emanating as Peace or Compassion or Silence or Total Love and so on.

Now, why the emanation as Total Love seems highly mystical? Because Love is the Binding Force for entire manifestation. Peace, Silence, Compassion keeps them safe, helps them in other ways, but cannot bind, string together the entire manifestation. Peace, Silence, Compassion and others are "forms of love", but pure love, total love in itself is the binding force of existence. So those who represent the emanation of Total Love, they are the Mystics.

Mysticism without total love is occult.

Only TOTAL LOVE can BEHOLD THE POWER as entire Cosmos, nothing else can cross this dense manifestation except Total Love.

~ Adiguru Prakriti

NAAD (OM/AUM) - Creation - Light

According to Physics laws, Light is made up of Photons. A photon is a type of elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force (even when static via virtual particles). The photon has zero rest mass and always moves at the speed of light within a vacuum.

Photons can be present in a very Dark Room, and even when you are sitting in the Sun Light all day long, not even Two Photons may hit your body, as not all light particles are truly photons, most are just mediums, like air, water, dust, smoke particles shining/reflecting some other photon nearby.

If your state of being is of Unconditional Love (lack of ego), then your Physical Body will naturally attract lots photons that are nearby to you, whether you are sitting in a dark room full of photons, or you are sitting out in Sunlight, or maybe in a Cloudy weather. All photons will be attracted to your DNA of each cell and will be absorbed by it – This fact has been proven Scientifically by Dr. Glen Rein, who is considered to be the Re-Incarnation of Einstein.

Photons are also called as “Life Starters”, because photons can create the DNA spiral and can create “any life form”, may it be of a plant, or bug, or bird, or animal or human”. Photons are “Creators of Life”.

Now, what “Creates” Light/Photons?

As human bodies we know “Sun” creates Light/Photons. But Sun is like a Source which was ONCE (When Universe was formed) flamed/impregnated with “Life Source, Photons" and now it keeps emitting it, hence life keeps on functioning and re-creating itself.

But what “Originally Creates Light/Photons”?

NAAD (OM/AUM) is what creates the Light. English language has no direct translation of Sanskrit word Naad, but it is crudely translated as SOUND. Before Light, there was Sound. The Sound of “Big-Bang” as Scientists call it.

Universe came into formation as the Naad/OM/AUM/Sound happened. But Sound is something that is heard, that is tangible/physical wave form, which goes into your ears and then you hear it. Naad/OM/AUM is exact opposite of that. It’s Ethereal, not tangible, is heard internally when Kundalini hits the Sahasrara (7th/Crown Chakra), when one is Self Realized.

Naad/OM/AUM goes on sounding in every Self Realized Being, its constant and hence they become Walking/Talking Sun, Source of Photons/Life Creating Source, and that is the Source of their Shakti/Power/Radiance.

Here Shakti is not the same Shakti which we talk about when it comes to Kundalini Energy, or the energy of those who have awakened their Kundalini. That Shakti is different, that one is a Cosmic Energy connection that they have.

But in Self-Realized ones Shakti is the Source of Creation, Photonic, Life Source, Sun like constantly flowing humungous powerful, it’s PRIMORDIAL in nature, also called as “Adi-Shakti”. This Adishakti is what creates all other forms of Shakti/Powers, like Cosmic Energy, Pranic Energy (Chi) and so on.

So you have to become OM//AUM/NAAD! Sound that Creates Light/Life!

~ Adiguru Prakriti

Bodhisattva - The Real Meaning

Since I read about Bodhisattva, I was wondering if there is some wrong/polluted understanding that may be there, and yes it seems like most of the new age books, new age Gurus have distorted the True Meaning of Bodhisattva. I wondered how come in a Spiritual Community where people are heading towards Liberation from death/birth cycle, they are being taught to come back, take another human birth for the benefit of others. That just did not seem right to me. Walk the whole spiritual path, and then not be Self-Realized.

So I sat with it for sometime and here is what came to me.

Bodhisattva is the person who is on the path of Self-Realization, he/she has attained Bodhicitta, compassion for all sentient beings, and he/she is ready to die, reborn out of compassion for the Realization of others/all humanity.

Now here it seems “death & reborn/re-birth” are mistaken by most people. Self-Realization is DEATH OF ALL THAT YOU ARE NOT, so yes Bodhisattva is on the path of death, he/she is ready to die. “Reborn/Rebirth” as a divine being happens once one is Self-Realized. In Hindu/India Scriptures/Texts also we call it – Dwija, means born twice, once out of your human mother and once out of your own Soul when one is Self-Realized.

Technically also in order to be Self-Realized one is born again from his/her own Soul (5th Dimensional Body) and cross 6th and 7th dimensional bodies, merges with Supreme Consciousness and finally be 8th Dimensional (No Body).

But yes, I can see how all new texts/books/people’s understanding here is mistaken as they believe/think that Bodhisattvas are those who keep taking physical human births again and again, and do not wish to Self Realize. Because those who have not experienced Self-Realization they do not know Death in any other way, they only know the Human Body Death, hence they do not know the Rebirth as being born out of the True Self (Atman/Soul/Supreme Consciousness Union).

In original texts Bodhisattvas are people on the path of Self-Realization, it may happen to them in this life, or next or may be next, depending upon their Sadhana and Remaining Karma, but they are on that path.

Self-realization doesn’t happen to us only for our own personal benefit (Moksha), there is no individual/person alive/living after Self-Realization. Self-Realization is a death one accepts for all sentient beings, and as a result of that, a Divine Beings is born for the benefit of all sentient beings. That is the true meaning of Bodhisattva.

~ Adiguru Prakriti

Higher Dimensions, Galactic Wars, Infinite Duality

Yes, space program disclosure is really great, and a great service to mankind, specially to the westerners because they have no idea about Eastern Gods flying on Lotus and all kinds of Air Ships, and Asuras/Demons world. Truth in the form of Mysticism and Mythical stories was lost from their culture when Roman Catholics took over.

And yes it is true that there are High Dimension Beings who are good, and who are bad like Asuras/Rakshasa. And yes, that galactic war is always on. Good beings in higher dimensions have super powers, so do rakshasa/Asuras the bad guys too. So just like the war, conflict exists on earth in human-beings, it exists in all dimensions too.

So what difference does it make where you are and what kind of body/powers you have? Those good celestial beings are always struggling to get more power to do more good, eliminate more bad guys, the Asuras/demons. And those Asuras are in constant struggle to establish their evil kingdom and get more powers.

Where is peace? Where is Total Love? Where is the “end” of agony? Is heaven a perfect celestial dimension to be in?

Is there a dimension where ALL beings are perfectly in bliss always?

Yes, that dimension is beyond all dimensions, it's VOID. Is there an Ultimate Power/Shakti that Humans, Celestials, Asuras all pray to, all look forward to? Yes, VOID. Where is everyone going? Where do Asuras, Angles, Celestial Beings going? What does everyone wants? Ultimate Truth, Void, Paramatma.

The kind of problems that exists in our world, our society, exists in Higher Dimensions too. Like humans fear being robbed or killed, the same fear exists there too. If Lower vibrations of Fear, Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Guilt, Shame will NOT exists, then that place will be VOID. Because then opposite vibrations of Love, Courage, Pride also do not need to exist. If one exists, the other will. If Love as an Emotion exists, then Fear will exist too.

So this dance of duality is endless, pointless, meaningless. Void is one place, that no-dimension (beyond all dimensions) is one Truth, that Absolute is when/where no duality exists. So what difference does it make in which body form, with whatever powers we face duality? How many different types of dualities we would like to face, experience to realize that ALL DUALITIES ARE PAIN in the ass?

Also, anywhere, wherever duality exists, HOW CAN WE CALL IT HIGHER DIMENSION? What is HIGHER about it?? If it is "truly higher" then it is not a dimension any more. So what is higher in your so called higher dimension?

Bigger Body, Super Natural Powers?

But the bad guys in those dimensions have bigger bodies and super natural powers too, so what is the point? Your opponent will be equally stronger.  They are in fact WORSE than human beings. Despite having super powers are they able to establish total peace and love in their world? No, they can’t.

In human Body we can AIM FOR THE VOID, for the ULTIMATE TRUTH. But neither ants, bugs, dogs, nor celestial beings can aim for that. Too much low density existence, and too much higher density existence, both are USELESS. That’s why sooner or later all celestial beings have to born as humans to finally walk the path towards Void, Ultimate Truth, Self Realization, Liberation/Moksha.

So then when ultimately only Human Body, Mind, Emotions have to take us there, then why waste time? When you go to buy a dress for you, you do not try ALL the dresses of that store, right? You try just few and be done.

So how many different types of Dualities we would need to try to understand that it’s all pointless?

Last, but very very important thing to understand is – NO ONE IS CONTROLLING THIS PLANET OR PEOPLE. Entire Universe works on the basis of KARMA, everyone is bound by the laws of Karma, nothing else is needed, nothing else exists to CONTROL anyone at all.

Those who DO NOT want to take 100% Responsibility of their Actions/Intentions/Volitions only make this statement that “somebody else is controlling people/me to get the bad things done, after all I am good, how can I do bad”. And because they think somebody else is controlling, directing, then they do not need to do anything about it at all, it’s all those witches, evil spirits, demons, draco, reptilians job, so go fix them, don’t fix me.

Such a ridiculous statement this is.

Those who kill other people, rape, loots the money, does robbery, or anything else really bad, or those who have “intentions to do bad”, do not want to take the responsibility TO CHANGE THEMSELVES. Hence they make such statements.

And those who are "fearful" and "accept suffering" in one way or the other, also do not want to take responsibility to change themselves, instead go on blaming destiny/fate, God/Divine.

This is a Highly IRRESPONSIBLE statement to make and Highly Irresponsible behavior.

It truly means, I have no power to change myself. Power to change me, lies in someone else’s hands. This is total foolishness.

EVIL/DEMON/DARKNESS exists within me, and I need to replace it with GOD/TRUTH/LIGHT, no one wants to ACCEPT and say this statement and BE 100% Responsible for not only their Actions, but also for their Intentions, every thought that comes to their mind.

People want to ESCAPE from being responsible and hence BLAME something else, someone else, even God/Divine.

ONLY those who do not get caught-up into this blame game, are actually able to Change themselves, embody the darkness within them, and hence embody the light, and ultimately BE BEYOND LIGHT & DARK.

~ Adiguru Prakriti

Celestial Eye - Cosmic Consciousness

It's not about changing the weather through occult practices, that’s not what we do. The way it happens is that You just become ONE with Cosmos/Earth/Air/water/Fire/Ether from the Energy point of view and then it does what it does, it may rain too much, it may cause forest fire, it may become windy like tornadoes, but there is no such thing as to “stopping rain, wind, fire or earthquakes or anything”. Why? Stopping at one place, area means Upheaval at another place/area, so it doesn’t help.

Suppressing never helps, never heals anything. If you suppress human emotions many times, they become Anger/Rage another time. So it’s the same principle. If we truly want to HEAL something, somewhere, we need to LET IT COME OUT, Let it Express as is. Total Love doesn’t mean suppressing anything at all, instead it means expressing Once and Be done forever. Let it go means acceptance of the existence of an expression.

And that is the basic difference between Siddha/Occult Master and Self Realized Being. Occult Master wants to suppress because they are thinking about rain, problems of people in one place/city only, or an area around them. They are not thinking and not able to see that Suppressing any Natural Force in one city/area actually means causing ton of upheaval in it’s Antipode Country/Place and that in a big way will cause disruptions at many places. If we draw Two Triangles One facing upward and One facing downward inside the Sphere of Earth then we know that every city, every place on earth has an exact opposite place down the sphere. Like Antipode for entire Australia is Pacific Ocean. So one can NEVER think about just one place, one city, one group of people, or one person. If anything needs to be changed/Fixed, then fix it in a way that it is beneficial for ENTIRE HUMANITY, PLANET EARTH and COSMOS. But since before Self Realization, one has an Individual View, View that comes from Separation, it is not possible.

Through Self Realization, Cosmic Consciousness shows you that ONE VIEW, it gives you the CELESTIAL EYE, then you can always create BALANCE in a perfect way as it should be.

However long the Cosmic Consciousness state may last, it teaches one and only one and last remaining lessons – having a VIEW of Entire Cosmos as ONE. It gives you a CELESTIAL EYE, that NEVER sees anything as Separate from others, it NEVER DIVIDES, it never has a DIVISIONAL, INDIVIDUAL VIEW for people, bugs, insects, plants and plants and celestials.

That's what it teaches. Once you learn this lesson, you jump into Unmanifest, merge with Supreme Consciousness and become Absolute!

~ Adiguru Prakriti

Ananda and Paramananda

Yes, 24 by 7 by 365 by lifetime of Bliss is what eventually happens due to Self-Realization, but it’s not the “aim”, it’s not the “end goal”. Instead bliss is a byproduct of Self Realization, it will happen whether you want it or not, you will become Bliss. 

Bliss is BEYOND happiness & unhappiness. Happiness & Unhappiness have an EXTERNAL REASON attached to it, external Cause attached to it, while Bliss has NO CAUSE.

Bliss when is achieved through Kechari Mudra, or any externally forced reason is called as “Ananda”, while Bliss when achieved through the UNION with Cosmos, through 5th dimensional body, through Self Realization, through being ONE with Cosmos and Supreme Consciousness, through your OPEN HEART CHAKRA is called as – PARAMANANDA.

Ananda is like a One Time Sparkle. 

Ananda is a STATE, it will come and go and when it is gone one will try to get it again, one will keep running after it, it’s a wave in the ocean which will rise and crash.

While Paramananda is BLISS ITSELF, it means “becoming bliss”, it doesn’t come and go and it’s the Ocean itself, not the wave. It's a continuous existence, it's existential. 

Paramananda is NOT an hindrance in Self Realization at all, because it happens due to Open Heart Chakra and it ELEVATES you, Makes your Body Hold more and more LIGHT, it HEALS your BODY, changes your DNA, Nervous System, Cellular Structure, because there is NO BLOCKAGE/VASANA to STOP these changes from happening.

Ananda doesn’t cause Healing, because Chakras are blocked by Vasanas, till the time there is blockage in Chakras, there are Vasanas, Ananda doesn’t cause healing. If Ananda would have caused Healing & expansion of Subtle Body then all Yogis practicing Kechari Mudra for the sake of Ananda, would have been Self Realized by now. 

~ Adiguru Prakriti

Karma & Vasanas

When a Separate Soul, “I” comes into existence, it starts with “Creating it’s own world”, in other words it starts INTENDING/INTENTION/VOLITION to Create/Build/Do something. Now, world is full of it’s own energy and if we try to Create/Do anything then that means we are trying to change the “flow” of that energy, we are trying to cause obstruction to natural flow, and divert it. For example if you want to build a house in a forest or any land, then the wind, water has to now flow from sides, elsewhere, and earth and organism inside will have to shift, to everything has to be rearranged, and many things will have to be destroyed. CREATION is a DESTRUCTIVE process. 

That Soul/I-Thought can’t just sit alone on mountain top and do nothing, that’s not it’s purpose of existence. Soul/I-Thought is a disturbance in Pure Consciousness and now it is going to cause further disturbances in order to exist even more densely. So it starts intending and doing. That intention is what we call KARMA. Now there is no such thing is Good Karma or Bad Karma. Because to have an “intention” itself is destructive, because it is BORN out of a Soul/I-Thought which is a Disturbance in Pure Consciousness itself. Deeds/Actions could be categorized as Good or Bad. But Karma can’t be termed as good or bad. Any Good Karma is also destructive elsewhere, in other times and to other groups of people.

Now, when a Soul/I-Thought starts intending and taking actions a chain of Interaction with other beings, planet starts and that interaction, energy exchange goes on. That Soul/I-Thought starts making ripples in the silent Ocean, and if there is a small boat going in that Ocean, then those ripples may topple it upside down, or a medium size boat may be going and may be helped by those ripples. Means that “Energy Exchange” could go right for others and could go wrong to some others. That Soul/I-Thought has a LIMITED VIEW of this whole world/Cosmos, so for a small group, family, society certain things may seem right in that moment, and in long terms something may actually go wrong for many others. That Interaction, Energy exchange is NEVER GUARANTEED to be 100% good, right for ALL, because those Intentions/Karma is coming from a disturbance in Pure Consciousness, a disturbance has no separate Identity, however much it may feel as a Separate Being, an Individual. Now EVERY intention/Karma was done to RETURN BACK to Pure Consciousness and DISSOLVE that Individual/Personal Soul/I-Thought back into Source/Supreme Consciousness/Pure Consciousness. That’s the whole-sole, ONLY purpose of Intending/Doing any Karma at all. But a Soul/I-thought doesn’t want to be done so soon and be back, merged back into Source and Not Exist anymore. It wants to go on and on and on and on and on until it reaches it’s WEAKEST Self. Until that Illusion really sickens that Soul so much, it wants to keep going until all Fake Self Identities starts suffering their own existence. Now when a Soul/I-Thought did the FIRST Karma, Intended for the first time, the First Karmic Lesson was “You are not a Body”, but Soul/I-Thought DENIES it, and keeps on taking body lifetime after lifetime, over and over again, this body and that body, stationary body like plants/trees, flying body like birds, and what not… now finally however many bodies it has taken “that many times” it has DENIED the FIRST basic Karmic Lesson which is that “You are not a body”. This DENIAL creates a REVERSE FALSE TRUTH, it Cements the FAKENESS that “Yes you are a body”, an animal body, bug body, tree body, or human body and that you are somebody. Now this is a Vasana. Vasana is – You are a Body. Karma/Intentions were born out of this Vasana now and more and more Intentions/Karma it keeps in doing, and creates even more Vasanas. Like 2nd Vasana is – You can love only OTHERS…. Which is a DENIAL of SELF-LOVE (Self = Soul/Pure Consciousness). Now it gets into relationships, look for love from Mother, Father, Friends, Siblings, Gurus and in order to get it, extract this love, that Soul/I-Thought creates as many “I-Identities” as possible and the drama goes on. ABSENCE of SELF-LOVE is an Existence of the Vasana of “Loving others, getting into relationships, loving thy neighbors…and loving all that exists outside of you” and then concept of Kindness, concept of Good deeds, being good human, being good social person, being good citizen are born.

If everyone was in SELF-LOVE, no separate Identity would have existed, no boundary would have existed and then there was no concept of relationships, marriages, divorces, kindness, compassion, hindu, muslim, countries. All these exists because “opposite of it existed in the first place, due to ABSENCE of SELF-LOVE. So this whole DUALITY & DRAMA wouldn’t have existed at all. Entire Cosmos would have been very different.

Now you see Vasana is an Opposite of Karmic Lesson which is about going back to Source. If you are NOT learning the Karmic Lesson that means an Opposite pattern exists in you. If you are not learning the Karmic Lesson of Self-Love, then that means a pattern that “Love is given/taken from others, means the Idea of Others, means a separate “I/Me/Mine exists”.

Now what does this Vasana wants you to do? Keep this Vasana intact, means let it keep on strengthening itself by you running after love, relationships and go on and on… so that’s what a Vasana wants you to do… it’s just looking for “it’s own existence”, “it’s own strengthening” through fulfilment, one may find a loving relationship for sometime, one may find something to love and live for, for sometime and that’s how a Vasana is “expressed, fulfilled”. Everyone who is having marriage, loving relationships, goes on loving people around themselves … what is it that we are seeing? We are seeing an expression of Vasana that is - “Loving others, getting into relationships, loving thy neighbors…and loving all that exists outside of you” and that Vasana through that person/soul/i-thought constantly looks for fulfilment and continuous expression.

To summarize it all – Continuous Denial of a Karmic Lesson is Vasana. Vasana forces one to Intend more and more, take more actions for it’s fulfillment and chain of karma goes on and on. Now while fulfilling one or more Vasanas within us, we go on accumulating pains, lifetime after lifetime of pain. NOT BEING ABLE TO FULFILL A VASANA CAUSES SUFFERING. A Vasana of “loving others, separate me” when FAILS to fulfill itself CAUSES TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF SUFFERING. Means when a person gets no one to love around, doesn’t get love in return, or gets betrayal in return that’s when we feel so damn painful. So what caused pain?? Others?? Other people, relationships? NO! NO! NO! UNFULLFILLED VASANA is what gave us tremendous pain. Now, because there is “SUFFERING”, there is a concept of “Wounds” and there is a concept of “Healing”.

But what are we healing? What pain? Pain of not being able to RETAIN OUR ILLUSION OF FAKE SELF. WHAT NEEDS HEALING? WHO NEEDS HEALING? Vasana needs healing??? Karma needs healing?? No! All these things are useless to even bother about 😊! Pain happens to FAKE SELF, Healing is needed by FAKE SELF… what a drama? 😊!

Pain is FAILING to Learn the Karmic Lesson. Pain is unfulfilled Vasana. So when that pain happens, simply learn the Karmic Lesson. Now that that Soul/I-Thought has come so so far away from the REAL/TRUE Self that learning that Karmic Lesson takes time, and that time gap is full of Suffering, which is nothing but crying for unfulfilled Vasana. That’s why we say that Pain/Suffering is GOOD, BEST for you, because they are the SIGN OF UNFULFILLED VASANA and that means when MANY TIMES, GOOD ENOUGH NUMBER OF TIMES a Vasana has failed to fulfill itself, then you do stand a chance to TURN AROUND AND GO BACK TO SOURCE, that means one stands a chance to Now finally look into the Karmic Lesson and try to learn it. In other words existence of PAIN WITHIN US is a SIGN that we are not living in Real World, that our I-Thought and all identities are FAKE, and have created an Illusionary World, and that I-Thought/Fake Identities in us go on suffering their own fake existence and drama.

SOUL IS WHOLE, not broken then HEALING WHAT? HEAL WHOM? WHO SUFFERED? FAKE YOU! Who did Karma? Fake You! Who had Vasanas? Fake You! Fake = I Thought and tens of other Identities as Mother, Father, Human Body, sibling, employee, woman, Indian, Japanese citizen…and so on.. All Suffering, All Pain happens to those Fake-Selves. That doesn’t means we go on denying pain, we do not acknowledge. Because till the time that Pain exists, that Fake Identity to whom that pain is happening, will exist. So that is why we need to Heal, that is why we need to CALM DOWN that FAKE IDENTITY so that it becomes “less dramatic” and that gives some breathing space for REAL SELF to arise and come out, that is why need to Heal people. Healing means helping them “see the truth”, helping them “see the drama of their Fake

In a nutshell everyone need to “Learn” how to get rid of Vasanas, how to identify them, need to know the opposite Karmic Lesson and try to learn it and when there are no Vasanas, means all Karmic lessons have been learnt, then one is TRULY EMPTY and can Behold the Infinity. 

~ Adiguru Prakriti